Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bp. Fellay, “Francis is all mixed up”

(underlines are ours for emphasis)
Moreover, with what the pope is doing, there have been protests by cardinals on moral questions, on the question of marriage, on the question of communion for divorced-and-remarried persons. A certain number of them have clearly and openly said that they refuse, declaring: “No, that will not be done.” Then there are the African bishops, who have clearly said that there is no question of giving communion to divorced-and-remarried persons. This is a reaction that is saying no to the supreme authority. Which we have been doing for fifty years. This is becoming extremely interesting. We are no longer the only ones.

Then some people say: “Careful! Careful! If you make an agreement, afterwards they will silence you.” But that is passé! That’s over! There are others who are talking. We are no longer the only ones. We no longer have a monopoly on protests. They are not very numerous, but this number is increasing. And then, from time to time, I receive letters. Like this one: I will read it to you in English because it is an image: “Stick to your guns. Always stick to your guns.” This means: Keep your hands on your revolvers. Hold them firmly. In other words: “Defend yourselves. Always. And refuse to compromise in these matters that do not really pertain to the substance of the faith: religious liberty, ecumenism, dialogue with non-Christian religions. There are many of us in the hierarchy who think and believe in what you are doing about these questions.” It is a bishop who wrote that to me. He does not write “I”, he writes that there are many of “us”. He wrote other things too that I dare not read to you, they are so laudatory, but here is the gist: “We need voices that tell us the limits of our freedom in those areas.” He says that the Church, which teaches the truth, is now lost in the gray areas, in vagueness. “Come to our aid.” And also: “Do not let go of anything, continue like this, we need it!” This is new! There was nothing like this before! The bishops used to tell us: obviously there are problems, but at the end of the day…. And here they are telling us: “Resist, we need it!” Actually they do not speak too loud because they know very well that if they do, they will be cutting off their own heads.

But they are working silently, they are working to reestablish the old Mass, like one archbishop who told me: “I have a generation of priests that is lost. You can’t do anything with them. What do I do, then? I take care of the young ones.” And he gave me two criteria: priestly formation in theology is the Summa of Saint Thomas, and in spirituality, in liturgy, it is the old Mass. I am not telling you their names because we do not want to burn out these prelates, but there are several of them. I discover some, just like that, by surprise, and there are a certain number of them! And these are young bishops! And some of them were appointed by Pope Francis! He is not just appointing bad ones! He is all mixed up, like his whole attitude, which has also increased the general confusion. But it is extremely interesting to see that there is this movement, and I am certain that it will no longer stop. Why? Because these bishops see where the truth is, and they will not give in. They are annoyed, they are cornered, because they are in the system, but they will no longer give in. Just like these priests who have discovered the old Mass, they will do all that they can, they are annoyed, cornered, but they will keep it. These are skirmishes that have been won.

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  1. Bp. Fellay said:

    "I do not know why, but - the ideas he has - it is he who actually establishes this chaos."

    Well duh. Bp. Fellay is just now realizing this? He also says that there are now protests by Cardinals, and that they (the SSPX) are not the only ones protesting. Well, this is not an accurate statement. For one thing, Bp. Fellay rarely protests anything. He has not confronted Francis. He doesn't want anyone to dislike him, evidently (Archbishop Lefebvre thought quite differently on the matter). And the Cardinals who are "protesting" are actually quite few in number. It is Bp. Fellay who actually said earlier this year that the Pope wants the good of Tradition (in the Church), which is nonsense. I'm sorry to be so blunt. It's just my opinion.

    ~M. Ray

  2. So the SSPX want to join a church which they say isn't Catholic, yet is catholic,and with a "pope" who according to them,isn't catholic? I the only confused?

  3. Bishop Fellay these men are practicing a religion which according to you isnt catholicism.Theyre celebrating a service that isn't a Roman Catholic holy sacrifice of the Mass,according to you.
    Your former superior Archbishop Lefevbre didn't hold their 'holy orders' to be valid,or else he wouldn't have conferred the traditional rites of holy orders on his candidates.
    Is this man confused or deceptive?

    1. It isn't the case that Archbishop Lefebvre believed without doubt that the holy orders of the Conciliar Church are invalid. He only said that it's possible.

      He consecrated the four bishops because tradition (along with the traditional sacraments, and the Old Mass) had effectively been ditched by the Conciliar Church. He wanted to ensure that the Traditional sacraments and Mass were passed on, and not lost in oblivion, as so many in the hierarchy wanted in those days. The Conciliar Church has elements of Catholicism left in it, but it is a modernist sect that occupies the Church at this time. It's not a bad thing that we have a Pope ho is upfront about his modernism. Now it (modernism)can be seen for all it really is. The Crisis will end someday, but the SSPX shouldn't reconcile with the most notorious Modernist to ever occupy the Seat of Peter.

      ~M. Ray

    2. Read my comment again.I didn't state anything contrary to your narrative.