Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pepper + Darkness and the “New Evangelization”

Thomas ‘three Martinis a day’ Rosica’s gang promotes
World Youth Day  Kraków 2016

Notice the conspicuous waving of the Israeli flag not to
 mention, the respect which they show cardboard Francis.


  1. "The UN, for statistical consistency across regions, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years,"

    "The draft youth policy framework Pathways for Youth from 2013 defines youth as those under 25 years old in three stages: early adolescence (under 14), middle adolescence (15-17), late adolescence and early adulthood (18-24)."

    The (Arch)dioceses of Washington, Arlington, Baltimore:
    "Join more than 1,000 young adults (ages 18-39, married and single)" [wonder what they are supposed to do w/their kids or are only fornicators, sodomites, i.e. dinks (dual income no children) invited?] from across the country on Saturday, July 30 at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, for Kraków in the Capital."

    Local World Youth Day Festival for Young Adults #wydDC. On Saturday, July 30 at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, join thousands of young adults (18-39, married and single) (See p2)

  2. If bald, gray beard qualifies as youth, wonder why Rosica ain't shoulderin' his own back pack. This sure ain't JP2 youth day (maybe it will cut down on the pedophilia suits).

  3. Well, this is it, isn't it? The Novus Ordo is a Protestant (Protestant Plus) Mega Church piggybacking on top of the true and genuine Roman Catholic edifice. Heedless, drunk with ecumenism.

  4. No real issue about an Israeli flag - what you don't realize is that this short video, designed for "young people" is more likely to be seen by old retirees only. I'm told the number of "young" people who watch that network can be numbered on one or two hands.

    1. Greg Burke will fix these glitches in media strategy, eh what?