Thursday, August 10, 2017

Shamanism returns to the Vatican in the form of ‘Noh’

This Rome Reports video mentions that a Noh performance was held at the Vatican.  Don’t worry though, it’s OK as, “This work was written 1,000 years ago by a German priest who, while studying in Japan, wanted to make Christianity known. Japan is a country with one of the greatest cultural and religious diversity.”  Let’s do some math:  today it is 2017 minus 1,000 years equals the year A.D. 1017.  The Jesuits, the first Christian priests to arrive in Japan landed there in A.D. 1549.   Does Rome Reports know something that the rest of the world doesn’t or is their Opus (Ju)Dei re-write of history?    When will they reveal the name of this German priest who studied in Japan 532 years before the Jesuits arrived?  In fact, Rome Reports is once again performing sloppy work.  These Noh performances happened at the Palazzo della Cancelleria (Palace of the Chancellery), an extraterritorial property of the Holy See, and were put on by the Hōshō school led by director Kazufusa Hōshō.  The two Noh plays were ‘Okina’, a Shintoan liturgy, and ‘Resurrection of Christ’, written by German missionary Hermann Heuvers, S.J. in 1957.  Nonetheless, as indicated by the quoted paper below, Noh’s root are Shamanist.  This is fitting as, what can one say about Francis and his cronies, other than that they are attempting to magically transform the Church instituted by Jesus the Christ through occult ritual.



  1. Where does Rome Reports find the mindless bimbo's who narrate these stories?

  2. I can see 75 yr old Novus Ordo women saying
    "It's from over 1,000 years ago,such a rich tapestry of Tradition and ecumenical love!"

  3. Is there any form of desecration / treason the conciliar church hasn't done yet?