Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The father of the ‘War on Terror’ sends his congratulations to the President-Elect

The Israeli — American Relationship

Who is the master calling all the shots and whom is the slave carrying out the orders?


  1. The big losers:
    George Soros, who gave more than $ 10 million to the Democrat's campaign, pressured Clinton to embrace his idea of a world without borders.
    The “Pope” Francis refused to stand in favor of Trump despite his defense of Christian identity. Following the line imposed by world elites, Francis refused to condemn Clinton's continued funding to multinational abortion Planned Parenthood or its attacks on religion.
    With the defeat of Clinton, Planned Parenthood loses one of its main supports within the American establishment.
    The first black president in history has failed in its main measures and citizens have punished the Democrats in the industrial belt, one of the sectors most punished by the crisis.
    Goldman Sachs backed Clinton since he ran for the party primaries. The financial company contributed $ 676.00 to the campaign to strengthen the candidate's ideas on immigration.
    The IMF also positioned itself on the Democrat side. In October, International Monetary Fund chief economist Maurice Obstfeld directly criticized the Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States and at the same time questioned his ability to implement his political program.
    The main EU countries, with Germany's Angela Merkel at the top, showed their support for the Democratic candidate and her uncertainty over Trump, especially with regard to the situation in the Middle East, relations with Russia and the survival of The NATO. Some European leaders like the French president, François Hollande, assured that Trump "caused arcades".
    Saudi Arabia is another major loser of the election. The Islamic dictatorship financed the Clinton campaign with huge amounts of money in order to maintain its supremacy in the country's mosques.

  2. Hey look its our dictator congratulating his American colony!!

  3. Read Traditional Catholic posts on the Social Media and you will discover that "God" put Trump in the White House. Heaven's choice of the "lesser evil".