Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The fruit of Francis welcoming the Moslem invaders

The ‘culture of encountering’ the invading Moslem horde in once Catholic Rome.

It’s Friday and the Moslems are praying to
Allah at the Roman Forum

Moslems protest closure of salifists mosques in Rome

It’s an invitation to Italians to become Moslems!

The peaceful and tolerant Moslems show
their respect for Catholic Churches

Moslems aren’t so bad, they believe in the ‘prophet’ — Jesus

Humble Francis, the first Moslem

How long until they take the Vatican City State?



  1. Remove Jesus Christ & the Catholic faith from society & the Devil i.e. Satan will take his place.
    These types of pictures & vids of Muslims & Jews & violent blacks taking over the West are wearing on me.

  2. Amen. Nearly every modern pope up to 1958 warned that the only basis for society is the Kingship of Christ realized through Catholic Order. Now we watch in horror as the vicar of anti-Christ, LARPing as "pope" works tirelessly to establish the one world religion. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.

    1. Pius XII was extremely progressive do not be deceived.

  3. How long? I would need others to help me out here, but it can be observed that previous great Catholic Churches are now just buildings, overtly occupied by enemies of Christ…Our Lord is not present in such buildings. I wish I could find the sermon where Bishop Sanborn talks about this topic but I can’t find it otherwise I would quote His Excellency. But we know that in 70 A.D., at the Siege of Jerusalem, a fire destroyed the Temple there ending Judea and Jerusalem. Our Lord is not in a building or in a city or in a state. His is a spiritual Kingdom. The Vatican City State contains centuries of precious Catholic sacred art and architecture, but it can fall.