Thursday, November 10, 2016

Francis’ Novus Ordo Jubilee of Prisoners at St. Peter's Basilica (6 November 2016) was a Mess


Featuring Communion in the hand!

...and yes that was right in front of Francis.

Starring — Issam, the Moslem altar boy,
convicted of sexual assault!
Issam is center and looking at the camera.

Issam a prisoner of the Busto Arsizio penitentiary had a special role to play.  Before the Novus Ordo Mess began, he alone washed the hands of Francis in the sacristy.  Issam asked one request, on the trip, of his warden — to bring along his Moslem prayer rug and say his prayers.  He did this once on the way from the prison to the Vatican and once somewhere on the premises of the Vatican!  Issam, a 34 year old ‘refugee’ hailed originally from Morocco but was smuggled 20 years ago into Italy from Libya.  Once he arrived in Europe, he entered school and graduated then he became an alcoholic and drug addict who committed a slew of crimes to feed his addictions. Issam said, “It seems strange to say but being in prison has saved me. I was arrested six years ago for a heap of crimes and I still have four more years to be served. Behind bars I was strengthened in the Muslim faith that I had since childhood and this has changed me: now I study [the Koran], I do not do drugs, I do not drink and I have found inner peace.”  Thanks to Jorge Rondón Santos who sent us this information.  Issam’s full name is Issam El Jyad.  He is serving his time in jail for sexual assault, trespassing, aggravated assault and stalking.  Issam repeatedly tried to rape a young Romanian woman living in his apartment building in Cardano al Campo as he figured she was an easy target.  When the prisoners met Francis, Issam was chosen by his fellow inmates to present Francis with the gift they had made for him in the prison’s bakery — a chocolate key of St. Peter’s.  Asked why he wanted to be an altar boy Issam replied, “To make people understand that we Muslims are different from what some would have you believe: we are for peace,” and continued later, “If the popes pray in mosques why shouldn’t I do it in the Vatican? I remain Muslim but together we can pray for each other, for peace, for the world. And this Sunday, I did this.”  Of Francis he excitedly said, “His words took away my breath away. He prayed for us prisoners.  We heard him say we are no longer the last, the excluded.”  Don’t expect Issam to abandon his false religion and convert anytime soon, “I remain a Muslim but I believe in dialogue and respect.”
source for above quotes by Issam: Repubblica, Issam il chierichetto musulmano del Papa: "Insieme possiamo pregare gli uni per gli altri, per la pace"

Let’s recap what Francis has done since his reign began. (By no means is this list exhaustive.)
  • He’s been a champion of Moslems coming to Europe without proper papers,
  • Let Moslems live in churches and parish halls,
  • Told the countries of Europe to build bridges (let in the invaders) and tear down walls (do not enforce your border or immigration law),
  • Washed the feet of Moslem prisoners on Maundy Thursday,
  • In a mosque, faced Mecca and prayed,
  • Listened to the Koran being prayed in a mosque and a short sermon on how to read the Bible through the lens of the Koran,
  • Been called the first Moslem, 
  • And lastly had a Moslem altar boy!

What’s next?  A Moslem Imam offering the Novus Ordo Missae?

Francis’ revolutionary Mess in its entirety


  1. I wouldn't touch anything being cooked up at a black mass of Whorehay's! [Nor would I touch the 'chocolate' key to St. Peter's cooked by a Muslim.] Why doesn't the bishop of Amarillo investigate the sacrilege of having a Mass server who testifies that he is a Muslim, i.e. doesn't believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Perhaps Whorehay will be placed under house arrest w/Ratz. What a joke. Muslim altar servers, Pontifical Academies for Life who profess George Soros' Murder machine and paganism. But sure all the self-called faithful kooks will keep walkin' along yelling, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him! Let the babies' blood be on us!"

  2. But, but, this is materialiter. right? Or formalieter? No?
    Or on the outside it may look heretical but in their minds their intention is not. So..It's all good no?
    SSPX and resistance folks: It's all good right?

  3. The people in this story don't care about Catholicism or Jesus Christ.
    The novus ordo is a branch of Satan's global Christ hating one world govt.
    If the sheeple aren't hip to this fact by now the Jews (I mean the novus ordo-my bad!) can do whatever they want.
    Pray the holy Rosary!!

  4. Frank and his modernist minions are busy little bees, but they know their time is short.

  5. Does anyone ever take him aside and say, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!?!
    Heaven help us!

  6. His full name is Issam El Jyad, and is convicted for sexual assault and stalking in 2012.

  7. Too bad he assaulted a woman or bergoglio would make him a bishop--and, if he started assaulting teen boys, a cardinal!

  8. The good news is Francis has exposed the true "spirit" of the enemies of Christ who control the institutional Church after the pontificates of Paul VI,JPII, and RAT/Benedict were able to deceive the masses into believing they were not the enemies of Christ when in fact, they made it possible for the rise of the apostate/Judas Francis.

  9. At least he's wearing an amice.

  10. Another 3 years of this heretic would be the death of the catholic Church.

    1. Sedevacante since 1951 at least.The Roman Catholic church is being kept alive and handed down by a traditional faithful remnant.

  11. When the Communist Novus Ordoites see green, they surely are alerted to set themselves in solidarity with the prisoners (or whoever else might have special mention at different times), to unite themselves with Jorge whose main concern throughout the service is climate change (mea culpa, but tempered with equality of blame).
    Perhaps the Novusordoites look forward to this popular green communistic ecumenistic service.

  12. Obviously, Francis is doing his part to prepare us for the "New World Religion," which must replace, dontcha know, the Catholic Church.