Thursday, September 15, 2016

Francis continues to pack them in

... St. Peter’s Basilica is bursting at the
 seams, it is so full of worshipers!

We’re just joking!

On September 1st, 2016 Francis gathered some of his bishops and presiders for a liturgy of vespers for the special occasion of the world day of prayer for the Care of Creation.  What is of interest to us at Call Me Jorge... is the lack of people in attendance and how many of those who attended did so, only briefly.  Nothing demonstrates the farce that is ‘humble’ Francis like the empty seats at one of his pet projects.  Below are some screenshots of the production and after that is the video itself.

(click on screenshots to enlarge)

Francis processes in to a less than full St. Peter’s. 

St. Peter’s is looking a bit more crowded.  Were these attendees
 late or just tourists who happened to be passing through?

The back rows (top left) are now empty.

There are a lot of empty seats now and Francis has only been in St. Peter’s for 25 minutes!

Wow, 40% plus have left! (see top left) They must like global warming or perhaps they
realized they had left one light on at home and were committing a mortal sin?

Was there an important football match taking place?  Francis is parading 
out to a smaller number of people than when he paraded in.

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation - 01.09.2016


  1. Hopefully men and women are waking up & rejecting the novus ordo.
    What a glorious day it would be if traditional Catholic chapels were packed full of believers and the novus ordo were reduced to nothingness.

  2. Guess the new press secretary is chintzier (skimming for Opus Dei) or maybe the homeless want a raise to sit through the entire service.