Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Talmudists and their noahide golem creature...Islam

Rebecca Abrahamson (left), Dr. Omer Salem (left-center),
Rabbi Yakov Nagen (center-right) and Dr. Joseph Ringe
in Cairo, Egypt in March 2016.

A little background before we get to the quote... Rabbi Yakov Nagen was mentored by Rabbi Menachem Froman.  This man (Froman) is important because he was in on the founding of the movement of Gush Emunim.  This group was dedicated to creating settlements for Talmudic Jews in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights, land which they believed God allotted to Talmudists for all time.  By settling Talmudic Jews on the Palestinian’s land, Gush Emunim believes they are hastening the Messianic Age when the Talmudic Jewish Mosiach will arrive.  Gush Emunim was founded by the students of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook in 1974, who follow his teachings as well as his father’s.  Some of these students included Menachem Froman, Hanan Porat, Moshe Levinger, Shlomo Aviner, Eleazar Waldman, Yoel Ben-Nun and Yaacov Ariel.  Kook’s father, Abraham Isaac Kook was the First Chief Rabbi (Ashkenazi) of British Mandatory Palestine.  He was also a renowned Talmud scholar, Kabbalist (who merged the mystic Lurianic Kabbalah with Zionism), and was an important player in the Balfour Declaration.

Returning to Rabbi Yakov Nagen, he is the Rosh Kollel of Yeshivat Otniel, a Hesder Yeshiva, which allows Talmudic Jews to combine advance Talmud studies and military service in the Israeli Defense Forces. Yeshivat Otniel is located in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank and has an affiliation with Hasidism. He is also, according to his web biography, a leading Talmudic-rabbinic figure in interfaith encounters in Israel.

In a recent article published by The Times of Israel, the subtitle says it all, “With Islamic skullcap and large beard helping to obscure his Jewish identity, though twice confronted by Egyptian police, US-born Israeli visits Al-Azhar University to meet world’s top Sunni scholars”.  An Orthodox-Jew, Rabbi Yakov Nagen, is meeting with the world’s top Sunni scholars but for what purpose?

Rabbi Yakov Nagen answers Dr. Awad on Talmudic Judaism’s plans for Moslems:

Moslems are the fulfillment of the seven Noahide Laws!

Islamists are a golem being used by the kabbalist magicians to destroy those who will not submit to the Noahide laws.  Not much has changed since the Battle of Lepanto ( 7 October 1571) or for that matter Our Lord’s Crucifixion!

It’s sad that anyone listens to Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook.

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, “the difference between the Israelite soul... and the souls of all non-Jews, no matter what their level, is bigger and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the animal soul.”

For more on the apostles of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook:
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  1. Thank you for this post. I´ve come to the same conclusions, why "they" are flooding Europe where I live with Muslims.
    It took me eight years to know who "they" are. They have masterly hidden their goals.

    The only thing that made me always wonder was that te Jews in Europe didn´t seem to worry about the ever growing muslim population. Wasn´t Islam hostile to the Jews?

    But my fault was that for years I only examined how Islam viewed the Jews and never how the Jews viewed Islam. Thanks to you and Maurice Pinay this changed.

    Once I knew about the "Noahide laws" everything became clear.
    The Jews dont fear Islam, on the contrary, they favor it.

    Did you know that Rabbis (the Schneerson biograph Joseph Telushkin et al.) invented the "welcome culture for the stranger" (that is refugees) for their front organisation the United Nations:

    HIAS’ Welcome Initiative was inspired by a December 2012 dialogue with faith leaders on the theme “Faith and Protection,” organized by UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. As the High Commissioner noted in his opening remarks, “…all major religious value systems embrace humanity, caring and respect, and the tradition of granting protection to those in danger. The principles of modern refugee law have their oldest roots in these ancient texts and traditions.”

    The Jewish delegation to the December Dialogue in Geneva included HIAS, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, and Rabbi Nava Hefetz of Rabbis for Human Rights in Jerusalem. Rabbis Telushkin and Hefetz put forth the idea of a "Code of Conduct for Clergy" to welcome the stranger, which evolved into "Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders" (the Affirmation of Welcome).

    The High Commissioner embraced this recommendation and, in response to this call, from February through April 2013, a coalition of leading faith-based humanitarian organizations and academic institutions (including HIAS, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Jesuit Refugee Service, Lutheran World Federation, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, Religions for Peace, University of Vienna Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology, World Council of Churches, World Evangelical Alliance, and World Vision International) drafted “Welcoming the Stranger: Affirmations for Faith Leaders.” The Affirmations, which have been translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish, inspire leaders of all faiths to “welcome the stranger” with dignity, respect, and loving support. Faith groups around the world will use the Affirmations and supporting resources as practical tools to foster support for refugees and other displaced people in their communities.

    Rabbis want muslim refugees - but not for Israel.

    Here is the link to an interesting book on "the Shepherd of Jerusalem", Rabbi Kook and the role the British played by establishing the Chief Rabbinate of Israel in Palestine:

    1. The 'House of Windsor' (so-called) is a foreign occupying force. It has always been an agent of Talmudic pharisees. Once the dirty deeds are done, the Windsor leeches will leave and move on to fresh pickings --as locusts are wont to do.

      A small part of the goals in driving Muslims into formerly Catholic Europe is to frighten lesser Judaics and drive them to Palestine (aka israhell). They need fresh blood over there. If some are Sephardim, so much the better. The Ashkenazi Judaics want lesser Judaics to perform some of the more meanial tasks that fewer and fewer Muslims will perform over the next few decades--given that so many are being driven out of Palestine or outright slaughtered.

      Also, don't forget that when Talmudists use the word 'humanity' or 'human' they only mean themselves. They do not include 'goy' or Gentiles in the definition of humanity or human.

  2. The Jewish financially controlled govts of Europe and North America are importing millions of Asian Muslims into former Catholic White European nations on purpose to destroy what's left of the West.

  3. According to this French researcher: Islam is a Jewish−Nazarean creation


  4. You have one quote from R. Kook to suggest his inhumanity. Here are more, that clarify his distinctions between individuals and national collectives. Among his working suppositions appears to be one shared by many exegetes - that the distinct nations are a result of the sin of Babel;
    "The difference between the Jewish soul, its self, its inner desires...and that of all nations, at all their levels, is greater and deeper than the difference betwee the human soul and that of the animal; between the later there is merely a quantitiative distinction, between the former an essential qualitative distinction pertains" (Orot, p.156)

    "The relation of Knesset Israel to its members is different from the relations of any other national group to its members. all national collectives give their members only the external aspect of their nature, but this essence *each man* draws from the universal neshamah (highest level of soul), from the divine neshamah, without the mediation of the group, because the group has no divine entity, meaning an inherent divine tendency diffused in its midst. Not so in Israel, the neshamah of the individuals derives from the source of the Eternal living in the general treasure, and the totality gives neshamah to the individuals." (Orot pp.144-5) 

    "I have already written in my letters that from the perspective of select individuals we know no distinction between peoples and languages and 'an alien who studies Torah is like a high priest'. Our early sages have already said, 'let us receive our colleague the philosopher.'" Igrot HaReAYaH, vol. 1, pp.70-1).

    more to follow.

  5. "It is our desire to observe the command to 'love thy neighbor as thyself' not only with regard to individuals but also concerning the nations, so that the nations of the world also should have no grievance against us" (Orot HaKodesh, vol.3, p.326; elsewhere, Rav Kook stipulates that the *commandment* to love ones neighbor may include non-Jews who are righteous and faithful; 
    Maamarei HaReAYaH, p.252). 

    "The love of fellow man has to break forth from the source of loving-kindness, not as a matter of law, for then the clearest part of its brightness would be lost, but as a mighty inner movement of the soul. and it will have to stand up against very difficult trials, to overcome many contradictions scattered like stumbling rocks in isolated teachings, in the superficiality of several laws and numerous conceptions that arise from the limited expression given to the part of the Torah and the national morality that is revealed" (Orot HaKodesh, vol.3, p.318)

    "The love of people requires much nurturing...which must be fulfilled always with all the chambers of the heart. The highest position in the love of people must be taken by the love of man, and it must extend to all men, despite differences of opinion, religion and faith, despite all distinctions of race and climate. It is right to penetrate the mind of the various peoples and collectives, to learn as much as possible their character and qualities, in order to know how to establish human love on foundations that are close to realization...the narrow-mindedness that leads one to see whatever is outside the bounds of the unique people, even the bounds of Israel, only as ugly and defiled, is a terrible darkness that causes general destruction to the entire edifice of spiritual good, the light of which every refined soul hopes for". (Musar Avicha, pp.96, 98)

  6. Go peddle your Talmudic garbage someplace else!

    Rav Kook was racist Talmudic jewish supremacist who believed that Zionism is the vehicle through which the apocalyptic rabbinic "redemption" should be humanly created by whatever means possible.

    The sin of the murderers, wicked kings of the earth and all the evildoers of the land has been completed. The earth cannot achieve atonement for the blood spilt upon it except through the blood of the one who shed it. The atonement must come: a general elimination of all the present-day cultural machines, with all their falsehood and trickery, with all their awful filth and venom. This entire culture, which exalts itself with instruments of falsehood, must, by necessity, be annihilated from the world, and in its place will emerge a kingdom of the sacred and exalted. The light of Israel will appear, to establish the world with peoples of a new spirit. (Orot Ha-Milchama)

    He is known for founding the first Zionist yeshiva in Palestine, the Mercaz HaRav. This yeshiva is the pillar of the ultra-racist "settler movement" which should be called by its proper name, terrorism.

    “Teachings that Jews are superior and gentiles inferior were contained in some of the earliest Hassidic texts, including its classic text, “Tanya,” still taught today.

    Brownfeld quotes statements by “the revered father of the messianic tendency of Jewish fundamentalism,” Rabbi Kook the Elder, and states that these were derived from earlier texts. [Kook, incidentally, was also an early Zionist, who helped push for the Balfour Declaration in England before moving to Palestine. He was the uncle of Hillel Kook, an agent who went by the name “Peter Bergson” and created front groups in the U.S. for a violent Zionist guerilla group that operated in 1930s and ’40s Palestine.]

    Brownfeld quotes Kook: “The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non-Jews—all of them in all different levels—is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the souls of cattle.”

    Brownfeld explains that Kook’s teaching, which he says is followed by leaders of the settler movement in the occupied West Bank, “is based upon the Lurianic Cabbala, the school of Jewish mysticism that dominated Judaism from the late 16th to the early 19th century.”


    “Against Our Better Judgment: How the U.S. was used to create Israel, contains additional information on Rabbi Kook’s family connection to American front groups for Israeli terrorists. (Kook was unusual in his support for political Zionism; most Jewish religious leaders at the time considered the movement heretical).”