Monday, January 23, 2017

How Israel influences politics

A template of how the Israeli Lobby controls governments.  Watching this superb four part series by Al Jazeera on the Israeli Lobby in Great Britain gives the viewer excellent insight as to how this Lobby functions.  It demonstrates one of the aspects of the Israeli Lobby which Alison Weir writes of in her much recommended book, Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel.  After viewing these videos, one will better understand the ongoing relationship between Oren Heiman, Mordechay Lewy, and Maximilian Krah (formerly representing the Jaidhofer Foundation & the SSPX’s Della Sarto corporation) as well as Jorge Bergoglio’s friendships with Mr. Zimerman, Mr. Epelman, Mr. Kirzenbaum, Mr. Lauder, and Mr. Schlosser & rabbis Skorka, Bergman, and Avruj.  Keep this template in mind also, as President Trump continues to appoint bureaucrats.

— The Lobby by Al Jazeera Investigations —

Part #1 : Young Friends of Israel

Part #2 : The Training Session

Part #3 : An Anti-Semitic Trope

Part #4 : The Takedown


  1. Shut it down the Goyim know!!!

  2. Recently contacted a big name "White Nationalist" group.
    According to this group,if any white male or female has "one drop" of non European DNA,they're are considered non white and belonging to group which comprises 0.1% of your DNA.
    They look up to the Third Reich but I know for a fact National Socialist German army had an Africa Corps,Arab/turk/Slavic Muslim divisions,and 25% - 50% Jew/German mix soldiers.One of the highest ranking Nazi offices was a literal full blooded Jew.
    Also,their other rules include if you have a non white spouse,even if they are converted & practicing Catholicism or East Orthodox,you must divorce them.(they forget bible verse that stated "there is neither gentile nor jew,servant nor free)
    "Race Mixing" is an "abomination" and they cite Esau marrying Canaanites.Why would European non Jews practice old covenant law which does not pertain to eternal moral law i.e 10 commandments,7 deadly sins?
    They work & march with European pagan groups,such as ones who believe in Wotan & Ragnarok.
    These groups claim to be Christian (Eastern Orthodox mainly) yet they don't remember St.Paul "the Gods of the Gentiles are Devils" (Demons)
    Call me crazy but this large big name group has "controlled opposition" written all over it large Caps & black spray paint.
    This article is eye opening but they are active leading the "resistance" too.
    "The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition"
    - Vladimir Lenin

  3. Trump is a curious case.(he is doing some good things!)
    Let's be realistic,at this point Jews control DC.If you're going to play ball,Jews will surround you.Some speculate he brought General Mad Dog over for protection from the ADL & CIA since Mad Dog works for Goldman Sachs.
    I dont claim to know but its a good theory.

  4. This article is most helpful. Thank you. So many topics to undertake, but the one that caught my attention is the steps that the network of Jewish lobbies, organizations and agencies take to oversee that Jewish agendas are out of bounds to questions, criticism, or debate. Anyone who does (which is quite normal in the free West) is reported by members of the network as an “anti-Semitic incident”. Following that, an undermining of the person(s) is launched publicly.

    In Alison Weir’s video overview of her book, she discovers evidence that this pattern arose during the end of the 19th century.

    Stephen Walt is the first speaker in this link to a conference video in 2014. He talks about the Jewish lobby and at 12:35 he says:
    “The accusation of “anti-Semitism” is loosing its power to intimidate. …at the same time, using false charges of “anti-Semitism” to stifle debate and destroy peoples’ reputations is an ugly tactic that has no place in a democracy and people who use it that way should also be called to account. …this tactic has been so overused and used against so many people who are obviously not anti-Semites that it is no longer able to stifle reasonable discussion.”

    The UK videos above and this link to a CMJ Tweet from 26 Jan, may suggest that “anti-Semitic” accusations unfortunately still carry some clout in spite of its obvious falsity, overuse, and incessant repetition.
    “Rockland Republican Committee Chairman Lawrence Garvey is under attack for speaking the truth. Please support him.”
    “The Rockland County Republican Party has come under fire for a social media post that is being denounced as anti-Semitic.”
    Regarding the UK, they concluded that "the Intelligence Service should have a good look at what is going on". What will the States do about this?

  5. P.S. In the context of these videos, it is chilling to note again that the Jewish lobby is within the walls of the Vatican via Jorge Bergoglio, who himself puts to use these selfsame Jewish lobby has been covered consistently on this site together with CMJ Tweets and reTweets.

    1. Nostrae Aetate was signed in the early 60's & Pius XII changed the oldest apostolic traditions of the church from 51-58.
      (((The tribe))) has been in the Vatican for many decades,long before Jorge was a doubtful Presbyter.