Saturday, August 27, 2016

Benedict XVI the traditional...

“I need scarcely remind you of how impressed I was in Cuba to see the way in which Raul Castro wishes to lead his country onto a new path, without breaking with the immediate past.” — Benedict XVI

“Obedience to my successor has always been unquestionable. Then there is a sense of deep communion and friendship. The moment he was elected I felt, as many others did, a spontaneous sense of gratitude towards Providence. After two Pontiffs from Central Europe, the Lord set his eyes as it were on the universal Church and invited us towards a broader, more Catholic communion. I personally felt deeply touched right from the start by Pope Francis’ extraordinary human warmth towards me. He tried to reach me by phone right after his election. He wasn’t able to get hold of me so he tried again straight after the meeting with the universal Church from St. Peter’s balcony and he spoke to me in a very cordial manner. Since then, he has given me the gift of a marvelous paternal and fraternal relationship. I often receive small gifts, letters written in person. Before undertaking any major trips, the Pope always comes to visit me. The human kindness he has shown me is for me a special grace in this final phase of my life, which I can only be grateful for. What he says about being close to other people are not just words. He puts them into practice with me. May he in turn feel the Lord’s kindness every day. For this, I pray for him to the Lord.” Benedict XVI

Sadly, there are those who believe Benedict XVI didn’t resign from the papacy because of grammatical errors in his resignation.  These people also believe that Benedict is a lover of all things traditional in the Catholic Faith, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Some people project Benedict to be pope spoken of in the private revelation of Fatima and are even anxiously awaiting for Benedict to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.  The reality is Benedict XVI was a modernist who was under suspicion of heresy by the Holy Office before Vatican II and still remains one.  Benedict has made many public statements (in interviews, letters, and a speech) stating that he is no longer a pope.  Denial isn’t a river which flows through Egypt but is a state of mind of those who refuse to see the truth of the situation for what it is.

Benedict XVI resigned not for Wales 
but for Rio and World Youth Day!


What other bombshells does this book contain?


  1. Those words sound so much like much like what the new church is about, nonsense...

  2. I would to see bergolio resign, then we'd have three anti popes living

  3. It is unforgivable that Rat16 should praise the evil Raoul Castro. May he and Fracas along w/J23, P6 and JP2 be held accountable for all the bloody crimes of the money-worshiping, anti-Christ communists and socialists.

    1. Pius XII promoted Roncalli and Montini..Pius XII praised the U.N. as "a great hope for mankind" during Christmas 1956.
      Pius XII destroyed the oldest traditions in the Roman Rite.(literally)
      The very men you condemn (John 23 Paul 6) were promoted by Pius XII.

  4. 11/30/2009: "Cardinal Bergoglio and other bishops are ordering that baptism not be withheld from those who are far removed from religious practice. Better a Church of the people than one only of the pure. Ratzinger also thinks this way..."I would say, therefore, that in the context of the catechesis of children, that work with parents is very important. And this is precisely one of the opportunities to meet with parents, making the life of faith also present to the adults, because, it seems to me, they themselves can relearn the faith from the children and understand that this great solemnity is only meaningful, true and authentic if it is celebrated in the context of a journey with Jesus, in the context of a life of faith. Thus, one should endeavour to convince parents, through their children, of the need for a preparatory journey that is expressed in participation in the mysteries and that begins to make these mysteries loved."

  5. Hard to know where Magister gets his info/lies, but he was pumping Bergoglio as a friend of Ratz and as a neoconservative since 2002

    Nov/Dec 2002: "Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Profession: Servant of the Servants of God" The Latin-American cardinals are increasingly focused upon him, as is Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. The only key figure among the Curia who hesitates when he hears his name is Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Sodano - the very man known for supporting the idea of a Latin-American pope."

    Jan 2006 "those who are opposing Ratz": "as the other prominent antagonist, Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The latter is said to have received as many as 40 votes: not enough to stop Ratzinger in his tracks, but enough to reduce considerably the scale of his success. And this success, in any case, is imagined to bear the infamous mark of the campaign on his behalf carried out by Opus Dei. [Could be L American connection(?!)]

    Oct 2005 "This is how I rewrite my conclave, The strange legends built upon cardinals Martini and Bergoglio" in both legends Magister manages NOT to link the two: "Bergoglio is shown as having received many more votes than Martini did: 10 in the first scrutiny, 35 in the second, 40 in the third, and 26 in the fourth. But the anonymous diarist writes of him: “I watch him as he goes to deposit his ballot in the urn on the altar of the Sistine Chapel: his gaze is fixed upon the image of Jesus, who is judging souls at the end of time. There is suffering written on his face, as if he were imploring: God, don’t do this to me.” Scenario 2 (J Allen's): "A certain number of the votes did cluster around Bergoglio, but without constituting any sort of alternative. Moreover, from the beginning of the conclave Bergoglio was a decisive supporter of Ratzinger’s election. The votes for him went against his own wishes, and he received a label as a “progressive” which did not correspond at all to his convictions."

    B4 2005 conclave, Magister himself put B in Rats party w/Kasper(!): "Ruini was with Ratzinger, in recent months, the most active and explicit in defining the new pontificate scenarios. And with them are many leading cardinals, some of which in turn eligible candidates. In curia, the German Walter Kasper, one of Ratzinger and Ruini studies since the three were simple theology professors. In Latin America there are the Argentine of Italian origin Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, and the Chilean Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa, archbishop of Santiago. In the US there is Francis E. George, archbishop of Chicago. Canada's Marc Ouellet, archbishop of Quebec. Australia's George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney. In Eastern Europe there is Jozef Glemp, archbishop of Warsaw. In Italy there are Angelo Scola, Patriarch of Venice, and Giacomo Biffi, retired archbishop of Bologna. This is the framework of neo-conservative party that Ratzinger in its lighthouse. Came close to this party, most recently, the association of friends of Opus Dei cardinals, led by the two who are members of Opus: the Vatican Julian Herranz, the most authoritative of the curial canonists, and in Latin America Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, archbishop of Lima.

    "The power of the neoconservatives essentially in their program. They want a resumption of the ordinary governance of the Church, its cleansing from "filth", a reinforcement of the doctrinal and moral formation of the clergy, a revival of the first evangelization and the teaching of the catechism, a qualitative improvement of the liturgical celebrations, a new missionary campaign."