Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Francis is mentally unstable

Sandro Magister’s latest piece for L’Espresso, explains how Francis is constantly rewriting his past, in order to cover up the fact that he is mentally unstable and unfit to be occupying the Petrine Office.


  1. So he sees his years when he was sidelined by the men who knew him best, as his dark night of the soul, where he was refined in order to be selected by God to tear the church in two. Nice interpretation.
    This is the first thing I have read that confirms what we might have noticed all along, his definite penchant for vindictive behavior against the faithful. No man not consumed with anger does what he has done. A graph could be created which demonstrates his typical response to an uptick in protests against his machinations, over time. He ran fairly well like a clock, heresy interspersed with momentary Protestantism or occasionally, Catholicism. More frequently the heresies, and when a response came, the hammer, insults, isolation, identifying the enemy, patently ignoring, followed up with another aggressive move in the direction of the faithful, something provocative that would no doubt cause us angst. Historians will paint that picture, if there are any honest ones around.
    May God remove this pustulent boil and his henchmen like Spadaro, soon.

  2. He's surely not concealing that his intent is to implement Vatican Council II (like Hitler w/Mein Kampf). I never read any of his writings (or as he surmises "the council documents") either. Why poison my mind/waste my time as I already know I'm against it. In that respect I agree with him. The people I don't understand/agree with are those who know he is a heretic, that he was elected by heretics and that his and their agenda is to destroy the catholic church: every diocese, every religious order, every parish, every soul (not leave one stone standing upon another; like the Chinese ban all children under 18/poison them w/homoheresy) and yet they belong to his church (calling it the one true church (!)), pretend to worship the same God w/him and tell everyone else they must pretend too to be "saved" and to receive sacraments (grace)! Imagine a Jew being a Nazi or a black person belonging to the KKK and calling it Zionism/Southern Christian Leadership Conference. At least Bergoglio knows who his enemies are and treats them that way. These others--they are the mentally unstable/liars/false witnesses.

    1. While the "Novus Ordo church" is clearly corrupt and rotten with heresy, it DOES occupy "the same juridical, sacramental, and liturgical space" as the Catholic Church. It is unjust to excoriate those have simply stayed in that same space, for belonging to the "new church," without telling them precisely where they can find the Catholic Church--which is supposedly elsewhere.