Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Quo Vadis?

Whither goest thou?


  1. I couldn't stop crying while watching this. I was born in 1951. Oh where has it all gone? I miss it so.

    1. Where has it all gone? Exiled by antichrist occupiers of places built by Catholic faith. The devil may laugh, but happily, and in accordance with Christ's promise, the Church continues to assault the gates of hell with the continuation of True Apostolic Bishops, Priests - consecrated people and places, true shepherds and flocks, who keep the Faith, assent to the authentic Holy See, while acknowledging a long interregnum, during which, heresiarchs parade as Popes, and heretical men preside over formerly Catholic (now Novus Ordo) Sees - the only logical and doctrinally sound position. This is the time of the great apostasy. Lord have mercy.

  2. Our chapel celebrates the pre-1950 calendar,Missal,holy Mass/Holy Week,after midnight Holy Commnion fast,valid sacraments/priests-Bishop,etc...
    Google "Traditional Catholic Chapels" in your city.
    I am sure you are in range of a Roman Catholic chapel that keeps the true Faith alive during this emergency.

    1. Hello

      This would mean, then, the 'non una cum' Mass, where the heresiarchs are not presented to Truth Almighty as His shepherds?

    2. We don't have a Pope and are not permitted to make that judgement.
      It's a Sede chapel but I have nothing against sspx Resistance or an Indult with a valid priest.
      Go ahead respond but this all I am saying.
      There are other bloggers who are much smarter than me who have covered this subject.

  3. I wonder which of those young priests were already traitors to the faith.

    Roncalli, Montini through Bergoglio = all traitors, all antipopes, all soldiers of satan. Their allegiance to the world, the flesh and the devil is why the Vatican has been occupied by the devil since the passing of Pope Pius XII.

    1. Pius XII was a human wrecking machine from 1951-1958.
      He is no different from all the other anti Popes.
      I don't care what Bp Sanborn and Bp Dolan say about that heretic.

    2. You are vomiting ignorance.

      PS. Be careful - Bishop Sanborn and Bishop Dolan are true Shepherds. Insult the true shepherd and you insult Christ.

      Lord have mercy.

    3. PS. Pope Pius XII was a true Pope with impeccable adherence to doctrine. Insulting a true Vicar of Christ is something only one with a Protestant heart could do.

    4. Pius XII was a nightmare from 51-58 and made the Novus Ordo revolution happen, especially in 1953,1956,1957,1958.
      He's the one who started the revolution.
      I wasn't insulting anyone stop falsely accusing me.
      The emergency Bishop's we have in the Traditional chapels are not Bishop's with jurisdiction.
      They are priests who on certain days act as Bishop's during this emergency due to the apostasy from official Bishop's who have jurisdiction.
      Have a blessed day Mr.Projection.

    5. Pius XII refused to hold a second Vatican council perceiving it would be a 'nightmare'. Under Pius XII the Chief Rabbi of Rome and his family converted to Catholicism. The traitors in his 'court' were set for the revolution. They created a schism, which contradicted Pius XII and the true Popes repeatedly = the Novus Ordo - and sold it to Catholics, successfully for the most. Those blinded Catholics and those who followed them stopped being Catholic when they accepted VII.

    6. That's wonderful but Pius XII changed the oldest Traditions in the church during the 50's.
      After midnight Holy Commnion fast down to 3 hours,the entire ancient holy week "changed",calling the UN "a great hope for mankind" in 1956,allowing Chinese and Germans vernacular during their Holy Mass in 1958, introducing psychological terms such as "the conscience of the church",stating in 1947 (Mediator Dei) that changing rubrics of the sacraments is just fine (this set the stage for Paul VI changing rubrics to the sacraments)
      Pius also promoted Paul VI to Bishop of Milan.
      This is the same post Cardinal Ratti held before being elected Pius XI.
      He also promoted modernists and allowed the liturgical change commission to start work in secret starting in 1948.
      Pius XII was horrible and jump started the Novus Ordo.
      We disagree and you will not convince me he was Catholic in his last 7 years of life.

    7. Pope Pius XII never enforced these changes. In old age he was surrounded by wolves. My point is that he in no way falls into the category of the freemasonic heresiarchs that followed him. As such, as Catholics, it is a dangerous business setting about to slander a true Vicar of Christ whose teachings unfailingly upheld the True Faith, despite being surrounded by Judas Priests.