Thursday, January 26, 2017

Francis returns to his revolution of tenderness



  1. His revolution of tenderness?

    Praising, protecting (and trying to elect) baby murderers?

    Praising and promoting pedophiles and priest rapers?

    Praising communist dictators that murder, starve and imprison their people (also baby murderers)?

    Firing, imprisoning, slandering & demoting/retiring, "taking over" everyone who disagrees w/him?

    I suppose you mean he has returned to 'forgiving' sin -- but he is not the Messiah/Son of God. Seems possibly vying to go down in history as one of the anti-christ persecutors of the Church.

  2. A message for El Sembrador; this Liberation Theology drivel you are selling is poison, and has no relation whatsoever the God's One, True, Catholic, And Apostolic Church. And sorry, but you'll have to go back- there is a big beutiful door in the wall you can pass through on your way home.

  3. He is right that it takes courage for a faithful Catholic to persevere in the true faith in light of the fact that he and the majority of the hierarchy have apostasized from it and now are servants of Satan. But unlike those in the counterfeit Church who cannot hope that God's mercy is stronger than his just judgement, those of us who are faithful to Christ, follow His commands, pray, repent and do penance in reparation for our sins and the sins of the world do have abundant hope that we can be called faithful servants and hope we will called to spend eternity with our Lord, Jesus the Christ.