Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Pope Video #6 — Solidarity in Cities

Francis pushes Freemasonic humanism

As usual with Francis’ prayer request videos, there is no Catholicism.  No crucifix, no rosary, no Holy Mass, no prayer shown, etc...  Francis does mention prayer when he asks the viewer to join him in praying that the marginalized and elderly may have “opportunities for encounter and solidarity.”

Where do these things which Francis prays for come from?

Pierre Leroux was a Freemason who had ideas very similar to the ones Francis drones on and on about concerning ‘solidarity’, ‘charity’, ‘responsibility’ — all that is missing is the ‘culture of encounter’.  Leroux also coined the term — socialism.

What Francis is selling in his video certainly isn’t Catholicism.

It is in fact the ‘new’ religion.

Credit for the ideas in this post belong to the Spanish language blog, Non Possumus and are contained in their post VIDEO DE JUNIO DEL PAPA: NINGUNA MENCIÓN DE DIOS NI DE LO SOBRENATURAL.


  1. Notice how Francis hides the cross behind his hand. Other times he does it with the folio. Do you need it to read two sentences?

    1. Really. This man - a person who is lining up to commemorate the protestant revolution - should just take it off.

  2. The line starts here; next stop, Utopia.

  3. Yeah, pray for the elderly being murdered every day by Francis Team B Communist Catholics: "Another caregiver at a Catholic hospital in Pennsylvania related a similar gruesome experience. She claims when passing the bed of an elderly female patient, the patient abruptly sat up with an agonizing look, grabbed the caregiver's arm and tried in vain to form words with her dry mouth and cracked lips. Another nurse calmly walked up and said sympathetically, "Poor thing, she's on her seventh day of a dry death." The caregiver was told that "dry death" means only morphine is given to the patient but no food or water until the patient dies. The cause of death in such cases is dehydration. The caregiver protested to the local bishop, who refused to get involved.
    "Last month, following the death of a priest at a Catholic hospital in Milwaukee, an eyewitness confirmed to that the priest only received morphine but no food or water for the whole week before he died. When the witness questioned this medical decision, he was told that it would be too much bother to move the patient to hospice care in order to continue giving food and water, known as palliative care."

    P.S. Unless someone's asking (and I don't mean the 'resident' in the bed next to them) they don't even receive morphine (just like the 60 million babies Catholics like Joe Biden, Andrew & Mario Cuomos, Mikulskis, Jerry Browns and O'Malleys murder to the cheers of Team B demon possessed sodomites: Killers Keehan, Woo, O'Malley, McCarrick, Bergoglio, Dolan, Danneels.

    1. The dry death was called the liverpool care pathway in Britain,let's call it what it is the Nazi health Care

    2. Yeah, I don't know where they came up w/"dry death" myself --except it seems to have come from those who died in the desert.

      But hospice workers talk about "nature's process": "Nature's process of a 'dry' death is usually more comfortable."

      They are fiendish whores constantly trying to make their murder "sexy" w/the help of the media and those who want to be in on the latest 'hip' terminology.

  4. Freemasonic humanism = the created is greater than the Creator. If anyone joins Jorge in prayer, they are having an encounter with, and are in solidarity with, Lucifer. What a bereft and darkened state for Leroux, who was able to write what sounds like a dictation from the pit of hell, and for Bergoglio and for all who follow this ‘new’ religion.

    Book of Job 10
    [9] Remember, I beseech thee, that thou hast made me as the clay, and thou wilt bring me into dust again. … [11] Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh: thou hast put me together with bones and sinews: [12] Thou hast granted me life and mercy, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.
    Book of Job 11
    [12] A vain man is lifted up into pride, and thinketh himself born free like a wild ass' s colt.