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Abp. Lefebvre on Moslem ‘immigrants’

Compare and contrast Abp. Marcel Lefebvre’s words to the recent videos of Bp. Fellay (#1) (#2) or Francis and his cohorts who want to welcome all these Moslem invaders with open arms as they will help bring about the destruction of what is left of Christian Europe.

Francis and company welcome Moslems!

What Archbishop Lefebvre had to say in 1989

During a gathering of the press in France on November 14, 1989, Archbishop Lefebvre was accused of affirming that “the best  [thing] for the Moslems [to do] would be to go back home.” He added that, in France, the Moslems are going “to impose their laws little by little. Christian law cannot be in accord with Islamic law... Moslems cannot be Catholic, they cannot be truly French. We must not allow them to organize themselves politically or religiously. The construction of mosques is a catastrophe!” Turning towards the journalists, His Grace added: “It will be your wives, your daughters, your children, who will be kidnapped and taken away to hidden living quarters in Casablanca.” 
The International League Against Racism and Anti‑Semitism (the LICRA ‑ The French equivalent of the American Civil Liberties Union) brought a civil lawsuit against Archbishop Lefebvre, accusing him of racism and defamation with respect to the Moslem community. At the conclusion of the trial, His Grace was cleared of the charge of racism but, as if making a gesture of compromise, he was found guilty of defamation with respect to the Moslem community and fined 5,000 French francs($1,010.). Archbishop Lefebvre has, of course, appealed this iniquitous judgment! He has only to prove that what he said about the kidnapping of white girls for the harems of the Moslems is true. Since this is a public fact there is no defamation whatsoever with respect to the Moslems. On the contrary, it is an extraordinary scandal and a fact which must be published so that people will realize that we are in the midst of a giant struggle between the true religion and Mohammed’s substitute, Islam. It is in the midst of the threat of a Middle Eastern war that we realize who are the true enemies of the Catholic and European civilization, of which we are the heirs 

Declaration Preliminary to the Court Case of June 21, 1990
Invoking the laws of July 29, 1981, and July 1, 1977, 1 am accused firstly of the crime of provocation to discrimination, to hatred or to racial violence with respect to a group of persons on account of their origin or their belonging to a particular ethnic group, nation, race or religion. 
Secondly, of the crime of public defamation with respect to this group... I am supposed to have pronounced these provocative and defamatory words when I held a press conference at the Crillon Hotel on November 14, 1989. I affirm firstly that I did not hold a press conference. I had nothing written and I made no declaration. I only wanted to reply to the journalists’ questions on the occasion of the ceremony for the 60th anniversary of my Priestly Ordination at the Bourget. 
You must admit that Moslem immigration had no special reason to be brought up on this occasion. The least one can say is that my reply was not pre‑meditated. I therefore replied very freely, giving my opinion of the danger of Islamic penetration into a country whose Catholic religion is violently rejected and despised by Islam. The Koran, which is the law of Islam, provokes to discrimination, to hatred and to violence. Do not attribute to me that which I denounce. 
The proofs of this hatred and of this violence are legion both in the past and in the present. 
For as long as Moslems are an insignificant minority in a Christian country they can live in a friendly way, because they follow the laws and customs of the country which accepts them. But as soon as they are numerous and organized they become aggressive and they seek to impose their laws, which are hostile to European civilization. Examples are abundant. Soon they will take charge of our city councils, and will transform our churches into mosques. We will either have to become Moslem, leave the country or become their captives. This is in the profound nature of Islam. It is not I who am racist in denouncing this very racism. 
The pretended defamation is only the statement of obvious facts. Kidnapping of white girls is well known to the police and it still exists today. It is not defamation to denounce the kidnappers of our compatriots. It is to call upon justice and demand the protection of our fellow citizens. If you prevent us from crying out against the nefarious consequences of Islam’s penetration of France and Europe, you render yourselves accomplices to the violence committed in the name of the Koran by Islam in our Christian countries. It is they who have undertaken this procedure against us, a procedure which truly shows the fundamental racism of Islam against the French, against the Jews and against every religion which is not Moslem. 
It is not I who am racist because I denounce racism. I lived all my life in the midst of other races ‑ thirty years in Africa, among animists and Moslems. There I strove to bring them both spiritual and material goods ‑ schools, hospitals, etc. They showed their gratitude in decorating me as Officer of the Equatorial Star of Gabon and Grand Officer of the National Order of Senegal, and the French government recognized my overseas services by making me Officer of the Legion of Honor. 
To condemn me as a racist because I seek to protect my country which is menaced in its very existence and Christian traditions... this would be to use justice for injustice. This would be the justice at the service of executioners whose victims have at most the right to keep quiet and to perish. This would be the summit of injustice. 
† Marcel Lefebvre  Ecône 
May 12, 1990
source: SSPXAsia, The Archbishop Speaks: Truth, Justice & the News Media


  1. God rest his soul.
    I hold the sedevacantist position and have nothing but respect for this man!!
    Too bad we Roman Catholics don't have one single priest or bishop speaking out against Islam-Judaism and standing up for Roman Catholics in the public arena!!

    1. Yes, too bad the present Pope is not even speaking out.