Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Francis breaks last week’s new record set for crowd at a general audience

...for lack of people

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Turns out that Francis was just getting warmed up in Chile with apathetic attendance at his events.  Upon returning to the Vatican he absolutely smashed attendance records at last’s week general audience.  Well, last week’s audience appeared overflowing compared to today’s.  The emperor or ‘Humble’ Francis indeed has no clothes and no matter how hard his public relations team tries to cover it up they can’t.  Compare today’s crowd to the number of Talmudic Jews who showed up yesterday at the Vatican for its celebration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day — not too different.  2018 is off to a most terrible start for ‘his humbleness’.  How long until the Swiss Guards send the embarrassment packing back to Argentina?

 ‘Where’s the people?’

‘Let’s pick up six children for the media to focus on.’

‘This ride isn’t free. Smile like you are enjoying yourselves!’

‘Mmmm... nothing like matte’ and a camera.

‘Did you get a good photo?’

 #EmptySeats Must be the Roman city traffic.

‘Oh, goody! The crowd finally showed up!’

‘Blah, blah, blah, blah, heresy, blah, blah, blah...’



  2. I certainly wouldn't be putting my precious child in that situation.

  3. And it's not attributable to fear of Islamist terrorist attacks because people forget too quickly. This is an honest result of a dishonest "pope". I only wish I could laugh like Anonymous at 2:24 AM.

  4. Francis can not excite actual Catholics; his fans are non-Catholics, even atheists. Now that Catholics understand what he is like, they have no interest in him; and certainly few Protestants go to see him. Thus, the Novus Ordo strategy of compromising truth in order to increase Church membership does not work. If people want New Age philosophy with religious trappings, then they can find a leftist Protestant church to join, and it will be even more to their liking, so there is no point to becoming more Protestant-like. In order to maintain and even increase membership, the Church should be an alternative to modernist, hedonist, libertarian Protestantism; the Church should appeal to social conservatives who reject the wickedness of the modern world. The West is becoming increasingly satanic day by day, and Protestant churches are becoming more tolerant of evil, even preaching evil; but a reaction against this increase in wickedness is growing. A backlash against it has begun. All of those who are part of this new movement are potential converts to Catholicism, and the more traditional the Church is, the better. Now is the time for a Traditionalist Pope who speaks against the evils of the modern world, and who will cast out the wicked Modernists from the Church. The result would be an influx of new Church members. We can even envision a large percentage of the socially conservative Muslim immigrants to Europe converting to Catholicism then.

    If someone more traditional and orthodox, such as Cardinal Burke, becomes Pope, then we will see much more enthusiasm from Catholics, and Church membership will increase. Meanwhile, few who can honestly affirm the Credo are enthusiastic about Francis.

  5. "one of the major reasons why a Latin American was elected the first pope from the New World almost five years ago is the long-term decline of the flock in the most Catholic region on earth...

    "The Latinobarómetro poll is the first to reveal that, almost five years into his papacy, the Argentine Pontiff has been unable to stanch the bleeding. In 2013, the year he became Pope, 67 per cent of Latin Americans told Chilean pollsters they were Catholic. Thus, the percentage of Latin Americans who are Catholic has dropped by eight points since Francis was elected.

    unfortunately, the survey doesn’t contain detailed data on each country polled. In the one nation for which is there is more detail, Chile, the decline is even more dramatic. During Francis’s tenure, Chile has become a nation in which Catholics no longer constitute the majority of the population. In 2013, the region’s most prosperous country was 56 per cent Catholic, and in the span of just four short years the figure has dropped to 45 per cent, giving Chile the distinction of being the second South American nation, after Uruguay, to lose its Catholic majority.

    While updated comparative national figures are lacking at this point, there’s a very good chance that Chile’s 11-point decline over the past four years ranks among the sharpest in the region. If we go back to 1995, the benchmark year of the Latinobarómetro survey, Chile’s decline from 75 per cent Catholic to 45 per cent ranks as the fourth greatest drop in Latin America. Honduras leads the region, plummeting from 76 per cent Catholic to 37 per cent in the 22-year span. In fact, the violence-plagued Central American nation is the first country in the region in which Protestants now outnumber Catholics (39 per cent to 37 per cent of the Honduran population)...."


    It is so laughable because Francis mocks Christ so often that he and his team are the only ones laughing at Catholic fools who follow him around. Now they can no longer laugh at those gullible Catholics.

    If his audience becomes so minimal, to whom will he continue to spew his despicable hypocrisy as "pontiff"?

    SHAME on Pope Francis - and his cohorts in crime-- the US Evangelical Christians - the army of Satan on earth causing perpetual wars in the Middle East.

    RUSSIA is now the beacon of Christianity

    When Putin speaks about faith and God, he is serious and talks sense. When Bergoglio speaks, it is total nonesense, incongruent, disrespectful of Christ, and a lot of stupidity, as a clown as you regularly point out. --Putin: It is impossible to imagine Russia without Christianity

    By their fruits ye shall know them and Putin got lots of good fruits with the growth of Chrsitianity in Russia.

    Unlike the Christian Evangelicals in the US who are the one of the main causes of wars in the Middle East -- for the Greater Israel. THE ISRAELI GLOBAL MILITARY BEAST State Of Israel: Not Biblical Prophecy!

    Unlike Bergoglio who is causing flocks of Catholics to abandon Catholic churches to be sold out as condominiums and shops.

    Putin speaks with reverence about God while Bergoglio mocks Christ with the most disgusting lies even atheists could not come up with those despicable words. Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith - in his own words

  7. Putin is more Christian than Pope Francis

    Putin wears an Orthodox "Miraculous" crucifix - his baptismal cross which he asked to be blessed in his trip to Jerusalem -- which was given by his mother. A Jew or a Muslim will NEVER wear a cross or any Christian symbol on their bodies.

    His father was an atheist and his mother was an Orthodox Christian and he was baptized as an Orthodox Christian as an infant

    Jews hate the crucifix - which is why Francis had to hide the crucifix on his necklace under his wide belt during his visit at the synagogue- which you pointed out.

    In the recent past 6 years, under Putin's watchful eyes and personal support, Russia has built 5,000 churches and added 10,000 clergy

    This fact alone should defy criticisms against Putin. By their fruits you shall know them -- Putin got 5,000 Christian churches fruits to his name!!!

    If Putin was Jewish, why is he enforcing Orthodox faith almost as the state's faith, expelling other religions that would undermine it like Jehovah Witness, and prohibiting evangelicals to preach in public other than state-approved venues?

    And he forbids gay manifestations in public, forbid gay parades, etc.and soon will ban Halloween.

    And Putin goes to attend Orthodox church services often, observes its Christian traditions like dipping in cold water on their feast of Epiphany. Someone raised or who believes in the Talmud will never do these things.

    He had a religious service to start-off his presidency and attends regularly Christmas eve Orthodox mass -

    (Trump said Merry Christmas but did not go to church to attend Christmas service, did he? Those idiot Evangelicals were praising Trump for saying "Merry Christmas", licking breadcrumbs from Satan)

    Putin has been seen around with children but he seldom touches them - your article that pointed that out was creepy what he did -- but he is not as creepy as American Creepy Uncle Joe Biden

    Putin knelt and prayed in Jerusalem (NO Talmud worshipper will ever do this-- not even a "good" Jewish actor)

    Russians Defend Christianity / защиту веры

    Christianity Grows in Russia & Declines in the West

    West Demonizes Putin

    President Putin Venerates Shrines in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

    Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith - in his own words

    Misreading Putin

    Is Putin a secret monk - MUST READ-

    1. The "orthodox" Church, which is actually schismatic, has no reason to be proud. In some cases they accept until the fourth divorce, as for example the Serbs. It is a heretical application of the "economy of salvation".
      They can build new churches, but their faithful are very poorly educated. They have not few doctrinal differences with the teaching of the Church of the first millennium.
      However, I value Putin's opposition to the evangelicals and the LGBTI movement.

    2. Who are you to say that "their faithful are very poorly educated"? Have you visited those new Christian churches and spoken with the devout Russian Christians and their new 10,000 clergy members?

      They certainly are not like the stupid American Evangelicals and idiot Catholics who are worshipping demonic Trump and blindly supporting his perpetual wars in the Middle East and they are gladly licking on the breadcrumbs he throws at them for saying "Merry Christmas".

      And you are judging them by their doctrine on divorce? while Americans wallow in the bowels of Hollywood perversion - betcha you are a fan of those perverts Hollywood actors.

      Here's an honest assessment of Putin from someone who worked as an NGO in Russia for more than 20 years. She knows Putin personally ...

      Is Putin profoundly corrupt or "incorruptible'

    3. Why Americans hate Putin --

    4. The Orthodox are just as ecumenical and modernist as the Novus Ordo.
      Putin loves Jews and Muslims plus he persecutes Ethnic White Russian Nationalists.

    5. Anonymous Feb 5 - You're a professional liar

    6. Your link does not cover up the ecumenical modernism orthodox church.

  8. This is just a microcosm of the Novus ordo as a whole. Nobody goes to Novus ordo mass, volunteers at Novus ordo churches, wants to be a Novus ordo priest or brother. The Novus ordo has cut itself off from the tree and is a withered branch.

    Or hey maybe it’s still marginalizing the peripheries too much?