Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pharisee Timothy Dolan & the Rockettes — a Christmas ‘tradition’


 Sadly, this is no joke.

Pharisee Dolan wasn’t at the synagogue like he usually is, instead he was out among the sheep...literally out among the sheep!  In what is fast becoming a tradition (it’s taken place now for two years running), Dolan was ‘blessing’ two sheep, several camels, one ass (no not himself), and four immodestly dressed Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  The Pharisee was his usual quipping self, telling the media and those present that, “To be part of this is a real joy and honor. You’re getting me into the Christmas spirit already.”  And further explained why he was there, “Pope Francis said…we’re supposed to be shepherds.”  Ha, ha, ha!  How funny!  How scandalous and sacrilegious!  We at Call Me Jorge... expect nothing less from Dolan.  Hence, why we call him ‘Pharisee’.  We wonder if Bp. Fellay will invite Timothy and his immodestly dressed Rockettes to the next baptism of church bells?

The behavior one can expect of a Novus Ordo cardinal.


  1. A layman in episcopal garb.
    What's new in the NO church?

  2. “Vatican II — What the Heck are You?! ”http://novusordowatch.org/?s=Vatican+II+What+the+heck+are+you

  3. He's a drunk heretic