Saturday, August 12, 2017

Pro-homosexual Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos explains how he will runs diocese of Caicó

Here we listen to Bishop Antônio Carlos Cruz Santos give his Novus Ordo version of what the church is and how he will run the diocese of Caicó.  He mentions that his predecessor (Bishop Manuel Tavares de Araújo) signed the Pact of the Catacombs, sold the bishop’s palace (aka the fortress), and moved to a more simple residence then proceeded to make the focus of his ministries the poor and the peripheries (ala Francis).  Cruz Santos clarifies by what is meant by peripheries — it is not just geographical but also means bringing the Novus Ordo to drug addicts and people who are shunned because of the gender they identify as.  Then, Cruz Santos explains that catholic means universal so it has to include everyone.  Next he goes on to decry human trafficking for sex workers, illegal adoptions, and slave labor but has the chutzpah to blames all of this on those who are silent and say they know nothing about it.  In Cruz Santos’ book silence equals consent even when one has never seen human trafficking.   Finally this sad man says that he wants to walk together with the people of his diocese.

This pro-homosexual bishop spews heresies out faster than Francis does in this video.  He has a heretical ideas of what the Catholic Church is; that the Church discriminates against sinners even if they do not support the sin; rebels against the Church as a teacher; believes the in the concept of sin as defined by the Marxist liberation theology; believes people who morally discriminate are committing a social sin (i.e. people who don’t want their children around drug addicts or homosexuals); and doesn’t believe in the need for individual redemption.

Gee, who does this bishop remind us of...Francis?  We’ll he should as that’s who promoted him to be the bishop of Caicó, Brazil in 2014.


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  1. We should make a list of impious heretics posing as catholic bishops. Oh wait, its easier to make a list of couple of remaining orthodox bishops. Guess what, this guy and his boss arent on it.