Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why was the flag flying at half-staff?

Our Former President Died

More on Shimon Peres:


  1. Pictures prove we live in ZOG.
    (Zionist occupied Government)

  2. Pius XII made sure our holiest days that date back to apostolic times were destroyed and turned upside down by Bugnini and "Jewish convert" Cardinal Bea.
    (Holy week changes 1951-1956)
    This is why the "new mass" & "new rite of holy orders" were imposed in 1968-1969.
    Our Zionist masters completely stopped the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in retaliation for the pagan roman empire stopping their sacrifice in 70 A.D.
    This comment is in accord with the "the leaders of the world" (puppets) paying respect to Perez.
    They're hand (Zionists) controls every major aspect of the Western World.(the term "the hidden hand" is in our lexicon for a reason)
    If what I say isn't true,why are gentile politicians forced to wear Yarmulke's and bow before his coffin?
    It certainly explains why Nostrae Aetate exists.