Saturday, September 30, 2017

the false conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke shows his true modernist colors

Burke is a modernist — don’t let the ornate vestments or his dubia signature fool you!

Cardinal Burke, once again, revealed his modernist character at the Sacred Liturgy Conference which took place in Medford, Oregon this past July. We at Call Me Jorge... became aware of Cardinal Burke’s comments when Cathy Olson posted on the topic on facebook (see below). 

Now, thanks to Louie Verrecchio of akaCatholic, one can listen to the actual words as they roll off the lips of the ‘conservative on the outside, modernist on the inside’ Burke.  Readers of this blog shouldn’t be surprised by Burke’s comments as in the past this Doctor of Canon Law had to be corrected by the Vatican — that no, a male who has a sex-change into a female cannot become a nun — as well as sits on the board of the Association of Hebrew Catholics and praises their good works — spreading the fables and superstitious magic from the Kabbalah, the Talmud, and the anti-Christian master-race Tanya.  Few know that Burke one day “envisages the merg[ing] into one single rite of the Novus Ordo such as approved by Paul VI and the Tridentine Mass, as allowed by Benedict XVI in the Summorum Pontificum.”  A big thanks to Cathy Olson and Louie Verrecchio for breaking this story!  And now onto Raymond the Rabbi’s words... ‘the sacraments of the SSPX are valid but it’s not good for one to go there — instead go to an Indult.’

MODERATOR: Is it ever licit to attend and receive Communion at a Pius X liturgy? If there are there no other reverent Masses within reasonable distance. Can this fulfill the Sunday obligation?
[Archbishop Sample, who was also on the panel, defers to Cardinal Burke.]
CARDINAL BURKE: The, despite the various arguments surrounding the question, the fact of the matter is that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is in schism since the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordained four bishops without the mandate of the Roman Pontiff.
And so it is not legitimate to attend Mass or to receive the sacraments in a church that’s under the direction of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.
Having said that, we, part of the kind of general confusion in the Church has also entered into this question because the Holy Father has given the priests of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X faculties to celebrate validly marriages, licitly and validly. But there is no canonical explanation for it, and it is simply an anomaly.
And, also Pope Benedict XVI, before his abdication, he lifted the excommunication of the four bishops who were ordained without the papal mandate, but, he, they hadn’t, the requirement for having an  excommunication lifted is that a person has withdrawn from his contumacy and now desires to be fully reconciled with the Church but in fact that hasn’t happened, and so that’s another bit of an anomalous situation
They’re no longer excommunicated, but they’re also not in regular communion with the Catholic Church.
And so the whole thing is very complicated, but I would say to you that, I don’t think it’s a good sign to receive sacraments in the Priestly Society of St. Pius X because that’s not helping them to, first of all, the sacraments are not celebrated licitly. They’re valid, there’s no question about it if the priests are validly ordained, but it’s not a, it’s a countersign to the communion of the Church. Instead we should be encouraging the members of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X to be reconciled with the Church.
In fact, I think that Fr. Saguto could confirm this, I know it was the case both in Lacrosse and in St. Louis where there were apostolates of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest for those desiring the rites of the Church according to the ancient usage, many, many people who had been going to the Priestly Society of St. Pius X were reconciled and returned to the Church.
And I say that if instead we simply go freely to those Masses [of the FSSPX] and so forth that are celebrated, what encouragement does that give to them to be reconciled with the Church?
source: akaCatholic, BREAKING: Cardinal Burke slams FSSPX


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Francis spoke about ‘Amoris Laetitia’ in Colombia. Was it because the “Filial Correction” was weighing on his mind?

Francis meeting with his fellow revolutionary Jesuits in Colombia.

While in Colombia during his travels, Francis stopped the city of Cartagena de Indias, the capital of the region of Bolívar, on 10 September 2017.  After meeting the crowds of laity there, “he went into the inner courtyard where he met privately with representatives of the community of the Society of Jesus made up of 65 religious.”  A brief Question & Answer session transpired between Francis and the assembled Jesuits.  Even though none of the Jesuits present asked about Amoris Laetitia Francis felt the need to speak of it.

“I’ll use this question to say something else that I believe should be said out of justice, and also out of charity. In fact I hear many comments – they are respectable for they come from children of God, but wrong – concerning the post-synod apostolic exhortation. To understand Amoris Laetitia you need to read it from the start to the end. Beginning with the first chapter, and to continue to the second and then on … and reflect. And read what was said in the Synod.
A second thing: some maintain that there is no Catholic morality underlying Amoris Laetitia, or at least, no sure morality. I want to repeat clearly that the morality of Amoris Laetitia is Thomist, the morality of the great Thomas. You can speak of it with a great theologian, one of the best today and one of the most mature, Cardinal Schönborn.
I want to say this so that you can help those who believe that morality is purely casuistic. Help them understand that the great Thomas possesses the greatest richness, which is still able to inspire us today. But on your knees, always on your knees…”
source: La Civiltà Cattolica, Grace is not an ideology: Pope Francis’ private conversation with some Colombian Jesuits

Wow!  The five dubia and “Filial Correction” must have been grating Francis’ nerves for him to bring this topic up.  Then Francis proceeds to tell his audience that Amoris Laetita is Thomistic!  This from the mouth of the same man who told another fellow Jesuit (Michael Rogers) in 2014 that, “Studying fundamental theology is one of the most boring things on earth.”  Everyone who follows the Vatican closely know that Francis perverted buddy, ‘Smoochie’ Fernandez ghostwrote Amoris Laetitia and anyone who has read St. Thomas Aquinas and Amoris Laetitia understands that not only does it distort St. Thomas, it uses his writings to support an unsound point as well as suggesting things contrary to St. Thomas (see Amoris Laetitia, #301).  Fernandez reminds us of the bible-nullifying Talmudic rabbis.  Francis next has the audacity to recommend speaking with “a great theologian”, Cardinal Schönborn!  Here’s what Francis had to say about Schönborn last year,
“I can say yes, period. But it would be an answer that is too small. I recommend that you read the presentation of Cardinal Schonborn, who is a great theologian. He was the secretary for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and he knows the doctrine of the faith well. In that presentation, your question will find an answer.”

The presentation which Francis mentions, (can be read here) answers how Amoris Laetitia should be interpreted concerning the question of sacraments for those in “so-called irregular situations” (hint: communion for all).  This shouldn’t be a surprise as the zionist, Christoph Schönborn, “is a descendant of old nobility of the Holy Roman Empire known for its sheltering of usurers, rabbis, intelligencers and the Talmud itself (see: Judaism Discovered) and peddling of alcohol on credit via Judaic front-men to the poorest of Christian peasants.”  The Schönborn family are experts at keeping “the Christian common folk as mystified, dumbed down, docile sheep for shearing by themselves and their fellow rabbi and banker mobsters.”  Essentially, the freemason Cardinal Schönborn is carrying out what his family has done for centuries.  Lastly, Francis mentions getting down “on your knees” ostensibly to pray to God.  Have you ever seen Francis on his knees in prayer?  We at Call Me Jorge... can only recall him getting on his knees once to pray at Palm Sunday Mass, usually he is kneeling to do things such as wash transgenders feet on Maundy Thursday or receive blessings from people.

Why the four dubia cardinals (Caffarra, Burke, Brandmuller, and Meisner) felt the need to have their confusion concerning Amoris Laetita clarified when Francis through his actions and words clearly explains how it is to be implemented leads us to conclude that they are members of a limited hangout. 

Why the 146 ‘scholars’ felt the need to sign the “Filial Correction on Account of the Propagation of Heresies” when the document itself is in need of massive corrections leads us to conclude it is an empty act of virtue signaling done for the benefit of the few conservatives left in the Novus Ordo.

Why Francis felt the need to bring this matter of Amoris Laetita up in an off-the-cuff Q & A in Colombia demonstrates how fragile his ego is.

As we have written before, “Things continue to become more and more interesting at the chaotic Vatican!”

Francis loves to blather, no matter how banal or un-Catholic his message is. 

***** UPDATED 29 SEPTEMBER 2017 *****

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Francis, “It’s healthy to get things out into the open, it’s very healthy.”

Francis interviewed by Elisabetta Piqué on 4 December 2014 at Casa Santa Marta.

Elisabetta Piqué: Whenever the status quo changes, which is what happened when you were elected pope, it’s normal to find resistance. Some 20 months later, the resistance seems to have become more evident…

Francis: You said it. Resistance is now evident. And that is a good sign for me, getting the resistance out into the open, no stealthy mumbling when there is disagreement. It’s healthy to get things out into the open, it’s very healthy.

Elisabetta Piqué: Do you believe resistance is connected with your cleansing efforts, with the in-house restructuring of the Roman Curia?

Francis: To me, resistance means different points of view, not something dirty. It is connected to some decisions I may occasionally take, I will concede that. Of course, some decisions are more of the economic type, and others are more pastoral….
source: La Nacion, Pope Francis: "God has bestowed on me a healthy dose of unawareness"

Does Francis still stand by his words?  Is the ‘Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis’ a “healthy” sign of  “getting the resistance out into the open” or is it “something dirty”?

Francis ‘the humble’ is a paranoid tinpot dictator

Francis and Mr. Libero Milone meeting for the last time on 1 April 2016.

Mr. Libero Milone was forced to resign from his Vatican post as auditor general of the Holy See. Mr. Milone originally accepted the position because he “believed in the reforms of Pope Francis” but according to his words soon found himself becoming an enemy of “the old guard” because they “felt threatened” by him.  We would only add that Francis rules with confusion, chaos, and a volatile temper.  For more on Milone’s account of what went down see Sandro Magister’s newest column for L’Espresso.

“Captain Giandomenico Giani [the bald headed security man in the photo] shouted in my face that I had to admit everything, confess. But confess what? I had not done anything.”

Saturday, September 23, 2017

the hits keep on coming — “Filial Correction” accuses Francis of propagating heresy

Francis takes another blow!

Francis the ‘tango club bouncer’

Francis ‘the humble’ can’t help it.  Everybody is out to get him or so he perceives.  The first hit was his anger with Sandro Magister publishing 13 cardinals objections to the Synod, next up was the Anti-Francis Dossier making the rounds through the Vatican, followed by 45 scholars condemning Amoris Laetitia as heretical, then the big hit - Francis’ boiling over with rage at the public release of the five dubia, afterwards were the anti-Francis pasquino and the Fake L’Osservatore Romano, and subsequently the 25-page “Filial Correction” titled Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis (“Filial Correction on Account of the Propagation of Heresies”) signed by 62 scholars.

This “Filial Correction” was given to Francis on 11 August 2017 but has only become public now since Francis, as is his modus operandi, ignored it.

This “Filial Correction” accuses Francis of spreading heresy in Amoris Laetita seven times!  The introduction of press release for the “Filial Correction” says it all:

source: Correctio Filialis de haeresibus propagatis, Press Release on the ‘Filial Correction to Pope Francis’


A summary of the document can be read (click here) and the full English text of Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis (click here).  One can peruse the 62 signatories (click here) which interestingly was signed by Opus Dei’s Dr. Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg, the European editor of the Empirical Journal of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior, and only one Bishop, Bernard Fellay the Superior General of the SSPX.  The list is a who’s who of those upset with Francis.  One more person of interest to readers is Fr. Robert Brucciani, the District superior of the SSPX in Great Britain, who was responsible for the disgusting Brook Sexual Behaviors Traffic Light Tool being part of the SSPX’s “St. Michael’s School Child Protection Policy, Procedure and Guidance”.  Noticeably absent are the signatures of Raymond Burke, a false conservative; Walter Brandmuller, who must still be considering a ‘fraternal correction’; and Athanasius Schneider, he must be busy with interreligious dialogue!

Now that the “Filial Correction” has been made public, how will Francis respond?

Things continue to become 

more and more 

interesting at the chaotic Vatican!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Is Benedict XVI still in touch with John Paul II?

Benedict XVI being interviewed in the Papal Palace of Castel Gandolfo.

Benedict XVI was interviewed by Polish television on 16 October 2005.  It was his first television interview after his election.  During the interview the reporter asked Benedict XVI about his first homily which he gave to the College of Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel on 20 April 2005, specifically when he said, (underlines are ours for emphasis),
“Dear friends, this deep gratitude for a gift of divine mercy is uppermost in my heart in spite of all. And I consider it a special grace which my Venerable Predecessor, John Paul II, has obtained for me. I seem to feel his strong hand clasping mine; I seem to see his smiling eyes and hear his words, at this moment addressed specifically to me, "Do not be afraid!".”

Benedict XVI answered explaining,
“The Pope [John Paul II] was always very close to me through his writings [texts]: I see him and hear him speak, and I can be in a continuous dialogue with the Holy Father because he always speaks to me through these words; I also know the origin of many writings, I remember the conversations we had about one text or another. I can continue the dialogue with the Holy Father. Of course this proximity through the words is not just a proximity purely with the writings but also with the person; behind the writings I feel the Pope himself. A man who goes to the Lord does not leave; more and more I feel that, being with the Lord, he [John Paul II] is close to me also. Insofar as I am close to the Lord, I am close to the Pope and he helps me now to be close to the Lord. I try to enter into his ambience [atmosphere] of prayer, into his love for the Father, his love for the Mother of God, and I entrust myself to his prayers [intercession]. It is thus a continuous dialogue and a being-close-to-one-another — although in a new, yet also very profound, way.” (English translation is CMJ’s)

After reading this a few questions spring to mind:
  • Was John Paul II holding Benedict XVI’s hand when he resigned?
  • Did John Paul II whisper the incorrect Latin into Benedict XVI’s ear as he read his resignation?
  • Did the deceased spirit of John Paul II help Benedict XVI clean up ‘gay lobby’?
  • Is Benedict XVI in his retirement still in contact with this saint?
  • Is this what is meant by the hermeneutics of continuity?
  • Did he congratulate Benedict XVI for revealing the “Third Secret of Fatima”?
  • Etc...

John Paul II in touch with Cardinal Ratzinger.

Cardinal Josef Ratzinger touching John Paul II.

Maybe they will touch hands again, one day soon...

Thursday, September 21, 2017

intolerance in the name of tolerance

When will it end?

Where’s the ADL of B’nai B’rith?

And the Southern Poverty Law Center?

Have you seen national news coverage, evening after evening of the growing anti-Catholicism in the United States?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Francis says ‘global warming is a fact!’

‘Those who deny global warming are stupid!’

‘It’s no joke!’

and as if on cue...

 (underlines are ours for emphasis)
Anomalous cold, rain and snow: + 12 ° C in the daytime on the coast of the Adriatic, Italy seems already winter!
Cold weather, as if we were in the winter. At 13:00 we have just + 10 ° C in Udine and Belluno, + 12 ° C in Venice, Trieste, Ravenna and Trento, + 13 ° C in Bologna, Padua, Vicenza, Ravenna and Pordenone, + 14 ° C in Ancona . Maximum temperatures are thus typical of December or March. And there are rains and thunderstorms, especially in the north / east, in Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Lazio and the coasts of Campania, extending to the south in the next few hours. Temperatures will decrease further. There will be a possible intense storms tonight between Abruzzo, Molise and Gargano, tomorrow's bad weather along the Adriatic Regions and the South in the low Tyrrhenian Sea, between Calabria and Sicily, for the cold front to come down here.
Meanwhile in the Eastern Alps it is snowing from 1,400 / 1,500 meters in altitiude, and next night the snow may drop to more or less the same altitude on the central Apennines, especially between Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and Molise. Just tomorrow, Wednesday 20 September, will be the coldest day. Just a few hours from the equinox, in the fall, the middle season seems to have already passed to project us in the winter. But winter is still very far away, and to fade away the memory of the asphyxiating heat of recent months, it will still take a long time.

Don’t you hate it when anomalies happen 
and make a mess of your narrative?

‘Diabolical Disorientation’ in Post Falls, Idaho

or an (Im)modest wedding in the FSSPX


The scandal plagued FSSPX group in Post Falls, Idaho.

Recently we covered the FSSPX of Great Britain’s “St. Michael’s School Child Protection Policy, Procedure and Guidance” document which is absolutely filthy and morally disgusting.  This led us to inquire just who is driving the bus?  Previously we wrote about Bp. Fellay baptizing bells — while one of the co-participants who rang the bells was a woman wearing a very immodest short dress with cap sleeves — and rhetorically asked “Is Fellay changing modernist Rome or modernist Rome changing Fellay?”

Bp. Fellay has no problems with immodesty.

And now onto a wedding with immodestly dressed guests and members of the wedding party.  The wedding happened this past summer at Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls, Idaho.  Immaculate Conception is the 2nd largest SSPX enclave in the United States of America after St. Mary’s in Kansas and we refer to it as scandal plagued because of their association with the convicted pedophile Kevin Sloniker and the disturbing rumors which continue to swirl about the academy connected to the church.

The snapshots and one photo posted below were all found on social media.  The behavior and the immodesty demonstrated in them leads us at Call Me Jorge... to sadly conclude that the FSSPX doesn’t have far to go to finish assimilating with the Novus Ordo.

Yes, we know that not every guest at a wedding is necessarily a Catholic nor do they understand what modesty is.   The responsibility for immodestly dressed guests lies squarely with the priest and the couple who are to get married.  It is prudent for them to explain in the wedding invitation the type of respectful dress that is expected when one is present at a Catholic Mass in front of the Blessed Sacrament.   We could give them a mulligan or the benefit of the doubt if it were only a few guests but when it includes members of the wedding party it leads us to conclude that the priest sadly wasn’t properly formed at the SSPX seminary nor was the couple properly catechised on modesty.

How will the FSSPX “fight the modernists” in Rome and restore Catholic tradition in the world when the Society is failing at the basics like this?  Does this ‘bastion’ of Catholicism and its members understand the Catholic Faith?  Or do they choose to practice it only when it suits them?  

Please keep this young married couple and the priest in your prayers.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

(click image to enlarge)

Woman in the vestibule in tight jeans.

Woman with no veil.

Flower girl with no veil and cap sleeves.

Woman in jeans with baby.

Woman without a veil and a man in shorts!

Woman with mini-skirt, a plunging neckline Pius XI
wouldn't approve of and bare shoulders.

 Bride without a veil covering her head and 
exposed arms with the priest smiling on. (PHOTO)

Francis wants to clericalize the laity by making them members of the Curia

Specifically, (Greg) Burke said four points were brought up in regards to Curia personnel -- that the Curia be “less clerical, more international” and that there is “an increase in young people and women” among their ranks.
The role of young people, laity, and women is something Pope Francis has emphasized strongly throughout his pontificate, as is the need for a more international Church that is less “Euro-centric.”
source: Catholic News Agency, Council of Cardinals says more youth, women needed in Roman Curia

Franics wants more laity in the Curia

Contrast this attitude with:

What Bergoglio said in 2007, “Their clericalization is a problem. The priests clericalize the laity and the laity beg us to be clericalized… It really is sinful abetment.”

What Francis said in 2016, “On the other hand, the opposite danger for the Church is clericalism. This is a sin committed by two parties, like the tango! The priest wants to clericalize lay people and lay people request to be clericalized because it’s easier.”

What Francis said earlier this year, “Do not clericalize the laity. May the aspiration of your members be not to become part of the Sanhedrin of parishes that surround the pastor, but rather passion for the kingdom.”

Does Francis ever listen to the words that come out of his mouth?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hillary Clinton is a fan of Francis especially when he parrots ideas from Heschel & Lévinas

The Hildabeast pointing at her brain.

The TED talk Francis gave which Hillary Clinton glowingly writes of (see the excerpt below) can be watched here and is nothing more than Hasidic detritus.  It should come as no surprise to readers that Mrs. Clinton and Francis are big into Hasidic concepts.  Not surprisingly, Clinton still sees herself as the center of the world.  She has little “empathy” for the Christians she has worked her entire political career to legislate into serfdom if not out of existence because their beliefs are not “politically correct”.  In the next breathe she writes that Christians need to have “empathy and understanding” for “the other” (i.e. politically correct classes which have special rights denied to Christians).  Hillary’s solution to what ails society like Francis is Hasidism and its “No Religion Is an Island” not the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

source: What Happened? by Hillary Clinton, epub edition (2017), pp. 493-6.

Hillary stuck in the narcissistic loop of Hasidim.

More on Hillary Clinton:

More on Francis, Heschel, Levinas, and Hasidism:

The Great Rabbi Bergoglio wishes Happy Talmudic Holidays to All!

(click image to enlarge)

— English translation 

Vatican 18 July 2017
Rabbi Abraham Skorka, 
For many years now, I write to you to wish a happy new Jewish year to you, your family, your Benei Tikva Community, along with all the friends of Buenos Aires. 
Rosh Hashanah* and the Day of Forgiveness (Yom Kippur)** are a time of introspective reflection within the confines of the Hebrew tradition.  They begin in oneself, in the hope that the attitude will spread to all who form the great human family. 
That the prayers to be recited, those that we shared years ago, when you invited me to Benei Tikva, and that I keep in the memory and the heart, are welcomed with favor by God, and may they awaken in everyone a commitment of love and fraternity.  Keep me in mind, as I will likewise (keep you in mind)

*Rosh HaShanah 2017 will begin in the evening of Wednesday, September 20 and ends in the evening of Friday, September 22
**Yom Kippur in 2017 will begin in the evening of Friday, September 29 and ends in the evening of Saturday, September 30

What are some of the prayers to be “recited” and “introspective reflection(s) within the confines” of Talmudic ritual to be performed which Francis, “hope(s) that the attitude will spread to all who form the great human family”?

Kaparot — Transferring your sins to a chicken, swinging it around your head and reciting magic Babylonian prayers!

Tashlikh — Transferring your sins to a piece of bread and casting it into water while saying Talmudic prayers!

Shofar — Blowing a ram’s horn to confuse the devil!

Kol Nidre — Reciting this infamous oath repudiating prayer!

Aramaic Text
כָּל נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרֵי, וּשְבוּעֵי, וַחֲרָמֵי, וְקוֹנָמֵי, וְקִנוּסֵי, וְכִנוּיֵי, דִנְדַרְנָא, וּדְאִשְתַּבַּעְנָא, וּדְאַחֲרִמְנָא עַל נַפְשָׁתָנָא. •מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִים שֶׁעָבַר עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים זֶה, וּ־־• ♦מִיוֹם כִּפּוּרִם זֶה עַד יוֹם כִּפּוּרִים הַבָּא עָלֵינוּ לְטוֹבָה.♦ בְּכֻלְהוֹן אִחֲרַטְנָא בְהוֹן. כֻּלְהוֹן יְהוֹן שָׁרָן, שְׁבִיקין, שְׁבִיתִין, בְּטֵלִן וּמְבֻטָלִין, לָא שְׁרִירִין, וְלָא קַיָמִין. נִדְרָנָא לָא נִדְרֵי, וֶאֱסָרָנָא לָא אֱסָרֵי, וּשְׁבוּעָתָנָא לָא שְׁבוּעוֹת.

English Text

All vows, and prohibitions, and oaths, and consecrations, and konams and konasi and any synonymous terms, that we may vow, or swear, or consecrate, or prohibit upon ourselves, •from the previous Day of Atonement until this Day of Atonement and ...•♦from this Day of Atonement until the Day of Atonement that will come for our benefit.♦ Regarding all of them, we repudiate them. All of them are undone, abandoned, cancelled, null and void, not in force, and not in effect. Our vows are no longer vows, and our prohibitions are no longer prohibitions, and our oaths are no longer oaths.

Who needs Jesus the Christ and the Sacraments He Divinely-Instituted when one can settle for the rabbis and their man-made superstitions?

For more on Talmudic Holidays and Francis:

Friday, September 15, 2017

Francis’ zero tolerance abuse policy?

Vatican Diplomat Recalled Amid Child Porn Investigation
A high-ranking priest working in the Vatican's embassy in Washington has been recalled after U.S. prosecutors asked for him to be charged there and face trial in a child pornography investigation, Vatican and U.S. officials said Friday.

The diplomat was suspected of possessing, but not producing or disseminating, child pornography including images of pre-pubescent children, a U.S. source familiar with the case said. The source was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Vatican declined to identify the priest, but said he was currently in Vatican City and that Vatican prosecutors had launched their own probe and sought evidence from the U.S.

If the accusations pan out, the case would be a major embarrassment for the Vatican and Pope Francis, who has pledged "zero tolerance" for sexual abuse. The diplomat would be the second from the Vatican's diplomatic corps to face possible criminal charges for such crimes during Francis' papacy. And any trial in the Vatican would come as Francis' own financial czar, Cardinal George Pell, is on trial in his native Australia for alleged historic sex abuse cases.

The State Department said it had asked the Vatican to lift the official's diplomatic immunity on Aug. 21. It said that request was denied three days later. For the State Department to make such a request, its lawyers would have needed to be convinced that there was reasonable cause for criminal prosecution.

Read the remainder of the Associated Press’ article Vatican Diplomat Recalled Amid Child Porn Investigation by clicking here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Francis Follies — Colombia trip

(click image to enlarge)

stills taken from this cell phone video

Francis the paranoid tin-pot dictator

Cardinal Caffarra revealed before he died that he was being “watched” and “his communications were being intercepted” by the Vatican

The late Cardinal Caffarra told Gabriel Ariza, a reporter who visited the cardinal in Bologna a few months ago, that he was under surveillance by the Holy See and demonstrated to him that, “his communications were being intercepted.”  According to Ariza, at the time the Cardinal told him that, “He suffered endlessly from the insults of those who accused him of being ‘an enemy of the Pope’.”  This was of some concern to Caffarra who said, “I would have preferred to be accused of having a homosexual lover than being branded an enemy of the Pope.”  Cafffarra also revealed that the, “four cardinals who had made public the dubia were being observed, that they had communications intercepted and that they could do little more than seek some form of more secure communication.”  The paranoia of Francis and his posse of revolutionaries know no bounds!