Friday, September 30, 2016

Francis tells the people of Argentina he will not be visiting them this year or in 2017 because he is too busy!!!

Or is he embarrassed by his family?

Spanish transcript of video message, click here.

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  1. Yeah - if he was really the new evangelization, he would be proud not only of his divorced and remarried and now living like the woman at the well w/the umpteenth man who isn't her husband and his fornicating nephews that he taught filthy words and gave alcohol when they were babies--he could show us all how "Joy of Love" means giving communion to adulterers and fornicators--sure the press would be glad to cover it... but like all tools of the devil he doesn't want his victims to know the truth until he's finished raping them.

    On the other hand, like Cardinal Pell and Bennie Ratz, there could be a warrant out for his arrest in Argentina.