Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Francis’ respect for women - May’s The Pope Video

Francis the humble revolutionary gives a brief shout out to the family at 9 seconds in the above video.  Other than that, apparently a woman’s role in life is to be equal to a man and earn as much money as possible.  Francis condemns the slavery of women in the video but neglects to mention that non-Catholics are the one’s enslaving these women.  He skips over this because if he brought it up it would pop his make-believe world of all religions being equally good, leading one to heaven, and treating all women with respect.

 Call Me Jorge... is shocked Rosie wasn’t in the video...

...and surprised Gloria wasn’t either!

Another thing which amazed Call Me Jorge... is that Francis released this video in May!  Doesn’t he know that the communist holiday, International Women's Day, was on March 8th?  As usual Francis has his pectoral cross hidden away and speaking of crosses, none of the women have anything remotely Catholic about them except for what we are assuming is a nun.  The nun looks like she is in school learning rather than out in the field spreading the Faith.  Most of the women are wearing immodest pants, jeans, and shirts.  See any women praying in the video?  Saying a rosary with their family?  At Mass with their children and husband?  Nope, neither did we.

The Blessed Virgin Mary is conspicuously absent from the video.

There are no images of the Holy Family in the video nor are there any images of the greatest woman ever to live, the Blessed Virgin Mary!

What kind of ideas is Francis propagating for women in this video?

Recall on 5 December 2014, Francis told members of the International Theological Commission that,
“I would like to note, in the context of the increasingly diverse composition of the Commission, the greater presence of women — still not enough. … They are the strawberries on the cake, but we want more!”

And then on 4 May 2016, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin said,
“A woman could become Secretary of State, in the sense that the role of the Secretary of State is evidently not bound to the sacraments or the priesthood.”

In Francis’ defense one could say that at the least, the women were not portrayed as bimbos like they were in the Pontifical Council for Culture’s video #LifeofWomen.  Francis shows himself to be a modernist once again as he practices the behavior of ‘gender theory’ he loves so much to condemn in others.  One last observation about the video.  Did the viewer notice any wedding rings on the women?  The nun? The mothers?  The professionals?  A woman’s role in life should she choose the vocation of marriage is to be a wife and mother.  Rather than wasting one’s time reading (or watching) what Francis says about the vocation of the married life spend a few minutes and read Casti connubii (On Christian Marriage) by Pius XI.

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