Wednesday, June 29, 2016

‘Holocaustianity’ in the ‘Noahide’ Novus Ordo

Teachers!!! Learn how ‘Holocaustianity’ is central to your life, is an on-going dynamic matrix, where its deepest roots are from, and finally take home a cutting edge understanding of ‘Holocaustianity’ which you can then bring into every subject taught at your school!

Dennis McManus wants Christians to pay back the principle and interest on the debt he feels they owe to the Talmudic Jews


  1. Who's going to apologise to the Christians that died in concentration camps ?anyone who opposed the Nazi's ended up in camps.

    1. You're correct and to top it off the Soviets took control of German camps after WW2 and killed twice as many people from 45-89.(give or take a few year's)

  2. Is McManus a valid Roman Catholic Priest?