Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Francis the paranoid tin-pot dictator

Cardinal Caffarra revealed before he died that he was being “watched” and “his communications were being intercepted” by the Vatican

The late Cardinal Caffarra told Gabriel Ariza, a reporter who visited the cardinal in Bologna a few months ago, that he was under surveillance by the Holy See and demonstrated to him that, “his communications were being intercepted.”  According to Ariza, at the time the Cardinal told him that, “He suffered endlessly from the insults of those who accused him of being ‘an enemy of the Pope’.”  This was of some concern to Caffarra who said, “I would have preferred to be accused of having a homosexual lover than being branded an enemy of the Pope.”  Cafffarra also revealed that the, “four cardinals who had made public the dubia were being observed, that they had communications intercepted and that they could do little more than seek some form of more secure communication.”  The paranoia of Francis and his posse of revolutionaries know no bounds!


  1. He would have a lot of experience in that department .Its no secret he admires communist regimes.

  2. Sounds exactly right. Liberals/Marxists/Communists are always tyrannical control freaks.

  3. https://enraizadosencristo.wordpress.com/2016/09/28/bergoglio-ya-era-un-hereje-formal-en-argentina/


    1. desde roncalli que están negando el MAGISTERIO VERDADERO EL PRECONCILIAR.