Friday, July 28, 2017

Vladimir ‘defender of Christianity’ Putin kisses a boy on the stomach because he wanted “to stroke him like a cat”.

What in the world is he doing?

“MOSCOW (AFP) — The leader of Russia said Thursday he kissed a boy on the stomach because he wanted to treat him like a cat. 
Russian President Vladimir Putin raised eyebrows last week during a walk around the Kremlin when he suddenly lifted a young boy's shirt and kissed his stomach. But the action was harmless, Putin said during an Internet chat session Thursday. 
"It was an unplanned meeting — people just came up and started talking to me," Putin said. "He seemed very independent and serious. At the same time a child is always defenseless and nice. I wanted to stroke him like a cat and it came out in this gesture. There was nothing behind it." 
Putin fielded questions put by ordinary Internet users and chaired by a Russian and a BBC journalist. According to Russian news agencies 162,000 questions were submitted by Internet. Putin eventually answered 49.”
source: USA Today, Russian president defends stomach kiss


Alternative video #1 & #2

Marina Litvinenko told the media that her husband, Alexander Litvinenko, was murdered by Putin.  Alexander Litvinenko died from being poisoned by polonium-210, a radioactive chemical element.  This happened four months after he wrote an article, The Kremlin Pedophile, which alleged that Vladimir Putin is a pedophile.


This tops one of Francis’ favorite activities, 

touching pregnant women’s bellies!


  1. Well hopefully it's some Russian thing and not some homo pedo thing.

  2. 2006 but yeah, still very weird.

  3. Very true question. What in Christ's name is he doing?

  4. Obviously I don't know, and I, too, am skeptical of Putin, but it looks like he was planning this in the seconds leading up to it, does it, then jumps up and walks away in as manly a fashion as possible. Could it be he did this under duress? Perhaps his enemies were blackmailing and threatening him, and this public gesture was what they required of him to let up? It just seems like he knows what he's about to do, doesn't want to do it, and then strides quickly away almost as if to pretend it didn't just happen. I guess it just seems more plausible than Putin being unable to stop himself from performing an extremely inappropriate act in public and exposing himself as a pedophile.

    1. Putin was being blackmailed? For crying out loud the man ran the KGB and put oligarchs in jail who wouldn't go along with his Chabad program. Doesn't seem plausible to us at all.

      Shows how effective his PR is that people try to excuse this disturbing behavior.

  5. One Russian leader will come to the Rhine and while about to enter France with his army will see the hand of God stopping him and he will convert there on the spot to Catholicism. This is in several prophecies and if this is the case it means he's obviously not converted up until that point. Don't know if it's him but seems very probable. Also Putin was born on October 7, feast of Our Lady of Victory or Our Lady of the Rosary. Putin is no saint, he may not even be a Christian other than baptism, but our lady is at work, what she said at Fatima will happen and is already in motion.

    1. Please read Holy Scripture and chill out on Fatima, please!

  6. Why are you so strange guys ? This is normal things but you see bad things in this and even in when just a man touches woman "unborn child". I guess you have some perverted minds. Thats sad.