Monday, July 10, 2017

Francis takes his revolution to the Vatican’s proletariat

What do you do when the revolution you are promoting has made a colossal mess?  And the media as well as native Romans have rightfully taken their summer siesta ignoring you?  Why you take the revolution to your captive workers in the Vatican.   The common folk in Italy might be turning against you but you can make someone like you and your revolution even if it’s compulsory!  Here are some photos of Francis celebrating his Novus Ordo mess this past Friday in a factory building in the Vatican City State with maintenance staff.

(click images to enlarge)

 All that’s missing is a red cap and red banners.

Casa Santa Marta must have been rented out.

Was the voluntary attendance actually mandatory attendance?

Smile, sour-faced Francis continues to pay you low wages!

Being a revolutionary is tough, sometimes you are all alone.

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