Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October prayer request — journalists

Francis dreams and prays of making the media a servant of his modernist ‘culture of encounter’

As usual, there is no Christ nor anything resembling the Catholic Faith in this video.

As for joining Francis in his New World Order prayer request...



  1. Laying the ground work for the future satanic Stalinist one world order.

  2. Yep, just... no.

  3. I pray that in carrying out Jesus Christ's work, Pope Francis would start obeying His boss and stop promoting idolatry, murder (infanticide, parricide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, animal human "research," organ harvesting), and sexual immorality (fornication, adultery, sodomy, pedophilia, ad nauseam). I pray he would kneel to His boss in the Blessed Sacrament (instead of to sinful wicked men who profess their sin instead of Christ Jesus). I pray he would promote true sacraments so flock would receive grace and worship God rather than the devil and themselves. I pray he would stop persecuting, imprisoning and slandering those who do worship Jesus Christ: like Fr. Manelli and cloistered nuns. I pray that he speak up for Asia Bibbi and other Christians being slaughtered and oppressed by Muslims and secular governments (instead of promoting false religions and secular governments). I pray he would stop defending the lie and start proclaiming the truth. God desires that the sinner would be converted and live, so I pray He will have mercy on Bergoglio, all his henchman, and all those like the Remnant, CFN News, Rorate, OnePeterFive who keep accompanying these apostates to the grave (suppose after their petition and their three part letter there will be a five part letter, of course some are too busy fundraising for their important work of defending blasphemy, heresy, apostasy, sexual immorality and murder).

    1. He needs to validly ordained and consecrated & reject the post 1950 changes to Roman Catholicism that were implemented by Pius XII John XXIII & Paul VI.

  4. Notice that you never see his pectoral cross in any of these prayer intention videos.