Saturday, April 30, 2016

the Jubilee of Rotary

Today (30 April 2016) Francis had a special general audience to which he invited a lot of Rotarians who were in Rome.  The purpose of the Rotarians being in Rome was to participate in a conference organized by the Jesuit Refugee Service with the topic of “Helping Refugees to Start Over”, one of Francis’ pet causes.  Also participating in the discussions were The United Nations Refugee Agency and the United Nations World Food Program.  One couldn’t come up with a set of groups which reflect the one world government mentality more and which are hell bent on de-Christianizing Europe.

This isn’t Francis first interaction with with Rotary International nor his predecessors.  Francis back in 1999 when he was Jorge Mario Bergoglio and only a year into his appointment as the archbishop of Buenos Aires was named a honorary Rotarian.  A few years later in 2005 he was honored as Argentina’s Rotarian of the Year.

Francis at a general audience shakes hands with an unidentified Rotary member in late 2014.  Seen to the right is Rotary International President Gary C.K. Huang who gave Francis the Rotary International Award of Honor.

Francis has such a high opinion of members of the Rotary that he has even employed Rotary International fellow, Juan C. Zarate, on the Vatican’s finance panel.  This feeling though is mutual as Rotarian, Nestor L. Abrematea of the Philippines, got a government resolution passed which declared Francis the ‘Superpope!’ because he weathered typhoon Amang in order to celebrate a Novus Ordo mess with them.

Not all are enamored with Francis or the Rotary as Lucrecia Rego de Planas of Mexico wrote in his open letter to Francis,
“Bergoglio wants to be loved by everyone and please everyone. In this sense one day he will talk on TV against abortion and the next day he will bless the pro abortionist in the Plaza de Mayo; he could give a marvelous talk against the Masons (Masonic Order) and, an hour later, eat and drink with them at the Rotary Club.”

The Vatican closely cooperates with Rotary International especially in the interfaith and interreligious movements.  Dr. Dietmar W. Winkler is one example of this.  He is the Dean of the School of Catholic Theology at the University of Salzburg and has been given grants from the Rotary in order to further these movements.

Francis reserved 8,000 tickets for the Rotary International at today’s general audience and over 9,000 showed up!  Francis is just following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Saint John Paul II who in the Jubilee Year of 2000 welcomed Rotarians on pilgrimage to the Vatican.  At the end of his general audience today, Francis met with Rotary International President K.R. Ravindran.  He encouraged Rotary to continue their programs of vaccinations against polio (in fact, Francis feels so strongly he, “personally vaccinated a child against polio in Mexico this past February.”), promote peace, and push his favorite one-world government goals.  

Francis and Rotary International President K.R. Ravindran.

“It is a tremendous honor to be part of this Jubilee Audience. Pope Francis has inspired men and women throughout the world – regardless of their faith – with his humble acts of kindness. His call to alleviate the root causes of extreme poverty and human suffering transcends religion, age, nationalism and politics. Rotary members from every religion, nation and creed share Pope Francis’ spirit of mercy and compassion, which inspires us to act boldly to address the most difficult challenges facing our world today.”

According to Radio Vatican,
“Mr. Ravindran called Pope Francis a model for Rotarians, saying "he is doing exactly what every Rotarian should be doing. So we see a great synergy of thought with this Pope, and being here, receiving his blessing, I think is something quite wonderful for us."

"We are all very excited; we are passionate about this. We have Rotarians who have come from 80 countries to be present, so you can imagine the excitement."

Mr. Ravindran compared the conference on giving refugees a new start to lighting a candle in the darkness. "I realize that trying to take on this whole problem is beyond us. I have to be honest and say that Rotary cannot solve this problem, but rather than cursing the darkness, we can light a candle. I definitely know of many, many Rotary Clubs who in their own small way are doing what they can to give refuge, to educate, to take care, to nurse refugees. So if many of us do what we are doing, then to a large extent the problem gets alleviated."”

Defenders of Francis claim he stands for everything that the Catholic Faith has stood for but now chooses to focus his attention on aspects the pre-Vatican II church ignored such as mercy, compassion, love, spiritual hugs, etc...

So why is Francis having 9,000 plus members of Rotary International as his personal guests at a special general audience when Rotary International supports Planned Parenthood and abortion?  Furthermore even though Rotary International isn’t officially part of Freemasonry, it was founded by freemasons and espouses masonic ‘values’.

Concerns such as this may be why in 1951 the Vatican issued a degree on Rotary groups which stated:
“No Roman Catholic priest, decreed the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, may henceforth be a member of Rotary or attend Rotary meetings. Furthermore, laymen, while not forbidden Rotary membership, were exhorted to bear in mind Article 684 of canon law. Excerpt: "The faithful...must guard against associations which are secret, condemned, seditious, suspect, or which try to escape legitimate church vigilance."”

This brings us to ask, is Francis a Catholic when his only concerns are the physical well being of people and not their souls?  Can the dear reader imagine Pius XII or Leo XIII hosting members of the Rotary International much less being a honorary member and accepting awards from them?

Could inviting people such as Rotarians be how Francis is now packing the people into St. Peter’s Square for his audiences?

Friday, April 29, 2016

Francis gives Apostolic Blessing to rabbi & wife on their 70th Anniversary of their Wedding

Francis imparts the Apostolic Blessing to Laura Saxe and Erwin Schild 

[...]Collins noted that Rabbi Schild, who turns 96 on Wednesday, was a leader who has long promoted positive relations through the Christian Jewish Dialogue of Toronto, which facilitates a better understanding between the two communities.
Schild, who was born in Germany and survived the Dachau concentration camp, was Adath Israel’s spiritual leader from 1947 until 1989. The rabbi, a member of the Order of Canada, was instrumental in building up the conservative congregation, which has more than 1,800 member families.
Rev. Damian MacPherson, director of the office of ecumenical and interfaith affairs for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, who helped push for the papal blessing, said it was an opportunity to honour the rabbi’s work as well as celebrate 70 years of marriage.
“It symbolizes the very success that dialogue has achieved,” he said in an interview. “He is probably the only rabbi in Canada who has received a papal blessing.”
In his address, Schild called the papal blessing “an astounding gift,” which requires “an exception degree of appreciation” on their part.
He added that equality and diversity are the foundations of the ideal society — noting that all human beings are equal, but are not identical. Each is irreplaceable.
“Let there be dialogue and monologue,” he said. “Let me love others for not being my copies.
“And let the diversity of our faiths not divide us, but bring us closer together.”
source:Pope gives rare 'blessing' to Toronto rabbi, wife
Why was Francis imparting his Apostolic Blessing upon the 70th Wedding Anniversary of a rabbi emeritus and his wife?
Our thesis at Call Me Jorge... is very simple.
Francis was paying the rabbi back publicly for writing the rough draft of his pontificate!

“Erwin Schild didn’t become a rabbi for nothing, a teacher who has been committed to Jewish-Christian and also Jewish-German dialogue for years. His openness reaches far beyond the Christian and Jewish religious communities. “No group, no religion has an exclusive link to the Lord of the world [sic].” (From Erwin Schild’s talk before Lutheran Christians on Reformation Day 1988 in his home town of Cologne: The World through my Window: Insights and directions of a Canadian rabbi of German descent for life in our time, Cologne 1996.) In the encounter at Dachau, too, one feels his plea to encounter people in love, kindness [charity], to show [them] compassion, humility, and a spirit of sacrifice, to seek to dialogue — in other words, to build bridges. We can find a way to a peaceful world if we “accept responsibility for the world around us, share our bread with the hungry, [and] feel that a languishing child is an intolerable blasphemy against our divine image and likeness.” (The world through my Window, Cologne 1996)”
source: Namen statt Nummern - Gedächtnisbuch, Erwin Schild in Dachau: eine Stimme des Friedens [translated into English from the original German]

No religion has an exclusive link to the Lord, love, compassion, kindness, humility, dialogue, build bridges, sharing, hunger, peace, blah, blah, blah...

Doesn't this sound like Francis talking? 

Rabbi Erwin Schild and his wife Laura Saxe Schild being congratulated by
Cardinal Thomas Collins (Archbishop of Toronto) on 6 March 2016
at Adath Israel Congregation where they received their blessing.

Joe ‘Defender of the Faith’ Biden speaks at Paul VI Hall

Still no word if Joe shared with the audience his technique for shoving a Rosary down a Republican’s throat.


Francis contra Francis

Francis’ homily on 29 April 2016

“If you say you are in communion with the Lord, then walk in the light. But no to double lives! Not that! That lie that we are so used to seeing and where we too sometimes fall (into temptation), don’t we? To say one thing and do another, right? It’s the never ending temptation. And we know where that lie comes from: in the Bible, Jesus calls the devil ‘the father of lies’, the liar. It’s for this reason that this grandfather says with infinite tenderness and meekness to the ‘adolescent’ Church: ‘Don’t be a liar! You are in communion with God, walk in the light. Do works of light, don’t say one thing and do another. No to double lives and all that.”
source: Radio Vatican, Pope: No to Double lives: Christians are people of light


Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation,
Amoris Laetitia, 19 March 2016

We are confused!  Today, Francis said don’t lead double lives because they are built on lies.  In Amoris Laetitia however, he says those in “irregular” situations (aka divorced and remarried, cohabiting, etc...) are no longer living in a state of mortal sin, receive sanctifying grace, and may remain in these “irregular” situations because to go back to their spouses might cause further sin!  We fail to see any logic here.  Is Francis insane?

 ‘LOL, The sheep will never catch on that us wolves are in charge!’

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rabbi Bergman & the Great Rabbi Bergoglio

Sergio Bergman has plenty of photos with his rabbi Francis but the one seen above must be his favorite. The original photo posted to instagram by Sergio can be found here.  Sergio is on the right with Diego Santilli, the Deputy Chief of Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, on the left.


Francis has Burke for lunch

(click to enlarge)

more on Cardinal Burke:

Where were the cardinals with attitudes like this at the Battle of Lepanto?

You wouldn’t see a person like this manning the gates of Vienna

This Cardinal Vegliò, who is the President of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People, is concerned with the physical well-being of this invading Moslem army but not worried about where their souls will end up.  Has he considered why the Christian refugees are drowning?  Vegliò was also upset in 2009 with the Swiss referendum which decided to ban the construction of additional minarets in the country with him stating, “we are on the same page” as the Swiss bishop who said it was, “a heavy blow to religious freedom and integration”.

Don’t like the post-Vatican II Novus Ordo?

Surprise it’s the ‘holy spirit’!

(Bold for emphasis.)

(Vatican Radio) There is always resistance to the surprises of the Spirit, but it’s the Spirit who continues to lead the Church forward. That was Pope Francis’ message at Mass on Thursday at the Santa Marta chapel as he reflected on the reading about division and resistance within the early Church in Jerusalem.

Commenting on today’s reading from Acts about the Council of Jerusalem, Pope Francis said the protagonist in the Church is always the Holy Spirit. It’s the Spirit who, from the very beginning, gives strength to the apostles to proclaim the Gospel and it’s the Spirit who carries the Church forward despite its problems.

Even when there is an outbreak of persecution, the Pope said, it’s the Spirit who gives believers the strength to stand firm in the faith, even if they face resistance and anger from the doctors of the law. In the passage from Acts, the Pope noted, there was a double resistance to the Spirit, from those who believed that Jesus came only for the chosen people and from those who wanted to impose the law of Moses, including the practice of circumcision, on those who had converted.

There was great confusion over all this, the Pope said, but the Spirit led their hearts in a new direction. The apostles were surprised by the Spirit, he said, as they found themselves in new and unthinkable situations. But how were they to manage these circumstances? Pope Francis said the passage begins by noting that ‘much debate had taken place’: no doubt heated debate, because on the one hand they were pushed on and on by the Spirit, but on the other, they were facing new situations that they had never seen or even imagined, such as pagans receiving the Holy Spirit.

The disciples were holding a ‘hot potato’ in their hands and didn’t know what to do, the Pope said. Thus they called a meeting in Jerusalem where each one could recount their experiences of how the Holy Spirit had been received by the Gentiles. And in the end they came to an agreement. But first , the Pope noted, “The whole assembly fell silent, and they listened while Paul and Barnabas described the signs and wonders God had worked among the Gentiles through them.” Never be afraid to listen with humility, the Pope said. When you are afraid to listen, you don’t have the Spirit in your heart. When the apostles had listened, they decided to send several of the disciples to the Greeks, the pagan communities, that had become Christians to reassure them.

Those who converted, the Pope continued, were not obliged to be circumcised. The decision was communicated to them in a letter in which the disciples say that “The Holy Spirit and we have decided….” This is the way of the Church when faced with novelties, the Pope said. Not the worldly novelties of fashion, but the novelties of the Spirit who always surprises us. How does the Church resolve these problems? Through meetings and discussions, listening and praying, before making a final decision. This is the way of the Church when the Spirit surprises us, Pope Francis said, recalling the resistance that emerged in recent times during the Second Vatican Council.

That resistance continues today in one way or another, he said, yet the Spirit moves ahead. And the way the Church expresses its communion is through synodality, by meeting, listening, debating, praying and deciding. The Spirit is always the protagonist and the Lord asks us not to be afraid when the Spirit calls us. Just as the Spirit stopped St Paul and set him on the right road, so the Spirit will give us the courage and the patience to win over adversity and stand firm in the face of martyrdom. Let us ask the Lord for grace, the Pope concluded, to understand how the Church can face the surprises of the Spirit, to be docile and to follow the path which Christ wants for us and for the whole Church.


Francis’ holy spirit wants to turn everyone into a modernist!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Francis packed them in at today’s general audience

or the Amoris Laetitia effect?

 The adoring screaming mob was in St. Peter’s Square today to see the iPope of Mercy.

Francis humbly waved to the crowd which wasn’t scared of the rumored terrorist threats from ISIS.

Nor were they put off by the heat wave (63 degrees F) currently pounding Rome. 

The divorced and remarried must have come out in droves to congratulate the Vatican for finally coming around to the correct position on “so-called irregular situations” in Amrois Laetitia.

Another possibility is they heard about the TV host (shown above) who swapped zucchettos with Francis in 2014 and just sold his ‘authentic skullcap’ for £12,593 to an American collector...and wanted to get in on the humble papal memorabilia gravy train.  

Who knows the reason why 

but the crowds are back and bigger than ever!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lesbos after Francis

The camp for migrants (aka Moslem invaders) in Lesbos, Greece that Francis recently visited after being invited by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew returned to its normal behavior of rioting, setting things on fire, and throwing stones at police.  In the photo above, look at all the males in their physical prime taking cell phone photos and videos.  One has to wonder are they selling these to the mainstream Talmudic media outlets to make a few dollars on the side as well as to further their planned Moslem invasion of Europe or are they sending these back home to their mothers, wives, and children?

Not to worry though, Francis had told those who want to build walls to keep these Moslem invaders out and who also support the enforcement of borders that they are evil because in these Moslem invaders he sees the face of Jesus.  If it were up to Francis he’d put the residents of these camps into every European town he could because Europe is too rich and needs to share.  How much longer will once Christian Europe continue to take these invaders?  Will they ever go after the plotters of this invasion?  Will they ever wake up and expel these invaders?  Will they ever tire of Francis’ anti-Christian blather?  Or will the Europeans man up (sarcasm) and become good Noahides?

 The rabbis and freemasons told me to tell you, “Welcome to Europe!”

Francis, “But I belong to this religion, or to that one… it doesn’t matter!”

It’s the ‘humble’ iPope of surprises making an 
unexpected appearance at Earth Day Italia!

“Look, these are the things that come to my mind. How to do this? Simply in the awareness that we all have something in common, we’re all human. And in this humanity, we can get close to each other to work together … “But I belong to this religion, or to that one …” it doesn’t matter!

Let’s all go forward to work together, respecting each other, respecting! I see this miracle: the miracle of a desert that becomes a forest. Thanks for everything you do!”

source: Crux, Pope Francis on Earth Day: ‘Transform deserts into forests!’
source: Vatican, Words of Francis during his visit to the exhibition ‘For the Earth Village’ at Villa Borghese for World Day of Earth 2016, (in Italian)

iPope Francis’ speech


Enjoy this brief clip of rap song played for Francis at the event

and sure to get your EarthCube which Francis was passing out
promoting the NWO religion of global warming & sustainable mother earth

Monday, April 25, 2016

iPope Francis

Big Brother is here!

Truth is often stranger than fiction. The photo above has not been photo shopped and was posted to facebook by a Vatcian bureaucrat who works for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, when he is not busy running Pepper & Darkness Religious Television in Canada.  A big thanks to Thomas ‘three martinis a day’ Rosica for the photo!

If any of the readers of Call Me Jorge... know where to find the video footage of Francis message at the Jubilee for Teens, please leave the link in the comments below. [Thanks to the reader who sent us the video which has now been embedded at the bottom of the entry.]

Dear boys and girls, good evening!

You have gathered for a time of celebration and joy. I was not able to come and I'm sorry. So I decided to greet you with this video. I would have loved to be able to come to the Stadium, but am unable to do so ...

I thank you for having accepted the invitation to come here to celebrate the Jubilee in Rome. This morning you have turned Saint Peter's Square into a big confessional and then you crossed the Holy Door. Do not forget that the Door is the encounter with Christ, who introduces us to the Father and asks us to become merciful as He is merciful.

Tomorrow, then, we will celebrate the Mass together. It was right that there was also a place to get together with joy and listen to some important stories, which should help you to grow in faith and in life.

I know you have a bandana with the written works of corporal mercy: put at the head of these works, because they are the style of Christian life. As you know the works of mercy are simple gestures that belong to the life of every day, allowing you to recognize the Face of Jesus in the faces of so many people. Young too! Even young people like you, who are hungry, thirsty; who are refugees or foreigners or sick and need our help, our friendship.

To be merciful means to be able to forgive. And this is not easy! It can happen that, sometimes, in a family, at school, in the parish, in the gym or in places of entertainment someone can do the wrongs and we are outraged; or in some moment of nervousness we can be offend by others. We do not stay with resentment or desire for revenge! There is no use: there is a worm that eats the soul and does not allow us to be happy. We forgive! We forgive and forget the wrong done, so we can understand the teaching of Jesus and be his disciples and be witnesses of mercy.

Guys, how many times I have to ring up my friends, however, it happens that I can not get in touch because there is no signal. I'm sure it happens to you, the phone in some places doesn't work ... 

Well, remember that if there is no Jesus in your life it is as if there were no network! They can not talk, and then withdraw into themselves. Let's always be where there is a network! The family, the parish, the school, because in this world we will always have something to say is good and true.

Now I greet you all, I wish you to live with joy the moment and I wait for you all tomorrow in St. Peter's Square. Hello!

Pope tells teens 'happiness not an app'

Vatican City (AFP) - Happiness is not an app you can download on your mobile phone, Pope Francis told thousands of teenagers on Sunday at a mass to mark a weekend dedicated to youth.
"Freedom is not always about doing what you want. In fact it is the gift of being able to choose the right way," he said in a homily punctuated by regular bursts of applause from the crowd on a packed St Peter's Square.
"Your happiness has no price. It cannot be bought and sold: it is not an application you download on a mobile phone. Even the latest version cannot help you to grow and become free in love."
An estimated 70,000 teenagers were in Rome for a weekend of events to celebrate Francis's Jubilee year dedicated to the theme of mercy.
In a surprise move on Saturday, the 79-year-old pontiff heard confessions from 16 of them and a video message from him was broadcast at a rock and rap concert in the Stadio Olimpico.
One of the teenagers chosen to confess to the leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics said she had been trembling as she approached the chair on which the pope was sitting in St Peter's Square.
"But as soon as I sat down I had the feeling of being next to a normal person rather than the pope. Francis is really one of us," Anna Taibi, 15, told La Repubblica newspaper.
The Sicilian teenager said she had been touched by Francis's tenderness as he listened to her confession.
"I expected him to give me a penance ... instead he absolved me and let me go."
The importance of mobile phones to contemporary teenagers was also reflected in Francis's message to the concert.
Clutching an iPhone, he told his audience that living without Jesus was like not having any signal. "Always be sure to go where there is a network: family, parish, school," he said.

The video message played behind the rock band on stage 
at the Jubilee of Teens in Rome’s Olympic Stadium

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Where's Francis?

Can you find Francis?

Yesterday the three day extravaganza known as the Jubilee for Teens began.  It was kicked off by the teens walking through the Holy Door at St. Peter's Basilica.  Today, 150 priests plus Francis heard reconciliations for the teens.  Francis himself heard the reconciliations of sixteen young men and women (13 to 16 years of age) in an one hour period.  The teens were then bused to Rome’s Olympic Stadium where they were to hear an important video message from Francis himself!  Tomorrow Francis will oversee a special Novus Ordo service at St. Peter’s Square where an expected crowd of 70,000 will gather.  The theme is the same as the Jubilee of Mercy - ‘Growing merciful like the Father’.

 Did Francis admonish this young lady for dressing like a man?

Youngsters cued up to go to St. Peter’s Square.

RomeReports reports on this...

Surprise, Francis is here!

It’s never a dull day with Francis around!

That’s how humbleness rolls!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Blood Passover

English translation of Ariel Toaff's book

Since it is Passover, why not read the impressively researched Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff published in February 2007?  This book extensively documents and gives strong evidence that in some cases Ashkenazi Jews were guilty of committing the ritual murder of Christian children in Europe.  Available for less than one week in Italian bookstores (in which 3,000 copies were sold), before the publisher recalled the book and pulped it due immense pressure put upon them by Zionists.  One year later a revised 2nd edition was issued that had been purged of offending items which Toaff accused the media of distorting and turning into falsehoods.  A review of the original Italian edition by Atila S. Guimarães can be read here (Jewish Scholar Exposes Ritual Crimes by His Ashkenazy Fellows).  For those interested in accessing the 1st Italian electronic edition it can be found over at, Pasque di Sangue (Ariel Toaff, 2007). [No longer available due to ADL censorship.]

English translation:

Ariel Toaff with his book.

Pasque di sangue. Ebrei d'Europa e omicidi rituali

(Passovers of Blood: The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murders) 

 1st Italian edition

 revised 2nd Italian edition

Francis on meeting the Stalinist politician, Bernie Sanders


more of the new evangelization from Paul ‘Ash’ Nicholson

Thankfully, it appears due to the recent fallout over at ChurchMilitant, the world will receive a respite from Nicholson’s smug videos in which he often mocks the Faith.  We guess Nicholson will also no longer be providing spiritual support to Mr. Voris.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Talmudists and their noahide golem creature...Islam

Rebecca Abrahamson (left), Dr. Omer Salem (left-center),
Rabbi Yakov Nagen (center-right) and Dr. Joseph Ringe
in Cairo, Egypt in March 2016.

A little background before we get to the quote... Rabbi Yakov Nagen was mentored by Rabbi Menachem Froman.  This man (Froman) is important because he was in on the founding of the movement of Gush Emunim.  This group was dedicated to creating settlements for Talmudic Jews in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights, land which they believed God allotted to Talmudists for all time.  By settling Talmudic Jews on the Palestinian’s land, Gush Emunim believes they are hastening the Messianic Age when the Talmudic Jewish Mosiach will arrive.  Gush Emunim was founded by the students of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook in 1974, who follow his teachings as well as his father’s.  Some of these students included Menachem Froman, Hanan Porat, Moshe Levinger, Shlomo Aviner, Eleazar Waldman, Yoel Ben-Nun and Yaacov Ariel.  Kook’s father, Abraham Isaac Kook was the First Chief Rabbi (Ashkenazi) of British Mandatory Palestine.  He was also a renowned Talmud scholar, Kabbalist (who merged the mystic Lurianic Kabbalah with Zionism), and was an important player in the Balfour Declaration.

Returning to Rabbi Yakov Nagen, he is the Rosh Kollel of Yeshivat Otniel, a Hesder Yeshiva, which allows Talmudic Jews to combine advance Talmud studies and military service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Yeshivat Otniel is located in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank and has an affiliation with Hasidism. He is also, according to his web biography, a leading Talmudic-rabbinic figure in interfaith encounters in Israel.

In a recent article published by The Times of Israel, the subtitle says it all, “With Islamic skullcap and large beard helping to obscure his Jewish identity, though twice confronted by Egyptian police, US-born Israeli visits Al-Azhar University to meet world’s top Sunni scholars”.  An Orthodox-Jew, Rabbi Yakov Nagen, is meeting with the world’s top Sunni scholars but for what purpose?

Rabbi Yakov Nagen answers Dr. Awad on Talmudic Judaism’s plans for Moslems:

Moslems are the fulfillment of the seven Noahide Laws!

Islamists are a golem being used by the kabbalist magicians to destroy those who will not submit to the Noahide laws.  Not much has changed since the Battle of Lepanto ( 7 October 1571) or for that matter Our Lord’s Crucifixion!

It’s sad that anyone listens to Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, “the difference between the Israelite soul... and the souls of all non-Jews, no matter what their level, is bigger and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the animal soul.”

For more on the apostles of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook:
(via the Maurice Pinay blog)

Francis continues to promote the Judeo-Freemasonic NWO ideals of

Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

The Moslem invaders taking over your homelands will be enriching...for the Judeo-Masons!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Francis apologizes to Moslem “refugees” (invaders) for not being welcoming enough!

There are several things in life Francis loves.  The first thing he loves is to make videos.  For someone who is supposed to be humble, he certainly never exhibits this behavior.  Francis’ second love is uttering heretical statements.  His last love is bringing Moslems into Europe so they can conquer it or in his words words revitalize it.  We are not joking he really has said publicly several times that the Moslem invaders will bring a new life and spirit into Europe.

In a video released this morning at the Annual Report of the Astalli Center, Francis addreses the board and the refugees temporarily living at the Astalli Center.  The occasion was the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Astalli Center, by the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Pedro Arrupe.   The Astalli Center is located in Rome and is run by the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Some of what Francis said,

“(We) walk together, as one people. And this is very well and good! We must continue with courage. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.  I was a stranger... Each of you, refugees who knock on our doors has the face of God, and is the flesh of Christ.”

“Your experience of pain and hope reminds us that we are all strangers and pilgrims on this fled from your homeland because of oppression, of war, of an enviroment disfigured from pollution and desertification, or the unjust distribution of the planet's resources...”

“Too many times we have not received you!  Forgive us the closure and the indifference of our society and those who fear the change of life and mentality that is required by your presence. You are treated as a burden, a problem, a cost, when instead you are a gift. You witness how our God is gracious and merciful, who knows how to turn the evils and injustices of which you suffer into a good for everyone. Because each of you can be a bridge between distant peoples, which makes possible an encounter between different cultures and religions, a way to rediscover our common humanity.”

‘humble’ Francis apologizing to the Moslem invaders

Stalinist Bernie Sanders, “it was a real spend some time with him (Francis).”

Still nothing on Francis’ alleged address to the Trilateral Commission

Here's the supposed four page schedule of the Trilateral Commission’s 2016 gathering.  It was found over on the Dagospia website (be forewarned this website has many extremely immodest images).  Was this the true agenda for the Trilateral Commission or an elaborate hoax?  As Francis was in Greece at the same time the Trilateral Commission schedule had him meeting with them.  Maybe he teleconferenced?  Hopefully, in the future more information will come out about this document and the alleged meet.

(Click on the images to enlarge them)
 page one

 page two

 page three

page four