Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ouch!!! Francis gets a shiner!

Francis with a cut above his left eye, a bruise below it, and a blood stained cassock.

Riding around in the Popemobile today, Francis ‘the humble’ bumped his head on the bullet-proof glass and its iron frame when he lost his balance as the driver applied the brakes unexpectedly and sharply.  Like the revolutionary he is, he just shrugged and soldiered on.  When asked about it later he quipped, “I was punched. I’m fine.” The head of the Holy See’s Press Office, Greg Burke said of the incident, “The pope is fine. He injured his left cheekbone and eyelid.”

An animated gif of the moment the incident occurred.

AFP news agency footage

The official Vatican video

(injury takes place soon after the 15 minutes 56 seconds mark)

One hopes and prays that God knocked 
some Catholic sense into him.

***** UPDATE 18 SEPTEMBER 2017 *****

new angle of Francis getting a black eye and cut

video of accident

Francis comments about the incident


  1. Hahahaha.. I think it would take more than that to knock sense into the senseless one. For all those who worship Jorge, take note, no man is above God. God will not be mocked.