Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oh, the irony...

Now, ask your questions

Tomorrow another (we’ve lost count) interview book with Francis will be released in Italy.  It is titled, Adesso fate le vostre domande (Now, ask your questions), and subtitled, Conversazioni sulla Chiesa e sul mondo di domani (Conversations on the Church and on the world of tomorrow).   

In the preface Francis writes the reason for his countless interviews.  He wants a church of dialogue, one that is “the church of Emmaus, in which the Lord ‘interviews’ the disciples who are walking discouraged.”  He continues, “I desire a church that knows how to insert itself into the conversations of people, that knows how to dialogue.”  Francis then states this is how he communicates to his ‘parish’, “It is a way of communicating my ministry and I tie these conversations in the interviews with the daily homilies in Santa Marta, which is — let's say it like this — my ‘parish.’”

Recall, that in December 2014 interview with Elisabetta Piqué that Francis said, “I’m constantly making statements, giving homilies. That’s magisterium. That’s what I think, not what the media say that I think. Check it out; it’s very clear.”  Wow, one would think that Francis would choose his words carefully during these interviews but that is not the case, “For me, interviews are a dialog, not a lecture. For this reason I do not prepare.”  “Sometimes I receive the questions in advance but I almost never read or think over them.  Other times, in the plane press conferences, I imagine the questions they might ask me. But to respond I need to encounter the people and look into their eyes.”  When Francis is making these off-the-cuff magisterial proclamations he understands that his revolutionary ideas might not be understood properly, “Yes, I have a fear of being poorly interpreted but, I repeat, I want to run this pastoral risk.”

Finally, Francis explains that interviews are really encounters with the public, “I need to have this communication with people.  I have a true need of this direct communication with people. Giving an interview ... means having an encounter with journalists who often ask you questions taken from the people.”  Besides the newly written preface the book consists of eight interviews and Q & A sessions: the 2013 interview with Antonio Spadaro; the 2016 interview with Ulf Jonsson; the 2015 dialogue with Jesuits in the Philippines; and the 2016 dialogue with Jesuits in Poland.  One can be confident that Francis will not directly answer any of the five questions sent to him by the four cardinals (Caffarra, Burke, Brandmuller, and Meisner) inbetween the covers of the book.  Once again Francis shows that his words are hollow and he is an echo chamber of hypocrisy.

“It is true that I do not give interviews, but why, I do not know, I can’t, it’s just like that. For me it is quite an effort to do so, but I thank all of you here.”

Nothing symbolizes a ‘Potemkin Papacy’ better than a cardboard Francis.

*Francis doesn’t believe Catholics should #bemultiplied, only Talmudists.

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  1. “Sometimes I receive the questions in advance but I almost never read or think over them."
    I wish that that babbling heretic would go take a running jump. Seriously, I'm sick of that goofy-faced fraud.