Saturday, September 23, 2017

the hits keep on coming — “Filial Correction” accuses Francis of propagating heresy

Francis takes another blow!

Francis the ‘tango club bouncer’

Francis ‘the humble’ can’t help it.  Everybody is out to get him or so he perceives.  The first hit was his anger with Sandro Magister publishing 13 cardinals objections to the Synod, next up was the Anti-Francis Dossier making the rounds through the Vatican, followed by 45 scholars condemning Amoris Laetitia as heretical, then the big hit - Francis’ boiling over with rage at the public release of the five dubia, afterwards were the anti-Francis pasquino and the Fake L’Osservatore Romano, and subsequently the 25-page “Filial Correction” titled Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis (“Filial Correction on Account of the Propagation of Heresies”) signed by 62 scholars.

This “Filial Correction” was given to Francis on 11 August 2017 but has only become public now since Francis, as is his modus operandi, ignored it.

This “Filial Correction” accuses Francis of spreading heresy in Amoris Laetita seven times!  The introduction of press release for the “Filial Correction” says it all:

source: Correctio Filialis de haeresibus propagatis, Press Release on the ‘Filial Correction to Pope Francis’


A summary of the document can be read (click here) and the full English text of Correctio Filialis De Haeresibus Propagatis (click here).  One can peruse the 62 signatories (click here) which interestingly was signed by Opus Dei’s Dr. Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg, the European editor of the Empirical Journal of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior, and only one Bishop, Bernard Fellay the Superior General of the SSPX.  The list is a who’s who of those upset with Francis.  One more person of interest to readers is Fr. Robert Brucciani, the District superior of the SSPX in Great Britain, who was responsible for the disgusting Brook Sexual Behaviors Traffic Light Tool being part of the SSPX’s “St. Michael’s School Child Protection Policy, Procedure and Guidance”.  Noticeably absent are the signatures of Raymond Burke, a false conservative; Walter Brandmuller, who must still be considering a ‘fraternal correction’; and Athanasius Schneider, he must be busy with interreligious dialogue!

Now that the “Filial Correction” has been made public, how will Francis respond?

Things continue to become 

more and more 

interesting at the chaotic Vatican!


  1. The mess his God relayed to him "go out and make a mess" is being corrected by the one true God, not some little demon whispering in bergolio's ears.

  2. We expect it will be a situation where
    "The result is that 'he (Chaos Frank) sows discord,' endeavoring to sever others from the faith even as he severed himself."

  3. My guess is that this “Filial Correction” is the first of two documents. The second by Bishops may or may not have already been delivered but not made public.

    I don't think it will matter to PF. I also think the seven accounted tin the “Filial Correction” is a rather short list and incomplete. Regarding Luther, all they needed to do there was list what PF has said and then list what the Council of Trent stated and what they said about people who say things like PF.

  4. Bergoglio will ignore it and lash out yet again against rigid Catholics. Nothing will change.

    1. Yep, that's his M.O.

      In his feeble mind he doesn't believe he's required to answer.

  5. Another Bishop has asked to have his name added....the MOST excellent (and awesome) + Gracida (Emeritus). Deo Gratias!


  7. Love the giraffe, I must say that's how we feel. There is so little we can do, but printing out the correction and sending it along to our own bishops (signed of course) comes to mind.
    Si, hagan lio! How's he likin the mess now.

  8. He already has responded. We knew his response from before he was elected pope.
    From the beginning of his pontificate he has been engineering the overthrow of the Catholic Church. He was not doing it alone, of course. Those who campaigned for him shared his goals and were an inspiration for him.

    Firstly, as a young men, according to his own account, he was excited more about the newest edition of a communist publication than anything else. For communists the end justifies the means, and the end is not salvation in Christ, but a utopian global equity, an economic equality enforced by a small self-professed technocratic elite.

    Since the uncanonical installment of this man in the chair of Peter, he disparaged and rejected Church doctrines every chance he got. He praised known abortionists and sodomy promoters. He complained about too much stress in the Church on the issue of abortion and sexual morality. Recently he called the sins "below the belt" minor. He also stated (already after the delivery of the correction to him) that mercy (as understood by him, not as explained to us by God) is superior to doctrines.
    This has been the goal of his socio-engineering efforts all along - to do away with doctrine. Doctrines, as he consistently repeats, are for the rigid and legalistic, close-minded and closed to the workings of his god of surprises. It is Sodom and Gomorrah which inform his new church (therefore we had surveys of public views and practices prior to the synod on the family), not the Word of God and Church Tradition.

    Next step is to do away with faith in transubstantiation. As prohibition of contraception and divorce, but more so, this doctrine is divisive (his view on doctrine), and constitutes a major obstacle to the realization of a one world religion.

  9. I'm sorry, but this is stupidity on steroids. The supposed full English text contains seven propositions asserted to be heretical, but these propositions are all in Latin. Brilliant. I have studied quite a lot of Latin and I am studying it now, but not theological Latin, not the Latin that one finds in Denziger or in these statements. In other words, the heart of this "English" correction remains completely opaque to me, and I would be very surprised if all the signatories find it completely transparent to their minds either. That level of facility with Latin is not common even among theologians in this year of Our Lord 2017. If the creators and signatories to this correction had some idea of communicating to the Catholic people, the document as presented is simply ridiculous, and worse it is ridiculous with pretensions to grandeur.

  10. He won't answer..I don't look for it. But maybe, (and who knows what they have planned) the rest of the clergy is waiting to sign the FRATERNAL Correction. This,as you know was the FILIAL Correction. (maybe wishful thinking, but....) As I've seen it said, this isn't by far the last of it.....this is the beginning. According to Fr. Z, this is a very long drawn out 'process'. At least we have a start.

  11. Significant is the presence of Gerard van den Aardweg, the first signer. He belongs to Opus Dei, which means that he has signed with the permission of the Prelate of Opus Dei.
    There are also simple diocesan priests signing the letter, which seems incredible. We must wait for Francis's reaction on these people.

  12. francis has already shown us his response by destroying the JPII Institute and replacing it w a sham.


  14. Sure...where was this 58 years ago? After Vatican II? When the NO "Mass" was promulgated? The Assisi events? And so on...?