Friday, January 27, 2017

never forget!

Dr. Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (Вячеслав Моше Кантор), the billionaire president of the European Jewish Congress, who equates populism with anti-semitism and Francis who equates populism with Nazism met today to discuss the importance of the Holocaust, the decline in morals among the once Christian nations of Europe, and how those morals can be restored with the help of Talmudic Judaism.

Happy International Holocaust Remembrance Day!


The big-bad tough Russian Orthodox Christian,
Vladimir Putin kissing Moshe Kantor’s rear end!



  2. "discuss...the decline in morals among the once Christian nations of Europe, and how those morals can be restored with the help of Talmudic Judaism." [to what they were at the time of Christ (you've had 5 husbands (Marta Elena) and the one you have now isn't your husband!) to bring on the AntiChrist?]

    "Pedophilia and Bestiality are seeping into popular culture. Could the Talmud be the source?"

    "With regards to this case in particular: According to R' Shim'on, a Jewish girl's legal virginity status does not take effect until the age of three. Therefore, any girl who converts to Judaism below the age of three has the legal status of a Jewish virgin and may marry a kohein in R' Shim'on's opinion (see Y'rushalmi Kiddushin 4:6, "רבי שמעון אומר...Additionally, the Talmud specifically condemns sexual relations between men (in the context of this answer, "men" refers to all males age 13 and up) and little girls (Nidda 13b):

    Seems already teaching the Talmud in the seminary to restore the morality of pagan Rome to Europe not to mention U.S.: "Seminary student arrested on suspicion that he sought to rape infant girls...Roman Catholic seminar(ian) [Pontifical College Josephinum] in Ohio has been arrested and charged on suspicion of planning to travel to Mexico to have sex with “multiple infants.” According to court documents, he said in an email last month that he wanted to “adopt” or “own” a baby girl under the age of 3. “I want to have intercourse with her after I own her but don’t be telling people that,” he wrote, according to the documents."

    On Abortion: "In principle, rabbinic Judaism does not regard the fetus as a full human being. While deliberately killing a day-old baby is murder, according to the Mishnah, a fetus is not covered by this strict homicide rule. ... The Talmud interprets "the blood of man in man" as to include a fetus, which is the blood of man in man."

    Talmud on Bestiality:

    Maybe that's why frannie's having jews to the vatican to preach abortion. [NOT sex/lust control: but MURDER of other human beings to save a planet (who commissioned frannie to save a planet?)!]

    "What has been the worst moment in your professional life to date? Being turned down for a job at Northwestern because I was Jewish."

    What is the moral view on abortion? Parse Rabbi Frannie's forked-tongue 2017 March For Life Talmud coprophagia: "will contribute to a mobilization of conscience in defense of the right to life and effective measures to ensure its adequate legal protection.” [What has VC2 coprophagia pedophile sodomite church been doing for past 60 years?!!!!]

    Well frannie's pal Danneels has been working to make abortion legal in Belgium, blaming children for their rapes, and sexualizing children as "CATECHISM."

    It was danneels that appeared on the balcony w/frannie

  3. Question: Where is the world's biggest Jewish museum?

    Answer: The Jewish Tolerance Museum in Moscow.

    Question: When was it built, how much did it cost and what does Putin have to do with it?

    Answer: It was built in 2012 for a cost of about $50 million with Vladimir Putin donating one month of his salary to it and was present at its groundbreaking.

  4. Putin has the West thinking he is a nationalist patriot,yet he has Russian Nationalists arrested.
    Bishop Fellay has novus ordo pewsitters thinking he is a traditional Catholic,yet he joins an Antichrist Jewish Novus Ordo sect.
    Jorge Bergoglio has people thinking he is Catholic yet practices Jewish holidays & ceremonies.
    I can't imagine why the entire world is backwards.