Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Francis adds a copy of ‘Mystic Tales From the Emek HaMelech’ to his kabbalistic library collection

Mystic Tales From the Emek HaMelech

When Francis had a private audience with Chasidic Jews from Poland the other day, he greeted them in the old papal apartments where heads of state and their bureaucratic lackeys as well as religious delegations are met.  Before Francis got around to swaying and listening to a Yiddish song, he was presented with a gift.  This gift was a book named Mystic Tales From the Emek HaMelech and was written by Rabbi Naftali Hertz and edited by Rabbi DovBer Pinson.  The author claimed to have been a student of the AriZal (Isaac Luria) even though he never met him.  The book,  Emek HaMelech, asserts to flesh out the teachings of the Lurianic Kabbalah.  The introduction to Mystic Tales From the Emek HaMelech explains it thus:



So what Lurianic Kabbalah concepts will the stories be instilling in Francis?

  • reincarnation of souls into animals and into stones;
  • good vibrations;
  • summoning dead ancestors;
  • all history is encoded in the Torah Shebeal peh;
  • all souls have a connection to the Torah Shebeal peh;
  • becoming possessed with the soul of a departed pious Hasid;
  • the Moshiach ben Joseph — Lurianic kabbalists teach that Moshiach ben Joseph was incarnated as Cain and he was notably reincarnated as Joseph (son of Jacob) and Jeroboam.  According to Abraham Abulafia, building on a 10th century legend, Moshiach ben Joseph is Jesus who is really Satan and Abraham Abulafia saw himself as his adversary, Moshiach ben David.  Hence Abulafia’s unsuccessful attempt to convert the Pope Nicholas III from Catholicism back to the true religion of Talmudism.;
  • the power of ten Talmudic Jews praying;
  • charitable giving;
  • the power of the Psalms;
  • the power of lost souls and evil spirits; and
  • seeing the shekinah.

Since Francis already knows about good vibrations and loves to mock Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, is it any wonder he was overjoyed at receiving this book?  His inner (chasidic) Jew must be jumping for joy!  We at Call Me Jorge... wonder what Lurianic Kabbalah bilge will be flowing from the mouth of Francis during his homilies, inculcating the unsuspecting people in the pews throughout the upcoming summer months?

Rabbi Chaim Boruch (Edgar) Gluck, the guy in the fuzzy spodik and 
bigdei shabbos finery, has his assistant present the book to Francis.

 The Chasids show the cover of ‘Mystic Tales From the Emek HaMelech’ to Francis.

 Rabbi Chaim Boruch (Edgar) Gluck explains the book to Francis.

Delighted Francis receiving the kabbalistic book.


  1. He (Mr.Bergoglio) is either demonically possessed or will suffer from demonic possession by opening himself to demonic influence on an almost daily basis.
    I knew one valid Catholic priest who refused to even talk the Kabbalah because it was so overtly Satanic.