Thursday, December 29, 2016

Francis the ‘humble’? Nope, more like Francis the ‘liberal’!

In an excellent essay at TomNaegeleBlogs titled, Francis the Liberal (in five short parts),  the blogger compares Francis to the term ‘liberal’ as defined by Fr. Félix Sardà y Salvany in his 1886 book Liberalism is a Sin.  One particular quote from the book, Liberalism is a Sin, used in this essay stands out as prescient of Francis:
“From the Gospel he is careful to cite only those texts flavored with milk and honey. The terrible invectives of Our Lord against Pharisaism astonish and confound him; they seem to be an excess of language on the part of our Divine Saviour! He reserves these denunciatory texts to use against those provoking Ultramontanes who every day compromise, by their exaggerated and harsh language, the cause of a religion that he thinks should be all peace and love. Against them his Liberalism, ordinarily so sweet and gentle, grows bitter and violent. Against them his zeal flames up, his polemics grow sharp, and his charity becomes aggressive.”

After demonstrating that the humility of Francis is false, the author concludes with one question, ‘Can one be both a liberal and  a Catholic?’  Click the links below and read to find out.


  1. Jorge has the glare of a communist sociopath.

  2. I hope Pope Francis goes to heaven soon in 2017.

  3. Pius XII was the first modern liberal 'Pope'