Friday, September 30, 2016

Francis’ fan club in Georgia

The NGO, ‘Union of Orthodox Parents’ protest Francis’ visit to their country.

One additional sign read according to the BBC,  “Stay away from Georgia, Anti-Christ”

Francis performing a magic trick in Georgia.

Francis tells the people of Argentina he will not be visiting them this year or in 2017 because he is too busy!!!

Or is he embarrassed by his family?

Spanish transcript of video message, click here.

The Epistle of St. Paul According to Francis

Francis said...

“By means of peace and forgiveness we are called to overcome our true enemies, who are not of flesh and blood, but rather the evil spirits from without and from within ourselves (cf. Eph 6:12).”

— Francis’ address to Ilia II, the Patriarch of Georgia, 30 Sept 2016 —

the Epistle of St. Paul reads...

“For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.”

*In the high places: or heavenly places. That is to say, in the air, the lowest of the celestial regions; in which God permits these wicked spirits or fallen angels to wander.

This modernist makes it up as he goes along!

Anti-semitism is the beginning of the end of Europe...

Watch/listen to the delusional rabbi Jonathan Sachs
project his Talmudic Jewish psychosis onto the goyim

The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews. That is what I want us to understand today. It wasn’t Jews alone who suffered under Hitler. It wasn’t Jews alone who suffered under Stalin. It isn’t Jews alone who suffer under ISIS or Al Qaeda or Islamic Jihad. We make a great mistake if we think antisemitism is a threat only to Jews. It is a threat, first and foremost, to Europe and to the freedoms it took centuries to achieve.
Antisemitism is not about Jews. It is about anti-Semites. It is about people who cannot accept responsibility for their own failures and have instead to blame someone else. Historically, if you were a Christian at the time of the Crusades, or a German after the First World War, and saw that the world hadn’t turned out the way you believed it would, you blamed the Jews. That is what is happening today. And I cannot begin to say how dangerous it is. Not just to Jews but to everyone who values freedom, compassion and humanity.
The appearance of antisemitism in a culture is the first symptom of a disease, the early warning sign of collective breakdown. If Europe allows antisemitism to flourish, that will be the beginning of the end of Europe. And what I want to do in these brief remarks is simply to analyze a phenomenon full of vagueness and ambiguity, because we need precision and understanding to know what antisemitism is, why it happens, why antisemites are convinced that they are not antisemitic.
First let me define antisemitism. Not liking Jews is not antisemitism. We all have people we don’t like. That’s OK; that’s human; it isn’t dangerous. Second, criticizing Israel is not antisemitism. I was recently talking to some schoolchildren and they asked me: is criticizing Israel antisemitism? I said No and I explained the difference. I asked them: Do you believe you have a right to criticize the British government? They all put up their hands. Then I asked, Which of you believes that Britain has no right to exist? No one put up their hands. Now you know the difference, I said, and they all did.
Antisemitism means denying the right of Jews to exist collectively as Jews with the same rights as everyone else. It takes different forms in different ages. In the Middle Ages, Jews were hated because of their religion. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century they were hated because of their race. Today they are hated because of their nation state, the state of Israel. It takes different forms but it remains the same thing: the view that Jews have no right to exist as free and equal human beings.
If there is one thing I and my contemporaries did not expect, it was that antisemitism would reappear in Europe within living memory of the Holocaust. The reason we did not expect it was that Europe had undertaken the greatest collective effort in all of history to ensure that the virus of antisemitism would never again infect the body politic. It was a magnificent effort of antiracist legislation, Holocaust education and interfaith dialogue. Yet antisemitism has returned despite everything.
On 27 January 2000, representatives of 46 governments from around the world gathered in Stockholm to issue a collective declaration of Holocaust remembrance and the continuing fight against antisemitism, racism and prejudice. Then came 9/11, and within days conspiracy theories were flooding the internet claiming it was the work of Israel and its secret service, the Mossad. In April 2002, on Passover, I was in Florence with a Jewish couple from Paris when they received a phone call from their son, saying, “Mum, Dad, it’s time to leave France. It’s not safe for us here anymore.”
In May 2007, in a private meeting here in Brussels, I told the three leaders of Europe at the time, Angela Merkel, President of the European Council, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, that the Jews of Europe were beginning to ask whether there was a future for Jews in Europe.
That was more than nine years ago. Since then, things have become worse. Already in 2013, before some of the worst incidents, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights found that almost a third of Europe’s Jews were considering emigrating because of anti-Semitism. In France the figure was 46 percent; in Hungary 48 percent.
Let me ask you this. Whether you are Jewish or Christian, Muslim: would you stay in a country where you need armed police to guard you while you prayed? Where your children need armed guards to protect them at school? Where, if you wear a sign of your faith in public, you risk being abused or attacked? Where, when your children go to university, they are insulted and intimidated because of what is happening in some other part of the world? Where, when they present their own view of the situation they are howled down and silenced?
This is happening to Jews throughout Europe. In every single country of Europe, without exception, Jews are fearful for their or their children’s future. If this continues, Jews will continue to leave Europe, until, barring the frail and the elderly, Europe will finally have become Judenrein.
How did this happen? It happened the way viruses always defeat the human immune system, namely, by mutating. The new antisemitism is different from the old antisemitism, in three ways. I’ve already mentioned one. Once Jews were hated because of their religion. Then they were hated because of their race. Now they are hated because of their nation state. The second difference is that the epicenter of the old antisemitism was Europe. Today it’s the Middle East and it is communicated globally by the new electronic media.
The third is particularly disturbing. Let me explain. It is easy to hate, but difficult publicly to justify hate. Throughout history, when people have sought to justify anti-Semitism, they have done so by recourse to the highest source of authority available within the culture. In the Middle Ages, it was religion. So we had religious anti-Judaism. In post-Enlightenment Europe it was science. So we had the twin foundations of Nazi ideology, Social Darwinism and the so-called Scientific Study of Race. Today the highest source of authority worldwide is human rights. That is why Israel—the only fully functioning democracy in the Middle East with a free press and independent judiciary—is regularly accused of the five cardinal sins against human rights: racism, apartheid, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing and attempted genocide.
The new antisemitism has mutated so that any practitioner of it can deny that he or she is an antisemite. After all, they’ll say, I’m not a racist. I have no problem with Jews or Judaism. I only have a problem with the State of Israel. But in a world of 56 Muslim nations and 103 Christian ones, there is only one Jewish state, Israel, which constitutes one-quarter of one per cent of the land mass of the Middle East. Israel is the only one of the 193 member nations of the United Nations that has its right to exist regularly challenged, with one state, Iran, and many, many other groups, committed to its destruction.
Antisemitism means denying the right of Jews to exist as Jews with the same rights as everyone else. The form this takes today is anti-Zionism. Of course, there is a difference between Zionism and Judaism, and between Jews and Israelis, but this difference does not exist for the new antisemites themselves. It was Jews not Israelis who were murdered in terrorist attacks in Toulouse, Paris, Brussels and Copenhagen. Anti-Zionism is the antisemitism of our time.
In the Middle Ages Jews were accused of poisoning wells, spreading the plague, and killing Christian children to use their blood. In Nazi Germany they were accused of controlling both capitalist America and communist Russia. Today they are accused of running ISIS as well as America. All the old myths have been recycled, from the Blood Libel to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The cartoons that flood the Middle East are clones of those published in Der Sturmer one of the primary vehicles of Nazi propaganda between 1923 and 1945.
The ultimate weapon of the new antisemitism is dazzling in its simplicity. It goes like this. The Holocaust must never happen again. But Israelis are the new Nazis; the Palestinians are the new Jews; all Jews are Zionists. Therefore the real antisemites of our time are none other than the Jews themselves. And these are not marginal views. They are widespread throughout the Muslim world, including communities in Europe, and they are slowly infecting the far left, the far right, academic circles, unions, and even some churches. Having cured itself of the virus of antisemitism, Europe is being reinfected by parts of the world that never went through the self-reckoning that Europe undertook once the facts of the Holocaust became known.
How do such absurdities come to be believed? This is a vast and complex subject, and I have written a book about it, but the simplest explanation is this. When bad things happen to a group, its members can ask one of two questions: “What did we do wrong?” or “Who did this to us?” The entire fate of the group will depend on which it chooses.
If it asks, “What did we do wrong?” it has begun the self-criticism essential to a free society. If it asks, “Who did this to us?” it has defined itself as a victim. It will then seek a scapegoat to blame for all its problems. Classically this has been the Jews.
Anti-Semitism is a form of cognitive failure, and it happens when groups feel that their world is spinning out of control. It began in the Middle Ages, when Christians saw that Islam had defeated them in places they regarded as their own, especially Jerusalem. That was when, in 1096, on their way to the Holy Land, the Crusaders stopped first to massacre Jewish communities in Northern Europe. It was born in the Middle East in the 1920s with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Antisemitism re-emerged in Europe in the 1870s during a period of economic recession and resurgent nationalism. And it is re-appearing in Europe now for the same reasons: recession, nationalism, and a backlash against immigrants and other minorities. Antisemitism happens when the politics of hope gives way to the politics of fear, which quickly becomes the politics of hate.
This then reduces complex problems to simplicities. It divides the world into black and white, seeing all the fault on one side and all the victimhood on the other. It singles out one group among a hundred offenders for the blame. The argument is always the same. We are innocent; they are guilty. It follows that if we are to be free, they, the Jews or the state of Israel, must be destroyed. That is how the great crimes begin.
Jews were hated because they were different. They were the most conspicuous non-Christian minority in a Christian Europe. Today they are the most conspicuous non-Muslim presence in an Islamic Middle East. Anti-Semitism has always been about the inability of a group to make space for difference. No group that adopts it will ever, can ever, create a free society.
So I end where I began. The hate that begins with Jews never ends with Jews. Antisemitism is only secondarily about Jews. Primarily it is about the failure of groups to accept responsibility for their own failures, and to build their own future by their own endeavours. No society that has fostered antisemitism has ever sustained liberty or human rights or religious freedom. Every society driven by hate begins by seeking to destroy its enemies, but ends by destroying itself.
Europe today is not fundamentally antisemitic. But it has allowed antisemitism to enter via the new electronic media. It has failed to recognize that the new antisemitism is different from the old. We are not today back in the 1930s. But we are coming close to 1879, when Wilhelm Marr founded the League of Anti-Semites in Germany; to 1886 when Édouard Drumont published La France Juive; and 1897 when Karl Lueger became Mayor of Vienna. These were key moments in the spread of antisemitism, and all we have to do today is to remember that what was said then about Jews is being said today about the Jewish state.
The history of Jews in Europe has not always been a happy one. Europe’s treatment of the Jews added certain words to the human vocabulary: disputation, forced conversion, inquisition, expulsion, auto da fe, ghetto, pogrom and Holocaust, words written in Jewish tears and Jewish blood. Yet for all that, Jews loved Europe and contributed to it some of its greatest scientists, writers, academics, musicians, shapers of the modern mind.
If Europe lets itself be dragged down that road again, this will be the story told in times to come. First they came for the Jews. Then for the Christians. Then for the gays. Then for the atheists. Until there was nothing left of Europe’s soul but a distant, fading memory.
Today I have tried to give voice to those who have no voice. I have spoken on behalf of the murdered Roma, Sinti, gays, dissidents, the mentally and physically handicapped, and a million and a half Jewish children murdered because of their grandparents’ religion. In their name, I say to you: You know where the road ends. Don’t go down there again.
You are the leaders of Europe. Its future is in your hands. If you do nothing, Jews will leave, European liberty will die, and there will be a moral stain on Europe’s name that all eternity will not erase.
Stop it now while there is still time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were busy meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, Francis on Monday was having the Vatican’s annual private audience with _________.

One would believe that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would be taking the day off as it was Sunday, the day Christians set aside for God.  Nope, even though they have their first debate tonight on Monday the two candidates for the presidency of the Federal government of the United States of America found time to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday — 90 minutes for Trump and 50 minutes for Clinton.  Who is Benjamin Netanyahu?  Besides being the current Prime Minister of Israel and the Chairman of the Likud party, Netanyahu is the architect of the ‘War on Terror’.  This never ending war was sold to government policy makers in July 1979 at the “Jerusalem Conference” hosted by the Netanyahu Institute.  Essentially it is Israeli propaganda that has been used to deceive the West into destroying Israel’s enemies for the Zionist state or to put it another way, it is the war strategy of Israel.  The United States of America has been fully on board with this since 9/11 happened.   Trump and Clinton both groveled on Sunday before Netanyahu pledging their steadfast support to the state of Israel.

And on Monday, Francis had his annual private audience with the shakedown artists known as the World Jewish Congress.  Francis met with several old friends and proposed that they go on a joint journey together to make the world safer!  Let’s see, Ronald Lauder the president of the World Jewish Congress (the then Chairman of the New York State Research Council on Privatization) made the world safer when he saw to it that the World Trade Center was to be privatized when he leased it to the Zionist — Larry Silverstein in July of 2001.  He’s presently helping make Europe more secure by advocating for the illegal Moslem invaders arriving daily each day.  If you are not welcoming of these Moslems, Lauder says one is a neo-Nazi.  Lauder then has the nerve or should we say chutzpah to go around the world claiming he is the best friend the Christians have ever had in speech after speech because he speaks out about the atrocities being committed against Christians in various Middle Eastern countries which have happened only because his Zionist friends help put into power the Salafist-Moslems that carry out these crimes. Lauder’s open border and welcome the refugee policy applies only to the West, you can forget Israel.  What can one say other than that’s the Talmudic standard for you!  The public will only find out what was discussed by Francis and the World Jewish Congress if the WJC releases a press release.  Call Me Jorge... bets that the WJC was giving Francis his speaking points for the upcoming Jewish year and Francis was assuring the WJC of his unwavering support.  One last question?  Will Francis once again celebrate the Talmudic/Kabbalistic holiday of Rosh Hashanah with Mr. Lauder?


Friday, September 23, 2016

Francis gives Italian journalists a tongue lashing, strongly implying that they are “terrorists” and “weapons of destruction” for not being supportive enough of the Moslem ‘refugees’.

“I have often talked about the rumors as "terrorism", of how you can kill a person with the language. If this applies to individuals, with family or at work, it is all the more true for journalists, because their voices can reach everyone, and this is a very powerful weapon. Journalism should always respect the dignity of the person. An article published today or tomorrow will be replaced by another, but the life of a person unjustly maligned may be destroyed forever. Of course criticism is legitimate, and I will say necessary, as well as the denunciation of evil, but this must always be done respecting the other, his life, his affections. Journalism can not become a ''weapon of destruction" of people and even nations. Neither does he have to feed the fear in front of changes or phenomena such as forced migration by war or hunger.

I hope that more and more and everywhere journalism is one building tool, a common good factor, an accelerator of the reconciliation process; who knows how to reject the temptation to foment a clash with a language that fan the flames of division, and instead favors the culture of encounter...”

From 2015, Libero an Italian newspaper’s headline reads, “Attack in Paris: Islamic Bastards”.  The newspaper was sued for using this language and it is the type of article Francis was criticizing in his address to Italian journalists.

the new evangelization in the United States of America

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The rabbi in the Vatican

Miles Christi, once again, has sent us another one of his works.  This essay is short at only 12 pages and guaranteed to be controversial because it is about a taboo subject, the Talmudic Jews who fraudulently pass themselves off to the world as God’s chosen race.  Whether you agree with his conclusions or not Miles Christi effectively demonstrates the influence of Talmudic Judaism in the Vatican as well as the un-Catholic and illogical thinking of Francis.

Francis, “rabbi of reference” 
by Miles Christi — 08 August 2016

  • Francis, “rabbi of reference” (English)   (pdf)   (docx)
  • François rabbin de référence (French)   (pdf)   (doc) 
  • Francisco, rabino de referencia (Spanish)   (pdf)   (doc) 
  • Francesco rabbino di riferimento (Italian)   (pdf)   (docx) 

previous works by Miles Christi

Assisi V

Listen to the Talmudists gloat about how the Novus Ordo shares the same goals as their rabbis and then chastise those [Catholics] who don’t want to dialogue and change [become noahides].  As usual Francis says the opposite of what he does and promotes the kabbalistic ‘Tikkun Olam’ with prayer to false gods.

Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the planned destruction of the German nation

Ursula Haverbeck on the Hooton, Kaufman, 
and Nizer Plans & the Migrant Crisis

or click here to watch on

Thanks to the Maurice Pinay blog for bringing this excellent video to our attention.

Francis knows of these plans mentioned in the above video and is a big supporter of them.  It is one of the key reasons he was selected in the conclave.  We hope Haverbeck does a future video which covers the Kalergi Plan & the Yinon Plan and pray that she stays out of prison.  Europeans of all nationalities would do well to listen to her courageous words.


Sources mentioned by Ursula Haverbeck in her presentation

Yuri Slezkine —The Jewish Century (djvu)

Hugo Wellens —  Das Jahrhundert der Lüge 
Von der Reichsgründung bis Potsdam 1871 -1945

Truth — ‘The Kaiser's Dream’, 26 December 1890

Udo Walendy — Historische Tatsachen Nr. 22 (pdf)

Earnest Hooton — Breed War Strain Out of Germans

Theodore N. Kaufman — Germany Must Perish! (pdf)

Louis Nizer — What to Do With Germany (pdf)

Francis tweets about the Talmudic concept of the “Other”

Francis tweeted the above before he went to Assisi, Italy for the final day of the Assisi V — Interreligious Prayer Meeting for World Peace.  Many on social media were confused by this tweet and thought it out of place and odd.  This is far from the case.  Francis is practicing alchemy on his church and  putting the finishing touches on the transformation of it.  We previously covered the Talmudic concept of the “Other” on this blog in the entry, the hermeneutics of talmudic alchemical continuity — John Paul II, Levinas, and Francis, which explains how this Talmudic idea took root in Francis’ brain and what the “Other” is.  We further demonstrated how the rabbis and church officials are adopting the “Other” in the following post, Catholics don’t understand their faith so the Talmudic Jews explain it to them.  One can be certain that when Francis and his associates are finished with their alchemical magic, the people in the pews of the Novus Ordo churches will have adopted a noahide attitude and will not recognize Jesus the Christ as the Messiah.

“But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?”

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Francis was excited to see Rabbi Skorka, his best buddy and rabbinical handler today.

 It’s not like they saw each other at the Vatican a week ago!

On 13 September 2016, Shimon Peres had a massive stroke, was admitted to the hospital, and was put into a medically induced coma.  As luck would have it, news of this event spread quickly to the Vatican where lo and behold Francis’ best buddy from Argentina happened to have stopped by for a visit.  Francis wasted little time in hastily organizing an interreligious prayer session with Rabbi Skorka “for strength for the [Peres] family and for a full recovery.”  How do we know this?  We know it because after the conclusion of the interreligious prayer session, Francis sat down and composed a letter to Shimon Peres informing him of what he had just done.  Peres’ office further told the Israeli press that Francis prayed, “a special prayer for Peres along with Rabbi Abraham Skorka of Argentina. They prayed together and asked to convey their warm well-wishes and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.”  Francis had last seen Shimon Peres when he dropped in for a visit in May 2016.  On an earlier visit in September 2014, Peres proposed to Francis that he head up a interfaith interreliggious organization, a United Nations of Religion “to combat terrorists who kill in the name of faith.” If this comes to fruition get ready for a lot more illegal immigrants in Europe and Francis giving out spiritual hugs in the name of combating terrorism.

Shimon Peres, the Nobel Peace Prize winning ex-President of Israel and 
terrorist mastermind who Francis and Skorka were praying for.

Who is Shimon Peres?  He was born in Wiszniew, Poland on 2 August 1923 as Szymon Perski to a Haredi family.  At the age of eleven his family joined his father in Palestine (under British Mandate) whom had immigrated there two years earlier.  He is a militant hard-liner Zionist who believes in using violence and terrorism to accomplish his political goals which often entail using this same terrorism to influence the Western governments of the world into supporting Israel’s long-term strategic goals.  Peres has served as :
  • Minister of 12 Cabinets in a 66 year political career,
  • Deputy Director-General of Defense (1952),
  • Director-General of Defense (1953-1959),
  • Knesset member (1959-2007) under five political parties (Mapai, Rafi, the Alignment, Labor and Kadima),
  • President of Israel (2007-2014),
  • Prime Minister of Israel (1977, 1984-1986, 1995-1996),
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (1986-1988, 1992-1995, 2001-2002)
  • Minister of Defense (1974-1977, 1995-1996)
  • Minister of Finance (1988-1990), and
  • Minister of Transportation (1970-1974).

Before the creation of Israel, Peres:  founded Kibbutz Alumot, later moved to and served as Secretary of HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed a socialist-Zionist kibbutz, returned to Kibbutz Alumot where he served also as Secretary,  scouted off-limits areas of Palestine for the upcoming war, was a member of Haganah—a Zionist paramilitary terrorist organization where he was in charge of purchasing arms for them in their war of occupying Palestine and the creation of Israel, and served as one of the Mapai political party’s delegates to the Zionist Congress in Basel in 1946.

Peres who was the secretary general of the defense ministry in 1954 was responsible for the Lavon Affair.  The Lavon Affair was an Israeli convert operation in which Egyptian Jews supported by Israel’s intelligence service planted bombs in Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, such as cinemas, libraries and American educational centers.  These crimes were  false-flag attacks as they were blamed on the Moslem Brotherhood and Communists.  Besides the Lavon Affair, Peres was also instrumental in planning the 1954 Suez War (an invasion of Egypt by Israel).  He was an early supporter of the illegal West Bank settlements, and was the architect of Israel’s nuclear program which has been used by Israeli leaders to threaten the world with nuclear blackmail (the Sampson Option).  All indications lead one to strongly suspect that Shimon Peres also played an important role in the attacks on September 11th, 2001.   Laughably, this terrorist received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994.

Now that you know who Peres is, remember Francis was praying with a Talmudic-Jewish rabbi for Peres’ family and Peres’ full recovery in the Vatican.  Never in their past meetings has Francis tried to convert Peres to the Catholic Faith nor has he chastised him for being a terrorist.  As usual Francis shows no regard for anyone’s soul.  Francis seems to genuinely like the old terrorist because he shares the same long-term goals as Peres.  After all, it was under the invitation of Henrique Cymerman and Shimon Peres which Francis visited Israel in 2014.  See our past posts, linked below, which detail some of the projects Francis and Shimon Peres have collaborated on.

Francis was so very happy to push the Noahide new world order agenda with Skorka in Assisi!

Monday, September 19, 2016

The 30th Anniversary of Assisi

Assisi V is already underway

and tomorrow Francis will

join the false worship!

It’s the hermeneutics of continuity!

Saint John Paul II the Great

Emeritus Benedict XVI

Francis the ‘humble’...

...coming soon.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Francis’ prescription for ending terrorism in Europe is to be more welcoming of the newly arriving ‘refugees’

Francis was at it again on Saturday when he spoke to alumni, from various European schools run by the Jesuits, at a conference in Rome on ‘refugees’.  As readers of Call Me Jorge... know, one of Francis’ pet-projects is helping to hasten the destruction of (the little which is left of) Christian Europe by assisting the immigration of Moslems legally and illegally into Europe.  Earlier this year in June, one of the ‘refugees’ he helped, Nour Essa asked Francis, “to pray for us, because he was the first Muslim”.  Whether it is letting the Moslem invaders sleep in churches and take over parish halls, having special Novus Ordo Missae symbolic communions for the Moslem invaders, celebrating Ramadan in churches, visiting the Moslem invaders in jail, or simply washing their feet on Maundy Thursday, all Francis does is kowtow to the Moslem religion.  Also, notice his lack of criticizing the Moslem invaders’ vicious behavior and how Francis says Catholics are just as violent as Moslems.  Further, Francis equates Jesus’ command to send his disciples to all nations spreading the Gospel to Mohamed’s conquering jihad.  How these waves of Moslem invaders fit into the economy of Europe which is in already in sad shape due to usury is a mystery.  Few, in fact less than .03%, find work.  Why, if Francis is always lamenting about the economy and the unemployed youth, does he want to add more fuel to the fire by putting millions of Moslem invaders on the dole?   The answer is very simple.  It is what Francis’ bosses want.

One can listen to the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, Pinchas Goldschmidt, explain how the Moslem invaders, “are Jews’ natural allies” when in Europe or read Rabbi Yakov Nagen, “Our role is to awaken certain values and a connection from God to humanity, which we see for example in the seven Noahide laws.  We see in Islam a fulfillment of that vision.”  One of the driving forces in the push of these Moslem invaders into Europe is IsraAid.  The International Catholic-Jewish Liason Committee met earlier this year so that the Talmudic Jews could explain Talmudic ideas to the church and how they need to be adopted.  The gist of the meeting was that Jews were put into concentration camps during World War II and because of this, the Europeans have a ‘sin’ which will never be forgotten nor forgiven.  They must take the Moslem invaders in because Europeans wouldn’t want more blood on their hands, it’s a new form of reparations.  While the Talmudic Jews are telling this to the Europeans, their Zionists co-religionists are making alliances with the Salafist Moslems.  Recall the remarks of Rabbi Baruch Efrati in 2012,
“the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons – as a punishment against Christians for persecuting the Jews and the fact that Christianity, as opposed to Islam, is considered "idolatry" from a halachic point of view.

"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there," the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.

"We will never forgive Europe's Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

"A now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won't be able to atone for."”


“even if we are in a major war with the region's Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still much better as a gentile culture than Christianity.”

Below is a video of a Talmudic-Jew, Hans Breuer, smuggling Palestinian ‘refugees’ into Europe while singing a Yiddish song to them to which he has taught them the refrain.  What chutzpah to steal land from the Palestinians and then dump them into Europe which owes the Jews and the Palestinians a debt because the Zionists said so.  For more on Hans Breuer and this video, click here.

The only difference between Francis and Hans Breuer is that one is from Argentina and the other from Austria.  Both are carrying out the same agenda albeit on different levels.  Francis is playing out his role in the Pan-Europa nightmare envisioned by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi and the “Greater Israel” & Yinon Plan.  As this French rabbi (click here) elucidates, the Talmudic-Jewish messiah will only come after Christianity has been defeated in Europe and this defeat will come from the Moslems with an assist from the Talmudists.  As has been written elsewhere, ‘humble’ Francis is a modernist which means he is really a traditionalist, a rabbinic traditionalist.

When you hear Francis say to “welcome the stranger into your homes”, all he is doing is paraphrasing United Nations’ program the ‘Affirmation of Welcome’.  This program was co-created by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.  Who is Telushkin?  He is none other than a huge fan of and the biographer of Menachem Mendel Schneerson.  The Talmudists will not stop until they reach their final goal of the total destruction of Christian Europe and make it subject to themselves.  Their Talmud and their rabbis equate Christianity with it is their religious obligation to do whatever is necessary to make this destruction happen.

Back to what the change agent Francis said on Saturday.  The following quotes (in giant text below & in-between photos) are from the Fox News article, Pope: welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism.  Any time Francis brings up the plight of the ‘refugees’ all he is doing is parroting his Talmudic masters.

Francis has encouraged Europeans to welcome refugees, calling authentic hospitality "our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism."

Francis perverts the Christ instituted Maundy Thursday by washing the feet of Moslems and women.

"I encourage you to welcome refugees into your homes and communities, so that their first experience of Europe is not the traumatic experience of sleeping cold on the streets, but one of warm welcome."

Yes, that’s it! All the Moslem invaders need is hugs and peace will reign!

Moslem invaders sleeping in a church in Italy.

He said each refugee "has a name, a face and a story, as well as an inalienable right to live in peace and to aspire to a better future" for their children.

Francis takes a selfie with a ‘refugee’

the Imam of Rome, ‘humble’ Francis ‘the first Moslem’

“I’m constantly making statements, giving homilies. That’s magisterium. That’s what I think, not what the media say that I think. Check it out; it’s very clear. ”