Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the new evangelization in Stupidville, Ohio


  1. One description of the drug sex orgy at the Vatican described "naked men writhing around on the floor". Like snakes, I thought, and I can't lose that mental picture. Anyway, I thought priests were all super busy?

  2. But what about those who have said Catholic priesthood is now a sodomite profession and as "exciting" as michael pedophile jackson: Saturday nite not Sunday morning evangelization!




    How exciting! Parents are criminals for allowing these perverts anywhere near their children!

    Note the "vice2 catholic/bergoglio" headline "equality"


  3. Just a continuation of World Youth Day put in place by JP2....part of the massive talmudic deception that includes degrading the Lord, the eucharist and the young.

  4. And the SSPX is "irregular". AS Charlie Brown would say....."Good Greef".

  5. Fake priests for a false religion. The Vatican 2 denomination has been completely exposed for what it is. Not Catholic. It is time to move on and join the Catholic underground which completely rejects Vatican 2 and the Novus Ordo Mess.

  6. "Fr. Scott Kallal is one of the first Apostle of the Interior Life priests whose ministry primarily consists of spiritual direction and helping young people discern their vocations. After studying bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he was a FOCUS student leader, he got his STB from the Pontifical University of the Lateran and his STL from the Pontifical Institute of Spirituality Teresianum. When he's not out dominating the ultimate frisbee field or hanging with his brother Apostles, he is on a mission to lead men to glory. You can check out some of his other online articles at: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Scott_Kallal.


    "A Catholic priest charged in Kansas with child sex crimes has been arrested in Maryland, authorities say. The Wyandotte County, Kansas, prosecutor's office announced Tuesday that the Rev. Scott Kallal was charged Friday with two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. Online court records show the 35-year-old was arrested Monday in Rockville, Maryland."



  7. What in the f**king hell did I just witness here??!!

  8. The home of the great theological genius, former protestant Scott Hahn.
    Look at the statue of our Lady, she weeps at this.

  9. The Episcopal Conference of Colombia notes that Colombian television "Teleamiga" is not Catholic because they criticize Francisco and do not recognize him as Pope.

    The President of the "Café con Galat" program defends itself in these terms (quick translation, of his statement on twitter):
    We cordially allow ourselves to share with the public the response to the communiqué of the Episcopal Conference dated July 25, 2017:
    1. While it is true that a Catholic should have love and adherence to the LEGITIMATE successor of the apostle Peter, we ask whether they should be given to a Pope not chosen by God, but by men and even worse by a "mafia of cardinals", cynical expression which is used by the leader of the same Card. Godfried Dannels, who publicly declared that this mafia determined the resignation of Benedict XVI and put Francis in the papacy.
    This clearly shows that whoever appears as a present pontiff could hardly have been chosen by the Holy Spirit, and that his election was the work of a politically and corrupt cardinal mafia. José Galat does not say it, it is said by the same Cardinal Dannels, who shamelessly affirmed it as can be verified in different sources:
    A coffee with Galat - Why do we criticize Pope Francis? (Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3rvrNRcyeI)
    A coffee with Galat - Are not Catholics teleamiga and Galat for defend the faith? (Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTjkKS38y-I)
    (Cardinal Dannels Admits to Belong Part of 'Mafia' Club Opposed to Benedict XVI) (http://www.ncregister.com/blog/edward-pentin/cardinal-danneels-part-of-mafia-club-opposed-to- Benedict-xvi)
    (Cardinals Mafia) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxVVrdXaJoA)
    (Cardinal Dannels admits being part of a progressive 'mafia' in the Catholic Church) (http://www.outono.net/elentir/2015/09/27/el-cardenal-danneels-admit-formar-parte-de -a-mafia-progressive-in-church-catholic /)
    (A cardinal revealed to the Mafia that he was seeking to replace Benedict XVI by Francis) (http://www.d24ar.com/nota/mundo/389715/cardenal-revelo-mafia-buscaba-reemplazar-benedicto-xvi- Francisco.html)
    (Belgian Cardinal admits his role in a 'mafia' to lead the Catholic Church) hispantv.com (http://www.hispantv.com/news/europa/58849/church-catolica-mafia-cardenal-danneels-papa-francisco -benedict-xvi)
    (Cardinal Danneels admits having been part of a lobby group to choose Pope) (http://infocatolica.com/?t=noticia&cod=24945)

  10. 2. The anti-canonical choice of Francis points to his undoubted illegitimacy of origin, to which was later added an illegitimacy of exercise for teaching doctrines contrary to the Catholic faith. Some significant examples show it:
    - According to Francis, everyone is saved whether or not he complies with the commandments, which openly contradicts Jesus' affirmation "Many are called but the chosen are few" (Matthew 22:14).
    - That proselytism is foolish and that he who does it commits an injustice, when, on the contrary, Christ says to his disciples: "Go and make DISCIPLES to all nations by baptizing them in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" (Matt. 28:19).
    - That adulterers can exercise communion when St. Paul warns: "Therefore, he who eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord will unworthily be aware of the Body and Blood of the Lord" (1 Corinthians 11: 27).
    There are a lot more examples, which I have been pointing out in my Teleamiga programs.
    3. Now, because we are defending the faith of the Church in the face of the follies of those who figure as pontiff, some want to point out as a non-Catholic channel, to which the Catholic faith defends. And with this the directives of the Conference are in a great contradiction, implying that we are schismatics who defend the faith, when it is exactly the opposite, because to attack those truths puts the one who makes it to be out of the Church, and this one is who constitutes himself schismatic and apostate.
    4. "False and harmful" is the silence of those called to defend the faith don’t do it by complicity or cowardice and want to attack uselessly against Teleamiga, who does.
    5. Very respectfully we challenge the Colombian Episcopate to respond and counter-argument with biblical evidence and the traditional teaching of the Church, what are our alleged errors that have caused their "superficial and harmful" anger.
    In conclusion, we and the whole country require a response: Why persecute those who defend the faith of the Church?
    President Canal Teleamiga

  11. You vulgar people and priests. You priests will lead your flock all to hell. Turn back before it's too late, prayer and penance.

    1. No thank you Madame,we prefer to stay Roman Catholic.
      Ecumenical pagans in Stuebenville are invited to join the Roman Catholic Church and leave the Novus Ordo.

  12. Idiots are simply copy catting the Mega Church phenomena! Completely worthless, empty trash. You want Teens to embrace the true Church and the Faith? Try actually teaching it!