Thursday, September 22, 2016

The rabbi in the Vatican

Miles Christi, once again, has sent us another one of his works.  This essay is short at only 12 pages and guaranteed to be controversial because it is about a taboo subject, the Talmudic Jews who fraudulently pass themselves off to the world as God’s chosen race.  Whether you agree with his conclusions or not Miles Christi effectively demonstrates the influence of Talmudic Judaism in the Vatican as well as the un-Catholic and illogical thinking of Francis.

Francis, “rabbi of reference” 
by Miles Christi — 08 August 2016

  • Francis, “rabbi of reference” (English)   (pdf)   (docx)
  • François rabbin de référence (French)   (pdf)   (doc) 
  • Francisco, rabino de referencia (Spanish)   (pdf)   (doc) 
  • Francesco rabbino di riferimento (Italian)   (pdf)   (docx) 

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