Friday, October 28, 2016

the new evangelization in Indiana

Fr. Meyer & the Altar Boyz dance to Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, 
and a medley of hip-hoppers & rappers

the Altar Boyz

How Jonathan Meyer was called to his vocation

He’s the Matrix priest!

“It has been a complete success... It is a striking image which meets young people were they are at.  I know I am hanging in a few girls' bedrooms too, but that's fine - we need their prayers for more priests.”

*CMJ’s Note: The Matrix trilogy of movies is an occultic gnostic fable.  Click here, to read more about the series on Tradition In Action.

***** WARNING *****
God’s name used in vain
***** WARNING *****

He’s feeling something...

Jonathan break dancing

What a mockery!


  1. Man centered novus ordo is worldly and is the spirit of Anti-Christ.

  2. Utter banal fools who in no way are in the service of Christ.

  3. If you look on Youtube you can find the comedian, now deceased, Dermot Morgan playing Fr Trendy. He mocked a real priest Fr Ray D'Arcy, a walking, talking banality/heresy machine. A grimmer example was the 'singing priest' Tony Walsh who like to play an Elvis impersonator. Otherwise he drove around Ballyfermot looking for boys to molest. I wonder when these trendy priests appear before Christ, will He forgive them making Church a figure of fun? Did the blood of martyrs flow so these fools could commit sacrilege?