Saturday, July 2, 2016

Move over Sister are more singing Novus Ordo nuns!

The Eucharistic Communicators of the Heavenly Father are a community of nuns from Colombia who have a great passion for music and an intense desire to announce God through the gifts he has given them.

Sister María Victoria de Jesús told CNA the mission of their apostolate “is to evangelize through as many means of communication as possible,” and added that the charism of the sisters “is to communicate the love of God the Father.”


The Eucharistic Communicators of the Heavenly Father were formed in 2004 by Mother Gabriela del Amor Crucificado and Father Antonio Lootens, from two communities of hermits. They are based in the Archdiocese of Cali, in southwestern Colombia, and the community includes 65 religious women dedicated to evangelization through social media.

Sister Maria of Nazareth, who founded the musical group within the community, recalled “the words of Paul VI that the Church would be culpable if it did not use the powerful medium of television, and that John Paul II said there should be a group of consecrated persons dedicated to communications media: and thus our community was born.”

Sister María Victoria de Jesús noted that their music ministry “began three years ago, when we produced our first CD with the help of some lay persons.”

“In the past year, we began producing music videos so as to reach many more people. We work in all that is artistic and audiovisual: radio, film, music, television, and social media.”

While the community was principally founded to work in communications media in 2004, “the musical power emerged spontaneously with the sisters who were given musical talents.”

Sister Maria of Nazareth commented that “before bringing a message, it is necessary to have a witness of life, to be faithful to the Lord, and to his call. Really, our vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity help us to give of ourselves. The first medium of communication is our life and it is this that the world needs – living gospels. Then the rest follows.”

The texts, production, direction, and recording are done by the sisters themselves, who are prepared within their community to be able to perform these tasks.

“Visually we develop it all; we are trained to make a good audiovisual product. We develop it as a producer because we want the content to be high quality, to be the best for the Lord,” she said.

“Our goal is to support all the dioceses so that there is strength in the Church, and not just in Cali. To have a presence wherever there are persons who do not believe, do not know God, to look for the lost sheep and to strengthen those who are in the fold,” noted Sister Maria of Nazareth.

“When people listen to us they say they feel great peace, the love of God the Father, and some even cry. The sisters by their life of prayer touch hearts ... which need a voice of encouragement, to feel loved by God. We seek to give people hope,” she concluded.

It’s always party time!

Jesus to Saint Faustina: "Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God" ... Sing with us about the mercy of our Lord .... Jesus, I trust you !!!

I can sing!

the Angelus


  1. Seems like they're more in tune (pardon the pun) with their Pagan ancestry than renouncing the World and living for Jesus Christ & the Roman Catholic Faith.

  2. What's the flashing of the devil's sign at 2:15 in the first video?

  3. Wow. It always surprising (for me in Ireland) to see a Novus Ordo nun under the age of sixty. Unsurprisingly they use the youth God gave them to blaspheme against Him. That's sad. I suppose a person can only pray they convert as they will surely suffer punishment in the hereafter for their mockery of Him and His Church.

  4. Check out this blog's link:

    The guy who runs that site, Eric Gajewski, is a FRAUD! He copy and pasted what you posted here and didn't even cite Catholic News Agency.

    Also search this on google: "call me jorge"

    He has at least copied and pasted 20 plus of your blog entries.

    Keep up the good work here and God Bless!