Sunday, August 28, 2016

Vatican caught covering up sex crimes

Vatican Officials Ordered Destruction of Evidence

Hear No Evil,

See No Evil,

Blah, Blah, Blah...

Talk is cheap and Francis has a lot of it.

From the Motu Proprio, Come una madre amorevole, dated 4 June 2016:

The Church loves all her children like a loving mother, but cares for all and protects with a special affection those who are smallest and defenseless. This is the duty that Christ himself entrusted to the entire Christian community as a whole. Aware of this, the Church is especially vigilant in protecting children and vulnerable adults.
Canon Law already provides for the possibility of removal from ecclesiastical office “for grave reasons”. This pertains to diocesan Bishops and Eparchs as well, and those who are by law equal to them (cf. can. 193 § 1 CIC; can. 975 § 1 CCEO). With this Letter my intention is to underline that among the aforesaid “grave reasons” is the negligence of a Bishop in the exercise of his office, and in particular in relation to cases of sexual abuse inflicted on minors and vulnerable adults, as stated in the Motu ProprioSacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela promulgated by St John Paul II and amended by my beloved Predecessor, Benedict XVI. In such cases the following procedure is to be observed:
Article 1: § 3. In the case of the abuse of minors and vulnerable adults it is enough that the lack of diligence be grave. 

He’s all talk and no action when it comes to this grave matter.



  1. Freak!~ is reforming the curia but I bet not one sodomite pederast pervert is affected--not to mention any of the seminaries teaching the "priests" to be perverts, bullies, purchasers of children, abusers of children, liars, etc etc etc etc.

    Joel Wright, a 23-year-old former seminary student, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to traveling to California to adopt young children and infants — with the goal of sexually molesting them. Wright, who was studying to become a Roman Catholic priest at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, posted several Craigslist ads in November 2015, seeking a tour guide to Tijuana...want to have intercourse with her after I own her… virgin babies are the best, and the ones you have found sound good and that the parents are willing to have them rented out is so cool. So yes, I want the one, two, and 3-year-old that you have found for me.”

    Franciscan University Knew About Craigslist Ad Placed By Joel Wright Before Arrest

    "Mustaciuolo was given the nickname "Pet" by fellow seminarians, a moniker with a double entendre: He was the lone seminarian chosen to walk O'Brien's Labrador, but also one with an especially intimate relationship with O'Brien — one that has continued to this day. Sources go further to claim this relationship was sexual in nature.

    Multiple sources have also confirmed O'Brien had special relationships with Fr. Peter Miqueli and his gay-for-pay prostitute boyfriend Keith Crist, who would chauffeur him from the airport when O'Brien flew in from Rome (when he was rector of the Pontifical North American College) to offer Confirmation Masses at Fr. Miqueli's small, isolated parish in Roosevelt Island — an unusual act for a cardinal of such high rank."

    "The alleged S&M-loving, urine-swilling, collection-plate-stealing priest still has his muscle-bound “master” Keith Crist as a regular house guest at Miqueli’s Jersey Shore home, neighbors told The Post.
    He also lets him tool around in a $50,000 red Lexus convertible registered to Miqueli."

  2. Same in Ireland:

    2015: "College rejects claim students are targeted...Maynooth student priests...asked to take time out of seminary because...‘too conservative’ are to return...after interventions by a number of bishops....of 10 diocesan seminarians due to return... after completing...pastoral year, six were recommended to take time out to reconsider their vocation."

    2009: “Priest-Seminarian Bullying Led to Suicides: I studied in a Roman Catholic Seminary in Ireland from and the culture that prevailed there was vile, cruel and oppressive. Emotional and psychological abuse was the norm and those who abused their authority realised fully that they were unaccountable and above the law. Towards the end of my time there I was duly called in and told in no uncertain terms that I was to keep my mouth shut and take what I knew to my grave,” he said.

    Reported Summer 2016 (occurred 1991): "former seminarian revealed ...forced to dress up in women's clothes...within the first week of entering the seminary in order to entertain the college president and the seminary's priests."I was forcefully encouraged to put on a lady's dress and wig and go out on stage and sing like that.... While standing on the stage, some other students got a long pole with a hook on it and tried to rip the dress off me..." His second memory of feeling shocked was the medical examination.. instructed to drop my trousers and underpants...told by the doctor to just do what I was told. Once everything had been removed, the doctor immediately went about feeling my penis, ...On another occasion a bucket of muck and dirt was thrown over him as he rang the bell for the six o'clock Angelus by two people wearing balaclavas. "No one would help me, these future priests just laughed"

    W/the latest sexting, gay dating, seminarians having sex together, priest professors soliciting sex--VC2 bishops side w/the perverts:

    Ending Anonymous accusations! "bishops did not directly address the question of homosexuality, concentrating...on the damage done by anonymous review their policies regarding internet use: an apparent response to reports that seminarians had used an online homosexual dating service."

    Adding women! "Another significant development will see the establishment of a subcommittee to examine the pastoral needs of priestly training in contemporary Ireland... will involve lay people, families and “especially the presence of women” in priestly formation.

    "Irish Times Rome correspondent Paddy Agnew: "I can tell you that the Holy See official reaction when it comes will be that this is a matter for the Irish bishops, for the bishops conference, for the Archbishop of Dublin, for the fellow bishops to deal with - it's not a matter Rome would be involved in,"... "It's not that they don't have their own problems of that nature in Rome," he said, referring to the previous case of a Polish monsignor who came out as gay last year... I can tell you the Holy See's probably got more gays per square inch than anywhere else in the entire world."

  3. And when parishioners have to hire private detectives to PROVE they are being robbed by the parish pervert (priest) and parish funds used to employ sodomites to sexually service said pervert (and perhaps corrupt and rape their children), the Bishop attacks the parishioners and protects the 'priest' who used to be in charge of "vocations" (pimping Latin American boys for pederasts):"Amid ‘slanderous gossip,’ pastor at St. Rose in Miami Shores asked to resign; Group at St. Rose hired a private investigator to comb trash, follow priest; Report claims “frequent, lavish trips,” improper relationship; Wenski assails group for “sinful behaviors, fomenting divisions”

    And Freak! is one of them!

    Just like Rat16, JP2, JP1 and P6...

    1. J23 & P6 were Promoted by Pius XII.
      Many of the men who destroyed the Roman Rite were promoted by Pius XII (during the 40's and 50's) including Bishop Bugnini.