Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Land of Confusion

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Sit down and listen to Uncle Bernie tell a few stories and yarns complete with funny and witty anecdotes.  Just to be sure, Uncle Bernie throws a dash of Catholicism into them with scant theology.  Trust Bp. Fellay, he’s going to transform Modernist Rome into the spotless bride of Christ once the SSPX gets their personal prelature cubby-hole in the insane wing of the Novus Ordo mansion.  After all as Uncle Bernie reminds us countless times, we live in confusing times!

The incoherent ramblings of 
Bp. Fellay on relations with Rome 
(110 minutes & 30 seconds)

(Part 1)

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Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

*the conference was held at St. Anthony's Church in New Zealand on 24 August 2016

For those however, who want some clarity we present,
 Abbott & Costello Who's on First


  1. I must say that lay clothes really suit Bernie. Hopefully he will remain in them. I also hope that Jorge, the layman disguised as Pope, will also switch to lay clothes.

    1. Yes, they should want to drop the religious costumes beginning with Jorge. By his example, the entire Vatican City State and the Novus Ordo mega churchs' religious and presiders would do the same. Then, how hard would it be for the media to see and to say that, really, the Novus Ordo religion is Protestant after all? But then, ops and keeping up appearances aids and abets the ruse...even to maybe they couldn't quit because they love their parts too much and love the stage upon which it is played.

  2. At about the 1:00 minute of Part 1 he states: no heresies and no direct error in VC2 ... but he's joining Bergoglio to have a big fight w/him (15:45 Part 6).

    At 1:30 Part 1 states prefers "Mystical Body of Christ" to the doctrinal definition of St. Paul (like any good modernist).

    Talks about how different people state Bergoglio isn't even the pope. Then Part 3 @ 13:23 Out of the pope's 'goodness' he wants to do something for the SSPX as he has done for the meegrants -- i.e. take care of the physical needs of Fellay.

    At Part 3 16:10 "Out of the blue he said to me" SSPX has the power to forgive abortion. It wasn't out of the blue it was at the same time Bergoglio was giving HIS "priests" the power to "forgive" divorce in the confessional. [My understanding is that SSPX have been granting annulments on their own authority since the 1980s--can't imagine their priests were not ALREADY forgiving abortion.]

    In Part 2, after stating @ 10:45 "you're lost" in regard to those inside VC2 Church, @ 17:26 he states ask different VC2 officials about SSPX and you'll get different answers--but he doesn't say: ask them about the divinity of Jesus Christ and see the answers you get. If he did, he would be declaring them anathema (but all he cares about is the physical needs of himself).

    Bergoglio is no pope and has declared he is fully implementing VC2. But when he tells Fellay he doesn't have to accept VC2 mass, Fellay doesn't see how Bergoglio could say the same to the evangelicals for instance as he welcomes them into the "Catholic" church, or how Zubik and many Catholic U.S. Bishops and even that prolife hero Frank Pavone are moving to protestant "praise and worship" i.e. NO MASS AT ALL! What Fellay sees is that Part 6 @5:47 not a trap wants good to us" @8:55 "Someone has a conscience" (certainly not him)! @10:15 SSPX "permission to obey NO priest"(he's prophesying like Caiphas, but why is that good?) @ 11:44 Bergoglio states canonizations are not infallible (agrees w/Fellay)!

    Part 6 (beg): Most esp this is what SSPX (that WORLDWIDE diocese is getting): ONE bishop, to be chosen by the non-pope Bergoglio, from 3 names submitted by SSPX. Now what LOCAL diocese has only ONE bishop? How can a WORLDWIDE diocese operate w/ONE bishop? And who knows like the proverbial shell game which of the three names is the Judas (bet the VC2 heretics know--they've been 'negotiating' w/him and flattering him since +Lefebvre bit the dust). He is destroying the work of Lefebvre. In my view the society should have quadrupled by now--only reason not is because Fellay ain't even trying -- too busy prancing around kneeling and bowing to men who don't kneel or bow to Jesus Christ.

    P.S. You can forgive abortion, but why bother when out of his 'goodness' fallible, non-priest, non-pope, Soros-funded, pervert transgender pedophile frances praises those who murder the babies as "great."

    PPS. Great pic-says it all about Fellay.

    1. Thanks for your comment and taking the time to give readers some of the highlights from Bp. Fellay's talk. Listening to Fellay's words made us question if the logic portion of his brain is out of order. Thanks also for the complement on the picture of Fellay/Gump.

  3. Part 6 @10:00 onward Fellay & Francis agree that canonizations are not infallible!!!

    Are these men Catholic?

  4. While the servants of Satan have made this a hell on earth, it is so refreshing to see this clip of the funny team of Abbot and Costello again as I did as a child. Simple, wholesome entertainment. Gone. Lord, please come soon.

  5. The new mass is (wait for it) 'unsafe.' Maybe the SSPX should fundraise to buy bicycle helmets instead of praying rosaries. Or maybe it would be better for there to be no mass at all like w/the protestants, jews and muslims. Maybe Luther's and Anglican mass is 'unsafe' too--and having non-priests or laymen or laywomen officiating can easily be taken care of by a 9 month VC2 paid for vacation at the SSPX seminary being built in Italy.

    Fellay has a relationship w/VC2 but none w/Christ (the Truth).

  6. Anyone following Bishop Fellay at this point & time are lost and hopefully they will all receive divine intervention.
    If you are reading this please leave the SSPX now!!
    The SSPX is controlled opposition and your Eternal Salvation is imperil.

  7. I don't belong to the either SPX group.
    It seems to me if one of the 3 resistance bishops consecrate Fr. Pfeiffer,he (Fr.P) would be the type to go on a consecration spree.
    Am I the only one who senses this from Fr.Pfeiffer?