Thursday, November 2, 2017

Francis turns All Souls’ Day into a feast of Holocaustianity

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed?

(from 4 seconds until 18 seconds)

(from 16:00 to 17:40)

(from 25:42 to 26:30)

...and the chief rabbi of Rome approves!

Official twitter photo of Riccardo Di Segni with him flashing 666.


  1. No war against communists, no war against muslims, but Jews, Muslims,communists and indigenous races can kill Christians to pervert bergoglio (and all his VC2 bishops') cheers.

    1. The Church indeed could and should speak up more and do more for persecuted Christians.

  2. Even Protestants are unsaved, so Protestantism itself is unspeakably evil, and must not be tolerated; but tolerance of Judaism and all other false religions is unquestionably sinful. Souls are at stake; where a person will spend eternity is at stake. Christian love for the Jew requires the Catholic to convert him if possible, and if that is not possible, to at least refrain from giving approval to the false belief which will cause his punishment. Remembering that Judaism is an invented religion, and not the religion of the Hebrews, reminds us of just how false it is. The Catholic Church condemns souls to Hell when it fails to condemn false religion, when it tolerates false religion instead.