Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Francis tweets about the Talmudic concept of the “Other”

Francis tweeted the above before he went to Assisi, Italy for the final day of the Assisi V — Interreligious Prayer Meeting for World Peace.  Many on social media were confused by this tweet and thought it out of place and odd.  This is far from the case.  Francis is practicing alchemy on his church and  putting the finishing touches on the transformation of it.  We previously covered the Talmudic concept of the “Other” on this blog in the entry, the hermeneutics of talmudic alchemical continuity — John Paul II, Levinas, and Francis, which explains how this Talmudic idea took root in Francis’ brain and what the “Other” is.  We further demonstrated how the rabbis and church officials are adopting the “Other” in the following post, Catholics don’t understand their faith so the Talmudic Jews explain it to them.  One can be certain that when Francis and his associates are finished with their alchemical magic, the people in the pews of the Novus Ordo churches will have adopted a noahide attitude and will not recognize Jesus the Christ as the Messiah.

“But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?”


  1. Yeah--see how the seeds he planted in his nephew(s) is a flourishing forest of sin producing evil fruit of stinking sin and devil worship and yet through association w/Fairysee Uncle Whorehay sin masquerades as (unholy) "religion"...surely no babies being nourished here, but probably herpes & many other parasite STDs not to mention eternal torment in the fires of hell.

    Whorehay & his collaborators will hail the wicked fruit in the media & privately:

    Planting Seeds of evil:

    His father is the devil like the Jesus Christ denying Jews and the protestants and pagans he 'prays' with.

  2. By their fruits ye shall know them. A vine detached from its source of life dies. Evil produces nothing but evil.

    What an evil man.