Thursday, August 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday — Gregory Hesse

Gregorius Henricus Laurentius Diego Dagobertus Hervinus Hesse (aka Gregorius Hesse, Gregory Hesse) died on 25 January 2006 from a massive stroke brought about by his diabetes.  He was known for being a lush, gourmand, and loquacious.  Below are some photos of Gregory Hesse which show a completely different side of him that many have never seen before.

The photos were found online at

(click on photos to enlarge)

 That’s Hesse being ordained on 21 November 1981 in St. Peter’s Basilica.

 A close-up of the laying on of the hands on Hesse in New Rite of Ordination.

Hesse must have had a time machine as this photo is dated 1864 and says he is a Colonel in the Union Army.

Col. Hesse again in 1864 was a member of the 1st Division 20th Corps Army of Cumberland and served in the General Staff.

That time machine must have gotten a lot of use. Here is Hesse in 1776.

 The ‘monsignor’ on the hunt in 1776.  Note Hesse was not a monsignor but he wrote that on the photo.

One of Hesse’s toy trains.  What kind of make-believe world was Hesse living in?

 Nothing says Christmas Day like bottles of alcohol and a photo of John Wayne.

Hesse hard at work in 1988 with an opened bottle of wine nearby.


  1. He wasn't a priest,was very inconsistent,and full of contradiction.
    With that said,if one can keep this in mind when listening to his talks,you can actually learn vital info regarding just how liberal and progressive Pius XII had become from 1951-1958.
    YouTube.Com "Fr" Hesse Destruction of the Papacy" is a good talk.

  2. Thanks for this post! It brings back the memories of my run-ins with this fellow. Always looking to chat "over supper and bottles of wine," I concluded that he knew how to play according to his host's positions. He would appear at Indult sites, homes of SSPX laity, Independent chapels, etc., and always embrace the views held at each locale.

    It was only when I pressed him in a one-on-one conversation about his Novus Ordo "ordination" and his illogical defence of how he could accept Novus Ordo popes but still not obey them, etc., that his phone calls looking for free meals quickly ceased! My wine cellar and I should have had the conversation sooner!

    1. I daresay that your interesting meetings with this man would be reduced to "an encounter with the god of surprises" by Novus Ordite Jorge Bergoglio. Hah, hah.

  3. Fr. Hesse wasn't ever mentioned among clergy or faithful when I used to frequent SSPX chapels (in Germany, to boot). Why are sedevacantists so obsessed with the man that they still have to expose him 10 years after his death?

    1. No one is obsessed with Mr.Hesse.He went out of his way to con uninformed "Catholics" as some type of authority.This blog and others like it are simply pointing out his inconsistent illogical and false claims.

  4. Fr. Hesse reminds me of that character Fr. Z. Did Zuhlsdorf and Hesse know each other in Rome? Both have used their Vatican/Rome connection to promote themselves as the ultimate authority on everything Catholic.

  5. Take this for what it's worth. I've never been to this site before today so I'm not sure of the reasons for attacking Fr Hesse. I've listened to many of his talks. The man quoted papal encyclicals, the Saints and Christ. Fr Hesse said nothing of his own, so where does the hypocrisy exist?

  6. shame on you for attacking Ft. Hesse - he was correct in 100%

  7. This is in very poor taste. Shame on whomever wrote it!