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Fr. Gruner goes to Bayside, New York


new revelations about his stance on Francis

***** UPDATED - 8 AUGUST 2017 - SEE BOTTOM OF POST *****

In the summer of 2014, the late Fr. Gruner (aka the Fatima Priest) went to Bayside, New York to talk about his favorite subject, the apparitions at Fatima.  Bayside, for those readers who have never heard of it, is where one Veronica ‘the voice-box of god’ Lueken claims to have been visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus the Christ, angels, and numerous saints.  These so-called apparitions have never been approved of and the local bishop DiMarzio was vehemently against Fr. Gruner’s visit.  So much so that he issued a statement about it. (click here to read DiMarzio's letter)

More specifically Gruner went to the Vatican Pavilion next to the Maloof Skate(boarding) Park in Flushing Meadows, New York.  This is the same pavilion which temporarily housed the tiara of Paul VI (see The Day Paul VI Ditched The Tiara) at the World's Fair in 1964/5 in New York City.

One can listen to the short words Gruner gave while there below.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

That wasn’t the only talk Gruner gave.  He was also the headline speaker at the Banquet held at the LaGuardia Marriott Hotel.  Fr. Gruner was followed by Michael Mangan whose talk was about how Fatima and the Bayside apparitions are intimately connected.

For those unfamiliar with the alleged Bayside apparitions, we have selected a few to show you, dear reader, what type of caliber they are.  The majority of the alleged messages are from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica and noted below.

14 August 1979
“Do not judge your brothers and sisters who have not been converted. For My Father’s House, My Son has repeated over and over: remember always that My Father’s House—there are many rooms in the Mansion, signifying faiths and creeds. However, the Eternal Father, the beatific vision, is reserved for the Roman Catholic following. This it has been deemed by the Eternal Father since the beginning of time.” - Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica

18 June 1988
“I, as your Mother, I am terribly depressed in knowing what is fast coming upon mankind. I see beyond me a ball, a large ball. Were it placed next to the sun, this ball would be like two suns in the sky. But it is a ball of destruction, and I tell you, My children, We have been attempting to hold this back with all manner of graces and fasting and suffering. But the Eternal Father says, ‘Look up, My child’; He said to look far up into the sky. Your human eyes cannot perceive yet what is up there, but there is a ball to mankind known as ‘unknown origin.’ But it is not unknown: it is the Ball of Redemption.

Comet within this century

"Do not be affrighted, My child; you must see this, for it is important. Within this century this Ball will be sent upon mankind.

“My child, I took you from your bed of pain and illness to bring you here to tell the world to prepare now. It is almost too late. We have asked also, urgently, and have had great cooperation from the earth’s masses of people - to Rome to tell them, ‘Look up, and see what lies beyond your windows: a Ball that is fast hurtling towards earth! It will be here within this century, if not sooner.’ For even the scientists have failed to recognize the speed of this Ball.” - Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica

27 September 1975
“I have many times cautioned you and all of My children against the use of the diabolical machine, your television. There will be no excuses accepted for having these in your presence.” - Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica

18 June  1977
“Your Father, in the eternal city of Rome, Pope Paul VI, your Holy Father, is a blessed man, for he carries his cross. Your Holy Father is a blessed man, for he shall be martyred.” - Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica

27 September 1975
“He is not able to do his mission. They have laid him low, My child. He is ill, he is very ill. Now there is one who is ruling in his place, an impostor, created from the minds of the agents of satan. Plastic surgery, My child--the best of surgeons were used to create this impostor.” - Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica

27 September 1975
“The appearance in public is not Paul VI; it is the impostor pope. Medication of evil has dulled the brain of the true pope, Pope Paul VI. They send into his veins poison to dull his reasoning and paralyze his legs. What evil creature have you opened the doors to the Eternal City and admitted?” - Our Lady of the Roses to Veronica

7 September 1978
“In the city of Rome there will be great confusion and trial. Satan, Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972. He cut off the rule, the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.” - Blessed Virgin Mary to Veronica

18 June 1988
“Please, My children, pray for your Holy Father, the Pope. You must not lose him, for the one who comes after him will destroy if he can – he will attempt to destroy Pope John Paul II.” (Our Lady of the Roses (Blue Book), p. 108.)

30 June 1984
“Pray for your Vicar (Pope John Paul II). There will be another attempt upon his life. Pray for your Vicar. Do not judge him by the medias, for he is a good man, with a heart that is soft, and often he can be misled. However, he is a good man, and he is one who I keep now under My mantle for his protection. But We need your prayers, My children, your Masses and your sacrifices, if you want him to remain among you.” - Our Lady to Veronica

18 March 1983
“When Pope John Paul II is removed, the Church shall be divided among itself. United it will stand, divided it will fall.” - Our Lady of the Roses to Veronica

28 May 1983
“Remember, without prayers and atonement, the world will become devastated. The Third World War will leave no earth upon the land. There will be no earth, there will be no human beings; but a grouping would have been taken up into Heaven, My child and My children, to await the terrible devastation that falls upon mankind.” - Jesus to Veronica

7 December 1976
“I give you great grace of heart, My children, to know that many shall be taken from your earth before the great Chastisement.... Many of your news medias shall state that they have been carried off by flying saucers. Oh no, My children! They were carried off into a supernatural realm of the Eternal Father to await the return of My Son upon earth.” - Our Lady of the Roses to Veronica

6 October 1980
“I ask you all not to abandon My Church. Do not judge My Church by the priest, for in his human nature he can err. But I assure you I am using him, as a legally ordained priest, to bring you My Body and Blood. Do not go seeking elsewhere, for you will lose your baptismal right, and you will no longer be accepted as a Roman Catholic, and you will not enter into the highest place of Heaven, the Kingdom of Paradise.” - Jesus to Veronica

“Back in 1970, when Our Lady started Her work here, She assigned special archangels to us.... Every one of the close workers has been given the name of his archangel. And I was assigned one of the highest archangels with Michael--Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, and his name is Tusazeri. And we've had other archangels that were given to workers.... But we had Sactorius, and of course there's Tomdarius.... It sounds very, very strange: Sactorius, Tomdarius, Razene, Rientre, and I can't remember them all now.” - Veronica’s commentary

18 March 1974
“There is no reason to fear, My child, for you have Creazuus now with you and Tuzaseri." Veronica - Oh! Creazuus? Creazuus. Oh, Creazuus is the angel guardian given to my son Raymond while he was here on earth.” - Our Lady to Veronica and Veronica’s reply - “Our Lady, thank you. Thank you, Blessed Mother.”

1 October 1988
“Yes. There's Tomdarius, Tusazeri--he is my guardian angel, but he's quite a clown. He likes to circle around. And right now he's turning and spinning again. He always does that when he sees me; he turns and spins. And now also, there's Razene, and Nadina, and many others.” - Veronica

30 May 1981
“For to whom much is given, much is expected; and discipline and obedience means suffering and sacrifice. Unquestioning love, unquestioning obedience, that is the only way to Heaven.” - Jesus to Veronica

14 August 1981
“My heart, My Son’s heart has been grieved, as we go about the world… We can see a division bordering on schism… it is promoted by Satan… Do not judge My Son’s House, His Church, by the man, though he is a representative – legal, a legal representative of My Son… at the time that My Son comes in the Consecration, He shall not turn aside from you, My Son. Therefore, you cannot say that the Mass is invalid. This has brought great sorrow to Our Hearts, for many left the fold on this matter.” - Our Lady to Veronica

14 September 14, 1986
“We hear all names coming forward to Our ears of churches being born anew, called the Traditional Roman Catholic Church. My child and My children, We need no more Traditionalists running around and creating new churches.” - Jesus to Veronica

25 July 1985
“…By the time We had reached you in Bayside, in your home, My Child, We had looked with Theresa a long time for a Veronica….the highest of heaven approach many souls to be messengers, voice-boxes, for the Eternal Father, through My Son…” - Our Lady to Veronica

18 June 1988
“Within two years or less, there will be a great crash of the market. The whole world’s monetary systems will be paralyzed. That, My child, is why you had to come this evening to the grounds.”- Our Lady to Veronica

 Bayside Seer, Veronica Lueken

 Baysiders believe this is proof that Jacinta from the Fatima apparitions visited them.

Interpreting the “Jacinta 1972” photo to show when the 
‘Ball of Redemption’ will encompass the earth.

Saturday & Sunday, 21-22 June 2014

the following photos and screenshots below are taken from SMWA 44th Anniversary Report

Don't miss Fr. Gruner at the 44th Anniversary Celebration - Tickets $55.00!

 Veronica Lueken, the self-called voice box of God.

Fr. Gruner believed Francis will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

Gruner with other presbyters at the event

Gruner inspiring the crowd with his speech (see above)

Gruner and James Donohue, vice-president of 
St. Michael’s World Apostolate (Bayside Apparition group)

Fr. Gruner and Fr. Terry Brennan

Fr. Gruner, Fr. Terry Brennan, and Fr. Justin McCreedy

Look proof it's an apparition!
(quote from the SMWA website description: 
“A miraculous photo taken of Fr. Munoz and other Bayside devotees.”)

More goofy lights.

Why it must be a miracle!

Bayside devotees raise their rosaries skyward towards, 

Handing out blessed roses.
(quote from the SMWA website description:
“All roses are blessed by Jesus and Mary with the power of cure and conversion...
We receive many testimonials of the power of these mystical roses.”) 

Kissing the Crucifix on Veronica Lueken’s rosary which 
allegedly was kissed by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Gruner captivates the crowd at the banquet.

Followers of the Bayside Apparition turned out to hear Gruner speak.

Gruner most likely said something along the lines of, 
“If only Francis knew the importance of consecrating Russia!”

Michael Mangan, president of the Bayside group, St. Michael’s World Apostolate, followed 
up Gruner’s talk with his own explaining how Fatima and Bayside are connected.

Gruner was the featured guest of honor.

It’s time for a blessing!

Questions & Answers session with Gruner.

Bayside isn’t the only cult out there.

The late Gruner.

Gruner receives a rose allegedly blessed by Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Gruner and his adoring Bayside fans.

Once again, kissing the Crucifix on Veronica Lueken’s rosary which 
allegedly was kissed by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This is yet another puzzling fact about Fr. Gruner.  How could he speak and participate in apparitions not only forbidden by the church but as seen from the above alleged messages — Veronica ‘the voice-box of god’ Lueken claimed to have received — obviously bogus?  This is right up there with Gruner having the Skver Hasidic sect rabbi, Mayer Schiller, appear in the Fatima video, ‘Heaven's Key to Peace’ where this preacher of hate told everyone to pray for the consecration of Russia!  Fr. Gruner originally thought that Francis would be the Pope to consecrate Russia and bring about world peace because not only did Jorge Mario Bergoglio write him twice, a seer told Fr. Gruner that two popes after John Paul II would consecrate Russia!  Did Gruner have all the marbles in his head?

Christopher Ferrara & Fr. Gruner discuss Francis

(discussion on Francis starts at 10 minutes)

Letter from Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Fr. Gruner taken from, 

Gruner getting asked to leave the Vatican by security in October 2013.

In October 2013, Fr. Gruner visited the Vatican where he kicked off his “‘Consecrate Russia’ Campaign in Rome”.  While at St. Peter’s Square he was told by the head of the Vatican’s security, “Don't go near the Pope!” and kicked out three times in two days!  Is this where Gruner’s disillusionment with Francis began and his pipe dream of Francis consecrating Russia died?  Earlier today, Dr. Peter Chojnowski revealed on his blog, RadTrad Thomist, that Fr. Gruner doubted Francis was the pope and instead believed it to be Benedict XVI.

What a confused and tormented individual Fr. Gruner was.  Interestingly, Dr. Chojnowski mentions a connection between Bp. Richard Williamson and Gruner — both also linked to the above mentioned Skver rabbi, Mayer Schiller.  Regardless, we at Call Me Jorge... wonder if the confused mind of Gruner was giving the true message of Fatima or a version which existed only in his head?  And what will be the fallout among traditional Catholics with this latest revelation?

The Fatima Center presents cooking with Fr. Nicholas

***** UPDATE - 8 AUGUST 2017 ***** 

Paul Kramer confirms information contained in Dr. Chojnowski’s post.

Louie Verrecchio posts excerpt from talk of Fr. Gruner



  1. WOW! Good Work! I'll use some of your work on my blogs

  2. Very interesting. Long time ago (maybe 2006/2007) I've heard about alleged apparitions in Baysite. I've sent an e-mail do Fr. Gruner website asking about those "apparitions". Fr. Gruner's secretary (a nun/sister/mother or something like) replied me telling that he doesn't knew about Bayside and... His apostolate are only interested about Fatima. So interesting to know Fr. Gruner suddenly got some interest on it!

  3. Well, I just do not believe in the apparitions of Fatima. As a Catholic, I am not obliged to do so.

    Some reasons:

    The dancing of the sun was not seen from other cities. Therefore, it is an illusion.
    The angel gave the communion to the children. Only a priest can do that.
    It is warned against Russia, but not against the Freemasonry that has caused that change and is very active in the West.
    Not a word about Islam that will rise as a plague against Christians.
    An apparition on the other hand can not command any pope to do a certain action. In the Church the Pope rules, not apparitions.
    But many Catholics take Fatima as a dogma over all dogmas.

  4. I have become extremely weary of the private Revelation craze of the last 20 years.
    Bayside is a $$$ scam and is passionately connected to the (((Novus Ordo)))
    Nicholas Gruner was not a valid priest as he was ordained in the Paul VI rite in 1976.
    At this point please ask yourself why the Remnant is still clinging to the outright Homosexual ecumenical non-Catholic Novus Ordo?!?!
    They're not stupid people as they are educated and intelligent.
    Something else is afoot and it doesn't look good.
    Truth & error cannot coexist!

  5. Gruner in his latter days acquired Elvis Presley's lips.

  6. 1. Because the dancing sun was not seen from other cities it was an illusion you say. That could go for lots of things. Perhaps Our Lady of Lourdes was an illusion too because only Bernadette saw her. 2.Communion is not only given by priests. 3. Russian communism has spread atheism throughout the world and has all but destroyed Christian civilisation. 4. Islam is referenced in the name Fatima. Our Lady did not order the Pope to do anything. She made a request.

    1. The dancing sun was not seen by all the 70000 on October 13, 1917. Some did not see it. If it was an act of God all should have seen it.

    2. No one except validily ordained/consecrated clergy may distribute Holy Commnion!!!

    3. Many unbelievers (including those representing the freemasonic Portuguese Government and Media) did not want to see any miracle but saw it, and some believers who so wanted to see and did not see it. It was up to God to let many see and others not, according to His providence.
      Besides, the muddy field became dry and dirty clothes clean. Many blind people could see again, lame people could walk again, sceptics believed...
      It was a miracle for Portugal and not for the whole world, again according to God's providence.
      And please quote Scripture/Canon Law stating that God's Holy Angel may not give Holy Communion to certain children.
      Finally, make of it what you will, Pope Pius XII claimed to have seen the "Miracle of the Sun" at the time of the definition of the dogma of Our Lady's Assumption on 1 November 1950.
      The Heavens proclaim the glory of the Lord!

    4. 1) The sun is a material body, an apparition is a spiritual phenomenon. If the Sun really moves, it must be seen by all. I firmly believe in other approved apparitions, such as that of Lourdes.
      2) Yes, in Novus Ordo Missae communion can be given by a woman, unfortunately.
      3) More than 80% of the Bolshevik officers were Jews. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion had in mind the destruction of Russia. Russia was the first victim, because it was necessary to destroy empires of the Old Regime. The Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
      4) In the twelfth century a Muslim princess named Fátima (as the daughter of Mohammed), married with the knight Gonzalo Hermigues and become Christian. That is a historical fact, but in the apparitions there is no talk of Islam.
      5) But we can’t do theology from some apparitions. We can’t say that the Popes Pius XI and Pius XII disobeyed Our Lady, as is often said among many traditional and conservative Catholics.
      That is why I have many reservations about the apparitions of Fatima. We have the Catholic faith and that is what has to guide us.

    5. Thank you my friend for your comment!!
      ANY REVELATION after the death of St.John on the island of Patmos is a PRIVATE Revelation!
      It doesn't matter if 2 million ppl see whatever is supposed to have occurred.
      We are in no way shape or form required to believe in any apparition after the death of St.John.
      Secondly,we have no idea what Pius XI knew or what he did in his spare time!
      We can't say that Pius XII or XI disobeyed Heaven!
      Do you realize the level of accusation you are hurling at those Popes?
      Lastly,say Fatima is true etc...
      The prophecy itself has been fulfilled via WW2,Jewish Communism,porn,abortion, feminism,homosexual/dyke marriage and adoption, transsexuality,punk rock,heavy metal,hip hop, divorce,suicide,drug addiction,etc..
      We can't go back to 1960 plus we don't have a Catholic hierarchy in Rome.
      We all need to live believe and observe the true Roman Catholic faith pre-1950.
      Stop living and dying by these Private Revelations that are expired and of no avail to 2017.
      I am sorry if this comes off as rude or insulting.
      I love my fellow Catholics and would love for us to practice the true Faith so we can improve our lives and attain Heaven eternally.
      Dominus Vobiscum!