Friday, March 4, 2016

the new evangelization in Spain

Catholic Beast Mode!!!

Fr. Daniel Pajuelo’s music video - Vamos Mas Alla

bonus rap!

Fr. Daniel Pajuelo explains why he raps...


  1. Might as well be chanting magic spells and conjuring demons.

  2. Our Lord can only hold His hand back for so long.

  3. This is pathetic on many levels.Wow,so now the V2 sect has 'Christian rap' just like the local protestant pop station.

  4. i wonder if he confessed anything or was silent just to see if priest was following his new Nero directions...Now that states are abrogating the seal of the confessional and directing that pedophile priests be turned over, maybe he is using silence as a "taking of the fifth" directive to pedophile (and other types of criminals) priests to avoid having to comply w/state laws--but still get absolution (because they are sorry!!! so sorry!!!! that they might have to go to jail!!!).

  5. Abracadabra! I'm a 'priest' who isn't 'afraid to "witness" in public'.
    WHAAAATTTT????? As if all those Catholic martyrs down through the centuries WERE AFRAID to profess their Catholic Faith in PUBLIC????

    This guy needs a 2x4 smacked against his skull.

    1. He needs to leave the Vatican 2 novus ordo sect and convert to Roman Catholicism.