Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Nativity scene in St Peter's Square...

Includes a fallen shattered Cross!

The purpose of it, ostensibly, is to raise money to help rebuild the church in the town of Norcia which was struck by an earthquake on 30 October 2016.  The broken Cross is a from the destroyed Basilica of St. Benedict.  The Nativity also paid tribute to the plight of the Moslem invaders of Europe with a boat.  Don’t worry Francis still found room in the manger for the Holy Family.  Isn’t it a bid odd that a nativity scene, the purpose of which is to honor Our Lord’s birth, is instead focusing on Francis’ pet causes once again?

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screenshot of Nativity from Catholic News Service video, Vatican prepares for Christmas

The Basilica of St. Benedict in its better days.

The Basilica of St. Benedict post earthquake.

***** UPDATED 24 DECEMBER 2016 ***** 

Christmas is about welcoming the Moslem invaders into Europe!

The broken cross can be seen at 6:58, 
29:47 37:19, 54:46, 55:14 in the video.

***** UPDATED 30 DECEMBER 2016 ***** 


  1. The boat represents the destruction of what is left of Christendom, the cross may be seen as a symbol of the destruction of the foundation of Europe, aka Christendom, represented as St Benedict. Furthermore, at this point I don't think it too extreme to imagine the displaying of the broken cross a form of actual satanic mockery from the judeo-masonic scourge that infests the present vatican, may God deliver us from this present darkness.

  2. Amen to the above comment. What dark days. Come on, formal correction.