Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stefan Molyneux, the alt-right’s psychopath

psy·cho·path       a person suffering from chronic mental disorder
/ˈsīkəˌpaTH/          an unstable and aggressive person

The gnostic-satanism Molyneux taught his daughter.

(The Joe Rogan Experience #436, Stefan Molyneux @ 1:05:27, click here)

Molyneux’s mother’s Jewish family

Molyneux’s Jewish Supremacism  Jews have higher IQs*

*According to IQ Research, Israel was tied for 40th in the world out of 183 countries.
As if IQ means anything.

How Molyneux feels about Christianity & Christians

This guy is nuts he says Christians are responsible for the big-brother nanny state and on another podcast that Christians are our allies against the State.

Christians are corrupt

The insane mind of Molyneux: Is it white or black,
up or down, Mormonism is Christianity, etc...

‘I apologize for not tempering my criticism of religious doctrines with praise for positive aspects religious doctrines.’
Stefan Molyneux paraphrased on his forum


  1. thank you

    I posted these videos on my blog.

    Please spread the word that some Rad Trad bloggers like S. Armaticus praise the demonic Stefan Molyneux and continue to post this Satanist Stefan on his Rad Trad blog The Deus Ex Machina

    Goes to show you that just because you attend Latin Mass does not mean you are free from demonic error

  2. This man is a Zionist con-artist.
    He's not alt-right rather just a man trying to make money without having to work.

  3. Your link to IQ by country has Israel at #12.

    1. Yes, they are tied for ranking #12 but are #40 of the countries because there are 39 countries in front of them.

    2. I don't understand?

    3. LOL, there are 39 countries ahead of Israel (IQ = 95) on that list hence they are #40. Here they are in order for you with their IQ scores:

      Hong Kong 108
      Singapore 108
      South Korea 106
      Japan 105
      China 105
      Taiwan 104
      Italy 102
      Iceland 101
      Mongolia 101
      Switzerland 101
      Austria 100
      Luxembourg 100
      Netherlands 100
      Norway 100
      United Kingdom 100
      Belgium 99
      Canada 99
      Estonia 99
      Finland 99
      Germany 99
      Poland 99
      Sweden 99
      Andorra 98
      Australia 98
      Czech Republic 98
      Denmark 98
      France 98
      Hungary 98
      Latvia 98
      Spain 98
      United States 98
      Belarus 97
      Malta 97
      Russia 97
      Ukraine 97
      Moldova 96
      Slovakia 96
      Slovenia 96
      Uruguay 96

  4. Your argument about Israel an Ashkenazi jews doesn't hold. They are only 2.8M from 8.2M of the total population of Israel. So measuring the IQ of all of Israel doesn't tell you anything.