Thursday, September 21, 2017

intolerance in the name of tolerance

When will it end?

Where’s the ADL of B’nai B’rith?

And the Southern Poverty Law Center?

Have you seen national news coverage, evening after evening of the growing anti-Catholicism in the United States?


  1. Where are they? Most probably plotting to declare another totally innocent newspaper, like SPLC did to The Remnant, as a "hate group." They're perverse, hypocritical and pathetic all rolled into one, and that takes talent!

    1. Why doesn't Jorge aka Francis speak out against anti-Catholicism (like the Jews on anti-semitism) and condemn the attack and destruction or disappearance of Catholic statues?

      Jorge wants all countries and catholic churches to become reptilian like Paul VI Hall - where there is no crucifx or holy picture - only an ugly "nuclear" christ horrendous sculpture, totally un-biblical and against the Gospel description of His Resurrection.

      See the video of pagan satanic Paul VI Hall where Jorge the fake pope Francis holds his papal weekly meeting with thousands of stupid Catholics who are so iditoic as not to ask one question - why is this a giant snake and why don't we see Christ's cross at all, and who is that zombie sculpture behind the papal chair? - Paul VI Hall Freemason Jewish hall

      and watch Jorge's partner-in-crime Trump UN speech where he does not tell you why Venezuela no longer accepts US dollar and therefore he wants immediate US intervention in the name of "restoring democracy" - actually imposing US dictatorship in Venezuela

  2. It all started with John XXIII and Paul VI's Vatican II as churches and chapels were rid of statues and replaced with bare modernistic empty architecture.

    Paul VI gave up his papal crown and papal ring to the evil UN -- watch the video - and now the Jews want a fast eradication fo Christianity.


    A POPE - STAGED IMPOSTOR HOAX ... THE DEVIL IN THE VATICAN!! pt2 The Impostor Pope. ... Paul VI used Black Magic to gain power over the Church.

    If Jorge does not stop this statue demolitions spree in the USA, St. Peter's Basilica will be next with all its statues toppled down and destroyed by BLACK MUSLIM INVADERS-- which probably Evil Jesuit Jorge want in the first place -- the total destruction of Christianity and all its symbols - especially to be destroyed by those BLACK INVADERS who are outnumbering fast Europe's white population and raping its white young women.

    In this book,

    The MOSQUE OF NOTRE DAME, St. Peter's Basilica has turned into a garbage dump

    We need another St. James the Great

    Saint James the Greater known as Santiago Matamoros the Moor Slayer
    St James is the main reason that so many people travel to Santiago de Compostela in Spain each year. His remains are said to have sailed to Santiago in a ...

    Papal imposters 7/12 Who was Pope Paul VI? - YouTube
    Vidéo pour "paul VI impostor pope youtube"▶ 8:33
    2 avr. 2011 -

    Pope Francis is a puppet of the Greater Israel Plan -- and stupid Americans and stupid Catholics are slaves fighting for the wars of the Jewish BANKS - serving Jewish greed


    We need a miracle to stop The JEWS and their Greater Israel Plan where they plan to rule the world. They are already using fake-pope Francis to keep controling and brainwashing the gullible stupid sheep Catholics, while the Muslims will populate Europe - but they'll be controlled easily as the stupid BROWN race who cannot think but will destroy all traces of western civilization - all philosophies and theologies and arts and western architecture see how it will look like in the book -

    - The MOSQUE of NOTRE DAME -

    - how Europe will turn back worse than the Dark Ages BOOK YouTube

    The Mosque of Notre Dame -- BLACK MUSLIM INVADERS

    Papal Imposters Full Movie - YouTube
    Video for youtube impostor popes
    ▶ 1:08:36
    Sep 15, 2014 - Uploaded by Stephen Hartigan

  3. Fake-pope Francis Jorge's partner-in-crime Trump's genocide speech at the UN

    The speech delivered Tuesday by Donald Trump to the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York was without precedent either for the UN or the American presidency.

    Speaking before a world body ostensibly created to spare humanity the “scourge of war” and founded on the principles elaborated at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi leaders, the American president openly embraced a policy of genocide, declaring that he was “ready, willing and able” to “totally destroy” North Korea and its 25 million people.

    The fact that nobody in the assembly moved for Trump’s arrest as a war criminal, or even told the fascistic bully to sit down and shut up, is a measure of the bankruptcy of the UN itself.

    read more -

    Remember the EVIL United Nations that wants to eradicate Christianity - to which the imposter-pope Paul VI gave-up his papal crown and papal ring

    watch here

    All Catholics must watch this video because Francis is finishing Paul VI's Freemason agenda and the Greater Israel Plan

  4. What a joke! Protestant churches don't have statues inside or out:
    "Clergy and ministers: As of 2016,[22] there were approximately 100,000 clergy and ministers employed by the Church in the United States, including:
    37,192 presbyters (priests)
    25,760 diocesan
    11,432 religious/consecrated
    19,053 deacons
    18,173 ordinary (permanent) [MARRIED]
    880 extraordinary (transitional)
    39,651 lay ecclesial ministers[23]
    23,149 diocesan
    16,502 religious/consecrated

    There are also approximately 30,000 seminarians/students in formation for ministry:
    3,520 candidates for prebsyterate
    2,297 candidates for diaconate
    23,681 candidates for lay ecclesial ministry"

    The same VC2 Church of Satan heretic(including peee-ewwww (chaput) King of Diversity) that removed all the statues, high altars and protestantized (or closed any they couldn't satanize) the Catholic churches are removing the statues. Wouldn't be at all surprised if the Marxists who've taken over the Catholic Church weren't comitting these sacrileges as an excuse to get rid of the statues still remaining OUTSIDE the Catholic Churches or in the public squares! Never let a crisis go to waste.

    "preservation community became interested in how the Vatican directives would impact historic churches, specifically the alteration of the interiors, as well as the removal of
    communion rails, altars, statues and other great works of art and architecture."

    Parishioners were duped into removing life-size statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints from parish churches, dumping them into local lakes and nearby waterways. For the average Catholic there was little recourse to such blatant destruction.

    I started attending a traditional chapel in 2011 and found out why my home had statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Philomena, St Therese of the Child Jesus etc.

    Now married episcopal 'priest' runs the parish. St. Valentine & Our Lady of Mt. Carmel statues gone - and NO MORE annual rosary procession w/statues, priest and faithful in the streets of Bridgeport! When will VC2 stop? The enemy of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church and our immortal souls is the VC2 hierarchy!

    Icons not statues!


  5. Immigrants - BLACK MUSLIM INVADERS -in Italy smash Virgin Mary and urinate on her in public and Liberals in ����are calling us resist against immigrants. We're in Trouble

    A crucifix's arm was broken at the St. Patrick's basilica in Ottawa