Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday — Eric Gajewski

Remember back on 24 October 2015 when Eric ‘the great monarch’ Gajewski interviewed John Salza about his new book and Fatima?  Well, it appears that indeed ‘the great monarch’ takes orders from his spiritual mentor Paul Kramer.  Why do we say this?  For the simple reason that Eric has thrown his Salza interview down into the memory-hole.  It turns out recently Kramer has been attacking Salza and Salza has returned the favor — so the head of the ‘order of eagles’ made the interview disappear.

Look at this recent facebook post by the pied-piper himself about his guest Salza.

Here are the links to their respective websites if one is interested in their ongoing cat fight:

Thanks to the internet one can still enjoy all the lunacy of these two clowns.

Eric Gajewski interviews John Salza (24.10.15) Part I

Eric Gajewski interviews John Salza (24.10.15) Part II

Dear supporters of TradCatKnight are you in agreement with how your donations are being used?  Gajewski commissioned artist David Dees to make this picture of ‘the great monarch’ leading his make-believe ‘order of eagles’ against some other group of make-believe soldiers.

A 100% guarantee this post will not be copied and pasted by Gajewski to his blog like countless others from Call Me Jorge... and so many other blogs have been!

more on Gajewski:

more on Salza:


  1. I would advise everyone to ignore & stay away from everyone mentioned in this entry.(especially Paul Kramer who was "Ordained" in the "new rite of holy orders" by a Novus Ordo "Bishop")

  2. Could you make if possible to download the audio?

  3. Could you make this available for download?

    1. Sorry, don't have the file anymore. Try using the browser add-on Video DownloadHelper 6.2.0 and you should be able to download them.

    2. Worked great, thx!